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Funny Eastwood Pictures

Mrs EastwoodFunny Mrs Eastwood
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The Indian version

EastwoodFunny Eastwood
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EastwoodFunny Eastwood
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nice place to show then together in CELL
Hilarious... all the upper row of teeth were gone only two left and he is the winner to come out the prison and going to Hospital for treatment really funny

Eastwood's LagerFunny Eastwood's Lager
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Nice Label design of Eastwood Larger Beer good one
I'm wondering if that beer is loaded, but I kinda lost count...

Eastwood Questions DaliFunny Eastwood Questions Dali
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Clint Eastwood Questions Salvador Dali. Large Size View Link: Eastwood / Surreal
Thanks Guys. D) Strange one this time.....Dali looks good though.....I'd say he appears very lean.
Its looks like the Clint is taking the interview of Muscular System Model But like the Mustache of Salvador
O boy.. you are offering Dali a Wax You reminded me a scene from movie "Hollow Man"
Made me laugh. And scared me a bit too, .

Clint Eastwood in Halftime AdFunny Clint Eastwood in Halftime Ad
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a way of doing caricatures than the usual, really great job, bravo.
Good gun fire and Obama looks nice. Wonderful background Mirror on Car is Awesome Like it.
Great blurry image on the back with the birds flying giving a ghostly matches the front man with a Zombie type face and Flash gun-- all are terrific impressions
Nice job oldman . . . love the Pee-Wee suit on Obama ;D

Clint Eastwood in the ArmyFunny Clint Eastwood in the Army
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Good for one more battle:"Saddle-Up, Cowboy." Love this chop.
I decided to use your entry as a screensaver while watching "Vietnam War Stories.He looks like I feel; great work.
Thanks geri, he looks tired, stressed and pissed off to me. You gotta learn to relax a bit more. I appreciate 2 comments in a row though, u must really like it.
wooooow... amazing work... light and colours absolutely wonderful, great composition, a fantastic work my friend... bravo...
This is one bad ass Clint , love it ... Great job .
congrats funky on the silver beautiful soldier
VERY cool funkwood. Looks GREAT...congrats on winning SILVER.
funkwood congratsss great image ...
Congratulations. Stressed. Relax. I think you need to go clean yer' weapon Troop. And 50 push-ups for the Corps.

Gay Mario Lopez and Clint EastwoodFunny Gay Mario Lopez and Clint Eastwood
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Queen Clint EastwoodFunny Queen Clint Eastwood
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Clint Eastwood with His Oscar PortraitFunny Clint Eastwood with His Oscar Portrait
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my tribute to clint eastwood you can find the original paint of degas here:

Clint Eastwood vs Empty ChairFunny Clint Eastwood vs Empty Chair - This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of Clint Eastwood & empty chair any way you wish. Some examples are - filing the chair with some guest speakers, making Clint Eastwood speak at unusual places, using this Clint Eastwood vs Empty Chair image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Clint EastwoodFunny Clint Eastwood - This Monday was Memorial Day, but film fans had another reason to celebrate, as it also happens to be Clint Eastwood's birthday. The granddaddy of all that is cool, quiet, and badass turned 80 years old this Monday, that's right, 80 years old! That means that if you grew up on Clint Eastwood movies (Are you feeling lucky, punk?), then you're officially over the hill. Happy Birthday, Mr. Eastwood. Here's to many, MANY more! To celebrate the 80th birthday of Clint Eastwood, show what other movies Clint could have played in during his long career, or even before it (old and vintage movies are ok to use) :)

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