Napoleon Dynamite as 007 James Bond
Napoleon Dynamite as 007 James Bond
Napoleon Dynamite as 007 James Bond. Napoleon Dynamite as 007
Member reactions:
Love the casting for this movie, DDog. You just know he's going to hit his self in the head with those nunchucks Great Job

Funny Man Smoking Dynamite

Man Smoking Dynamite
Believe it or not, this is safer for you then smoking, light this and you wont suffer as long. What will our government be giving money to next.
Member reactions:
If he smokes it will definitely work beware of the fire
I agree, excellent work. What an unusual looking man. Gotta give you credit on that source search. Nice pic for sure, and no technical errors at all.

Funny Man with a Dynamite Banana

Man with a Dynamite Banana
D-man.. sorry.
Member reactions:
Holly Haircut , i love the way Jim looks in this . Fantastic Chopping Hidden ....
I laughed out loud when I saw this. Superb job, hidden.
.....totally freaking awesome,hidden. Paul, better watch out he doesn't burn his eyelashes.....
hahahaha, wicked it..good luck...
"Fire in the hole.. Fire in the hole.. Fire in the hole.." .***. Boom goes D-Man. Top marks.
Fantastic great job see the bombs make Dman hair a new look.. Wonderful chop done all the best
Wonderful chopping, "hidden" ... Looks fantastic, very Rockwellesque ... Love the mouth&cigar, and oh my, the hair ... hysterical.
...a dynamite makeover...just what every man needs
Double Bronze congrats, Miss Pree. Superb. I thought this would take first. Love the way you did D-Man's hair and expression. A new fave of mine.
Glad you all like it,,, and im glad disasterman isnt angry,, after all noone likes a bad hair day. ))
Pree......... this one hit my funny bone..
Bronze Congrats as well pree... suddenly, I find myself in the middle of a preemiememe sandwich ...
Freaking hysterical. Congrats on the bronze too, pree.

Funny Napoleon Dynamite with Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite with Dynamite
Member reactions:
Incredible amount of great work here. Superb.
Why I could not view this great pic in hi-res....
Gold congrats for the magic beautiful work, wizard Ricky.
SIETE VERO DORATO. . . . You are truly golden . . . and you make it tough and challenging to compete against, and that's a good thing . . . Maybe one day

Funny Jon Malkovich with Dynamite Strapped to His Body

Jon Malkovich with Dynamite Strapped to His Body
the freak show begin. "6 hours of time before explode your creation.
Member reactions:
Funny stuff...I keep thinking that my computer is going to blow up in 6 hours.

Funny Eddie Murphy wiht Dynamite in His Ears

Eddie Murphy wiht Dynamite in His Ears
Happy 50 buckwheat...and gesundheit.

Funny African Woman with Dynamite

African Woman with Dynamite
Member reactions:
Great job oldman, looks like alot of work went into this one.
There was some tough competition in this one. Anywhere near the top 5 is a win.

Funny Barack Obama and Joe Biden with Dynamite

Barack Obama and Joe Biden with Dynamite
Special Report: Should BP nuke its leaking well. Sources
Member reactions:
rolling on the floor with laughter, nice effects
Needs Mo' Topaz Probably would of took a top spot, if the competition wasn't kick-ass.

Funny Elf Threatened Santa With Dynamite

Elf Threatened Santa With Dynamite
Mall elf with dynamite
Member reactions:
This Christmas, let's have a blast. Quality work

Funny Napoleon Bonaparte and Dynamite

Napoleon Bonaparte and Dynamite
Member reactions:
Hahahahahhahahahahahahahaaha. Funny chop. Nice play on the name game
nice work carl I really thought it's will beat me , congrats on the woody
Hilarious. I wondered if anyone would do Napoleon Dynamite.
Wood for Mr. Napoleon and Carl. Congrats.

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