A little Bit Early
A little Bit Early
A little Bit Early. Neck or drumstick.

Funny Early Socialists

Early Socialists
AOC and Bernie in search of entitlements...

Funny Early retirement

Early retirement
Member reactions:
Gold congrats, Denlig. Perfectly matched painting style of Haynes King's “Homeless”

Funny Paula, Be Home Early

Paula, Be Home Early

Funny Early Caveman Art

Early Caveman Art
Cave Art
Member reactions:
Excellent but excessive the statue. They weren't, of course not able to produce that kind of statue or even the table.
TY Rajesh and Luciano. It is a ludicrous commentary Luciano, an exaggeration of reality done in a refreshing realistic style you should greatly appreciate.

Funny Obama's Early Days

Obama's Early Days
i think Mrs. Obama was a bit thick in the early years
Member reactions:
Funky stuff. Looks like an authentic photo too.

Funny Early Archeology Students

Early Archeology Students

Funny Early Jack Kevorkian Testing with a Gun

Early Jack Kevorkian Testing with a Gun
Member reactions:
Hilarious if it weren't so serious. High marks-can't stop commenting on this chop.
Thanks for your generous support geriatric..
Mindblowing and mind has blown already in this image great idea

Funny Star Wars Early Chewbacca and R2D2 Prototypes

Star Wars Early Chewbacca and R2D2 Prototypes
Present day George Lucas can't believe the early Chewbacca and R2D2 he almost approved.
Member reactions:
Hahaha, gotta love these SW prototypes. Surely is FN were involved these would get the green light
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, FN Wars is definitely in production.
This looks like the Canadian version.....
Disasterman...You could be right about that.
Reliably funny and precisely detailed. Congratulations Doc.
that's really cool work Pcrdds .. big congrats on the woody and keep up your best works
Thanks, oo0cns0oo. Thanks, G-man. Thanks, BOULPIX. Thanks, Mr. K. Thanks, Mr. S.

Funny Tyrannosaurus Horse vs Early Man

Tyrannosaurus Horse vs Early Man
Member reactions:
Thanks crusader, spinner. I actually had Obamas face on the 2001 ape but then realized I couldn't mix.

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