Amelia Earhart Top Gun Pilot
Amelia Earhart Top Gun Pilot
Amelia Earhart Top Gun Pilot. Member reactions:
Quality work. I'd add some more articles though, just to mimic the real magazine cover

Funny Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart
Member reactions:
Beautiful, only one nit pick, the earth pic is not round.

Funny Amelia Earhart Artifact?

Amelia Earhart Artifact?
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Knowing about those goggles dates yourself hahahahah. That's a pretty novel idea. Nice sepia magic

Funny Amelia Earhart at the Barber 1937

Amelia Earhart at the Barber 1937
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Thought it was supposed to be a bearded woman. Is she in the back.
I don't see any women over there, but the idea of the barber shop and the people peeping behind, wanting to do this act is a really funny The Freaking News Paper is an added attraction to this chop
Amelia Earhart at barber 1937. The background is of Brian's life is when women go stoned.
It seems less well-known
The men's hairdresser. The others are women.

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