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Funny Dynamite Pictures

Napoleon Dynamite with DynamiteFunny Napoleon Dynamite with Dynamite
Member reactions:

Incredible amount of great work here. Superb.
thank you paul, an hard work really
thaaaaaaank my friends... you are veeeery kinds whit me
hy ... newsmaster i can not get into my picture napoleon dynamite to respond to comments ... how do i do .....
very and many thaaaaanks at the friends: ----suchag, disasterman, jhakss24--- thaaaaaaaaank you boys for the comments and the compliments
Why I could not view this great pic in hi-res....
blackxxx thank you... i'm sorry i can not even see it in high resolution, refresh several times but i did not work.
i want with all your heart thankifull american friends the moral support me with their beautiful comments ... in recent months i have changed the style and you have awarded me ... i am happy that my new style vi like it so much ... my friends every week with your votes i would ... you guys are great ... my prize money the few are not certain that you win, but the satisfaction of knowing that my work like you feel that the other part of the world. my friends ... thank you all thank you guys so. -)
sorry for my english guys... please...
Gold congrats for the magic beautiful work, wizard Ricky.
SIETE VERO DORATO. . . . You are truly golden . . . and you make it tough and challenging to compete against, and that's a good thing . . . Maybe one day

Jon Malkovich with Dynamite Strapped to His BodyFunny Jon Malkovich with Dynamite Strapped to His Body
Member reactions:

the freak show begin. "6 hours of time before explode your creation.
Funny stuff...I keep thinking that my computer is going to blow up in 6 hours.

Eddie Murphy wiht Dynamite in His EarsFunny Eddie Murphy wiht Dynamite in His Ears
Member reactions:
Happy 50 buckwheat...and gesundheit.
very much funny... a goooood job. bravo

African Woman with DynamiteFunny African Woman with Dynamite
Member reactions:

Great job oldman, looks like alot of work went into this one.
There was some tough competition in this one. Anywhere near the top 5 is a win.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden with DynamiteFunny Barack Obama and Joe Biden with Dynamite
Member reactions:

Special Report: Should BP nuke its leaking well. Sources
Needs Mo' Topaz Probably would of took a top spot, if the competition wasn't kick-ass.

Elf Threatened Santa With DynamiteFunny Elf Threatened Santa With Dynamite
Member reactions:

Mall elf with dynamite
This Christmas, let's have a blast. Quality work

Napoleon Bonaparte and DynamiteFunny Napoleon Bonaparte and Dynamite
Member reactions:

Hahahahahhahahahahahahahaaha. Funny chop. Nice play on the name game
nice work carl I really thought it's will beat me , congrats on the woody
Hilarious. I wondered if anyone would do Napoleon Dynamite.
Wood for Mr. Napoleon and Carl. Congrats.

Napoleon Dynamite as Napoleon BonaparteFunny Napoleon Dynamite as Napoleon Bonaparte
Member reactions:

Portrait of Napoleon DynamiteFunny Portrait of Napoleon Dynamite
Member reactions:

Napoleon Dynamite MugshotFunny Napoleon Dynamite Mugshot
Member reactions:

Hey officer, have you taken that thing off any sweet jumps lately. Gawd, give it to me you idiot, let me try.
Submitter: So what do you think. Kip: It's pretty cool, I guess. Submitter: Ohhhh, man I wish I could go back in time. I'd take AZRainman. Napoleon Dynamite: This is pretty much the worst chop ever done. Kip: Napoleon, like anyone can even know that. Submitter: You know what, Napoleon. You can leave. Napoleon Dynamite: You guys are retarded. love it

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