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Funny Earring Pictures

Mila and her pearl earringFunny Mila and her pearl earring
Member reactions:

Beautiful work, even much so after the edit in bigger size.
Great blend on her face.... good and clean merge and the cracks on it makes this looks bit real .... beautiful job
Thanks guys for your kind comments. The cracks were a pain, I drew all by hand to get the real effect that I was looking for. Glad it came out pretty good.
Thanks guys for your votes and comments. This was a lot of fun...
Hamid, You old mule skinner, welcome back. And in gold cup style...
Spinner How are you. It's been a lot time mate, hope everything is good with you...
Congrats on the gold, Hamid. Even after a long absence you manage to come and grad a gold in such a tight race contest... It's easy for a pro
Well deserved win. Congrats on the Gold.

Vamp with the pearl earringFunny Vamp with the pearl earring
Member reactions:

Maybe He'd be in the Halloween and/or vampire craze.
Looks great Nice Shining of the pearl
Quality work, but the image size is rather small

Alien With A Death Star EarringFunny Alien With A Death Star Earring
Member reactions:

Kristen Stewart pearl earringFunny Kristen Stewart pearl earring
Member reactions:

Well merged the face and the ear rings looks awesome
Perfect lighting, clean... well deserved win, Opcrom.
WELL deserved GOLD: perfect blending, CONGRATS very much
Super clean work. Congrats on the gold, opcrom.
Very nice, clean looking blend and congrats on the gold. Very pretty.

Girl with a Pearl EarringFunny Girl with a Pearl Earring
Member reactions:

Creative. Reminds me some vintage Chinese art

The Frog with a Pearl EarringFunny The Frog with a Pearl Earring
Member reactions:

Ghoul With A Pearl EarringFunny Ghoul With A Pearl Earring
Member reactions:

FN: congrats for a well chosen contest. Its useless to comment on each & all 20 excellent entries... And tough on voters who'll find it MOST difficult to score. ps. "Ghoul..." sorry for using your space for this comment
Awesome. I'll never see this picture again without thinking of this.
Just one small tip: The title should say earring (double R)
Absolutely stunning chop my favourite of this comp.
Congrats KIR Nice artistic FX to bring it all together.
Congrats KIR, interesting textures & good use of source pics.
Thanks all. Very honored to be between two FN greats.
KIR is back - what a comeback chop. Congratulations, mate.

Andie MacDowell in the Girl with a Pearl Earring PaintingFunny Andie MacDowell in the Girl with a Pearl Earring Painting
Member reactions:

Masterpiece of Vermeer and a movie

Saxophone EarringsFunny Saxophone Earrings
Member reactions:

She doesnt look like she can afford it. Please view full image.
Awesome, They really would make nice earrings.
(p.s. interesting ears, is she from Vulcan.)

Girl With a Pearl Earring and FlashlightFunny Girl With a Pearl Earring and Flashlight
Member reactions:

I've been sitting here for about three or so minutes wondering whether or not the light on her chin is a little too strong or not. I can't decide. I like the dust motes. I like the flashlight in this time period. I like the picture.
Yes, some textture work on the hand would be nice. otherwise quality work here

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