Dyslexic Traffic Sign with Obama
Dyslexic Traffic Sign with Obama
Dyslexic Traffic Sign with Obama. Member reactions:
Great chop, but just personally I feel the cross-eyed and toothless look adds a cliche feel to it
Thanks. I guess you are not a MAD magazine fan are ya. Perhaps it is an American thing. Alfred E. Neumann is a timeless icon and about the highest form of Western satire as it gets. You may not like it but MAD fans will love it which is the target audience in this case.
TY Eric. The "Fat Bob" tank gives it long range between stops
Excellent tecnique even if I don't like excessive caricature
Congrads of the Gold Cup, the best of the bunch.
Congrats Hitman. Fantastic interpreted twist to the theme. I feel your chop is spot on absolutely nothing excessive here.
As always, Top Notch Chop. Congrats Hitspinner.
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. The Best so far young Obama for FreakingNews Contest.
Congrats on the gold, Hits. I missed the Alfred likeness at first. Newmann's eyes are not crossed though and the tooth is missing on the other side.

Funny Freaking News Dyslexic Edition

Freaking News Dyslexic Edition
This is the Dyslexic Edition of FreakingNews. Congratulations are now in Order.
Member reactions:
Hmmm, well, I am still a relative beginner, please be gentle. I did a pic grab, I did not alter the dimensions of the image at all, so that is the correct ratio, even if it looks a little weird. It could be the dyslexic effect. I have to go to bed now, I am pretty sick.
Well, I did the math, and it turns out that PSMandrake is right (although I don't know how he could have spotted it.) The aspect ratio of PSMandrake's original image (expressed here as w:h, excluding the FN ribbon) is 245:283, (or 0.866:1). Hidden's ratio is 437:539 (or 0.811:1). Simply put, this means two things: 1): Hidden's image is thinner than PSMandrake's, in relation to height. 2): I've got too much time on my hands.
It is possible that those who think the ratio is off are looking at their browsers at regular view. (Where you can see the address bar and all the buttons and so on.) I expanded the screen to full screen where you cannot see the buttons and did the screen grab. Please also note that the aspect ratio looks different in each type of browser, such as Oprah, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and can depend on how many buttons you've got. Personally, I find this fascinating, as I can't see the off aspect ratio.
There is another possibility for the aspect ratio discrepancy. I am using Gimp (it's free and comes with my Linux distro) to photoshop, which is quite different than Photoshop or even Corel Draw or Corel Photopaint. It may have done something wonky with the ratio... hmmm
Never liked math, just a simple excellent from me.
I enjoyed the reading here quite a lot too.
Indeed, this discussion would get a "Facinating." from Spock.

Funny Dyslexic George Bush

Dyslexic George Bush
George W. Bush: "I am mindful not only of preserving executive powers for myself, but for predecessors as well".
Member reactions:
Bush keeps learning a lot from his predecessors... even after 9/11... like his smile among the seniors

Funny Dyslexic Nun

Dyslexic Nun
Beware of God---and don't mess with Sister either.
Member reactions:
ha ha It can be expected from her Dog misread as God

Funny Dyslexic Corn Chips

Dyslexic Corn Chips
DIP into any DIVE
Member reactions:
cute idea, nice reflections. I'd tone their faces down a tad, but this is a clean chop.
if i put in the round chips, do u think it would b gettin a better score. Dip into any dive to see TOO-TITTSS. c'mon, hahahaha tuff room
Like the funny title and the Girl dancing over that table is very funny

Funny Alphabet Soup For Dyslexics

Alphabet Soup For Dyslexics
Member reactions:
Funny to see the characters designed on those tans good job done

Funny Dyslexic Republican Poster

Dyslexic Republican Poster
This joke's been around for a while ...
Member reactions:
Great play on words., I wish it was a bigger image. Nice use of filters to get that ripple effect...mouth looks a little odd to me, though.
Out of the box..mind cracking jiggling of the words
1st The face of Romney is awesome 2nd Be Evil America is Faboulus 3rd Money Any 2012... were freaking awesome
Thanks, thanks. Pegleg, the mouth has money, $100 bills for teeth. Eric, thanks. Worked out well .... Ryan could have also been R NAY, which was what I did first, ... Rajeshtar, thank you muchly. I made his eyes smaller and his mouth larger, used multiple filters in varying blend modes, plus a bit of the Dragan effect ... I shoulda put some cash in his open palm, but it mitt (.) have looked like he was handing it OUT.

Funny Mitt Romney Driving His Dyslexic Taxi

Mitt Romney Driving His Dyslexic Taxi
Member reactions:
I say this a lot, but...Suubmit a BIGGER image... Cute idea, though
Lovely taxi and the funny work I Tax is really a different meaning.... Needs more votes to make him win good job

Funny Dyslexic Apocalypse Santa vs Dog

Dyslexic Apocalypse Santa vs Dog
If the world was dyslexic, we'd believe the world would end with a battle between Santa and Dog.
Member reactions:
Excellent to see Santa in Fire good work on him and the Dog with a locket and godly powers showering around him Great Chop...

Funny Dyslexic Radar

Dyslexic Radar
Member reactions:
Very well chopped freaking situation to handle now by a Dylexia guy that too High on the Air
No Drinks, No food, no smoking.... then what is allowed and that guy is smoking cigars.. Really a Dyslexia guy good chop done like all the controls were in his hand....
Ardar. I ton'd teg it (ha). Contrags no teh Sliver.

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