Clinta Eastwood
Clinta Eastwood
Clinta Eastwood. Member reactions:
The blending is great. LOVE the necklace.
He makes a good elderly women, very nice job, congrats on the win.

Funny Eastwood Declares `Go Ahead. Make My Film!`

Eastwood Declares `Go Ahead. Make My Film!`
"Go ahead. Make My Film."
Member reactions:
The finger do look a bit odd. What struck me is the sharpness of the camera in relation to the rest of image, although I can see it has been textured. To be honest I don't know what to suggest.

Funny Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood Is Divorced
Member reactions:
Got that Foggy, indistinct background happening that is so popular over at W1K. Really excellent caricature, Jere, Congrats on the silver.
thanks mateys. yes, i know it's dark,dd, but clint likes to look cool.
Nice work jeremix, congrats....I noticed you edited in the visor later. What are your thoughts on it. It kind of obscures the great job you did making the caricature. Not sure if it was necessary.
yeah, it probably wasn't. i thought the head looked kind of plain at first, but the visor was not best idea..
Must admit I preferred it without the visor.

Funny Noseless Clint Eastwood

Noseless Clint Eastwood
Member reactions:
You feelig luggy, pug. Goh Ahead meg muh thay.

Funny Clint Eastwood by Renoir

Clint Eastwood by Renoir
Member reactions:
Awesome chop. Perfect blending, color matching and dimensions.
Luv it. The reflection in the mirror is great.

Funny Clint Eastwood Disguised as an Indian Woman

Clint Eastwood Disguised as an Indian Woman
The Indian version

Funny Clint Eastwood and His Tiny Horse

Clint Eastwood and His Tiny Horse
Small memory of a big actor
Member reactions:

Funny Clint Eastwood Whale Watching in a Car

Clint Eastwood Whale Watching in a Car
Member reactions:
Looks like this car is as old as its driver.
Nice to see the Name Whale Watcher imprinted into its body well done its clean job
Very Clean and neat job done Whale looks beautiful

Funny Clint Eastwood on Vacation

Clint Eastwood on Vacation

Funny Clint Eastwood Upside Down

Clint Eastwood Upside Down

Funny Clint Eastwood vs Empty Chair

Clint Eastwood vs Empty Chair
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of Clint Eastwood & empty chair any way you wish. Some examples are - filing the chair with some guest speakers, making Clint Eastwood speak at unusual places, using this Clint Eastwood vs Empty Chair image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood
This Monday was Memorial Day, but film fans had another reason to celebrate, as it also happens to be Clint Eastwood's birthday. The granddaddy of all that is cool, quiet, and badass turned 80 years old this Monday, that's right, 80 years old! That means that if you grew up on Clint Eastwood movies (Are you feeling lucky, punk?), then you're officially over the hill. Happy Birthday, Mr. Eastwood. Here's to many, MANY more! To celebrate the 80th birthday of Clint Eastwood, show what other movies Clint could have played in during his long career, or even before it (old and vintage movies are ok to use) :)

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