Columbus Egg Earthquake Detector
Columbus Egg Earthquake Detector
Columbus Egg Earthquake Detector. Member reactions:
Very creative... if this egg falls then all the blocks fall and a panic button would be pressed.... very creative

Funny Bowling the Fish Earthquake Detector

Bowling the Fish Earthquake Detector
When it shakes, the elastic leaves the ball... and the emergency glass is broken.
Member reactions:
Excellent. The poor lil fish will have to jump out - hope it jumps into another bowl.
This is really a sadic idea. Fish will die anyway . A prize to the fantasy.
Thanks Newsy, Luciano. No fishes were armed during this chop. Also works with the ugly vase your wife bought.
The vase is lovely as the fish... the big ball will fall directly fish mouth and fasten the exit point... so fish will be safe during earthquake good idea
Thanks Vlad, Elegary, Jim. It was a long process to put this out of my mind...

Funny Earthquake Magnitude Detector

Earthquake Magnitude Detector
Member reactions:
Excellent. Why don't put for level 10 the same rock of level 9 broken in two pieces..just an opinion.
Concept is good to measure the earthquake... like the rocks work well done

Funny Barack Obama's Earthquake Detection Device

Barack Obama's Earthquake Detection Device
birds always know when they are in danger
Member reactions:
I like how you showed the motion effects here. I see you showed Obama quite open-minded too
Awesome chop. Don't know where his satisfaction come from in this situation... and we coluld also discuss about what looks lika a brain, but cannot be...
Great work... Obama with a brain... unbelievable
Congrats on Gold Elegary... This shaky hands is a nice touch.
Very well done... Congrats on the gold....

Funny Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell Earthquake Detector

Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell Earthquake Detector
It was a brave man who tied the rope. RIP.
Member reactions:
Please replace poor animal by one of the politician from Crimea.
Lovely, remember to change the bull after every earthquake, otherwise doesn't work.
very good .... the bull will ring the bell when there is some activity
Thanks, everyone. Now, can someone come up with a pithy joke using Balance - Bull - Balls and Bell. ...

Funny Night Time Earthquake Detector

Night Time Earthquake Detector
Member reactions:
Unless they are big snorer. I'm also worried about other bed activities that produce a sort of earthquake.
This is the most funniest and naughty device to get them awake during the tremors
Of course, cold water and ice would be a good way to wake up, but the glass would not. However, in fun, this is what I created anyway.

Funny Earthquake Detector

Earthquake Detector
Even you sleep very deeply, It will wake you up This is a simple technique, even you can make your own. Click here for the tools your need simple technique, Isn't it.
Member reactions:
Good design but I was under the impression That designed image had to have a device of some Kind to warn about an earth quake
Thanks you very much ChipMcFarlane PS Pcrdds Picasso18 Rajeshstar and Finally My Best Buddy salis
picasso18 Design a detector, which means, the device which can warns you. So this is one of the type of warning that may be most costly device or may be a one like this. Anyway Cheers
Congrats on the win, krrish. Great imagination.
Bouplix and geriatric Thank you very much friends Newsy Thank you so much
I think this is a very clever device. It is a design too, that would definitely wake you if an earthquake approached. Whether you would survive is another matter .

Funny Budget Earthquake Detector

Budget  Earthquake Detector
If the bird goes to drink,Run..

Funny Balanced Earthquake Detector

Balanced Earthquake Detector
Member reactions:
You get points just for making such a great "in" joke. (And for saving all those source images.)

Funny Elephant Balancing Earthquake Detector

Elephant Balancing Earthquake Detector
moves under your feet, the elephant is coming down.
Member reactions:
Good design but I was under the impression That designed image had to have a device of some Kind to warn about an earth quake
GO HoHouse.
Great composition, but needs some shadows. Congrats on the bronze, HoHouse.

Funny Earthquake Detection Devices

Earthquake Detection Devices
Yesterday a 6.9 earthquake rattled the Northern California coast. No damages or injuries have been reported. Today a series of moderate earthquakes shook up houses and streets around the world. This comes just before the third anniversary of the devastating Tohoku earthquake in 2011 which caused massive tsunami and triggered the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant meltdown. Earthquakes can hardly be predicted, so it's important to detect them as soon as they happen to react and minimize possible damages and injuries. A good detection device spots an earthquake that happened thousands of kilometers away, giving you time to get away from any buildings or structures that may fall. The problem is, such professional earthquake detection equipment is very expensive. What do we common people do then? Photoshop any earthquake detection devices that would warn you about earthquake shakeups one way or another. Many thanks to johnx1 for the themepost.

Funny Earthquake Detection Devices

Earthquake Detection Devices
Since Tuesday's earthquake in the US went strangely unnoticed for many residents of the earthquake areas, our very own Doxieone has "patented" a simple yet effective earthquake detection device. Photoshop more earthquake detection devices that would warn you about earthquake shakeups one way or another.

Funny Earthquake in Hawaii

Earthquake in Hawaii
[ Hawaii was shaken by a strong earthquake this Sunday. Even though there were no victims, the last Hawaiian earthquake this strong (magnitude of 6.5) struck more than 20 years ago. ] I've never been to Hawaii (nor have I been anywhere else), but it looks like it's not a good time to visit. There are several things to keep in mind though, if you want to live like a true Hawaiian: You measure the water for the rice by the knuckle of your index finger. Your only suit is a bathing suit. You are barefoot in most of your elementary school pictures. You drive barefoot too. You honk your horn only once a year during the safety check. You have a sister, cousin, auntie, or mom named "Honey Girl" or... You do not understand the concept of North, South, East, and West, but instead give directions as Mauka, Makai, Diamond Head, Ewa, and use landmarks instead of street names. Hawaii or Havaii? Havaii. Thanks! You're velcome! I'm almost done adjusting my lifestyle to the Hawaiian list above. Which means I am almost ready for a visit. Earthquakes got nothing on me - I survived the highway patrol catching me driving barefoot in my bathing suit, dammit. And I'll let you figure out what "barefoot" means as my bathing suit is my birthday suit. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to the earthquake in Hawaii. Examples could be new Hawaiian tourism adverts, magazine covers, creative ways and devices to cope with Hawaiian earthquake, etc.

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