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Funny Dwarf Pictures

Frozen Dwarf TossFunny Frozen Dwarf Toss
Member reactions:
It looks like they've already given Putin the Gold Medal for this event.
Like the new avatar of Putin... looks like a baby putin
Love how you did chopped the main in the ice cube - looks real. Super duper work on the shadows too and the background promotions for the Russian vodka and borscht
Very imaginative. Congrats on the trophy.

Dwarf's houseFunny Dwarf's house
Member reactions:

Yes... a great house for Drawfs... and well use of Pumpkins to fit them into it

Snow White and the 8th DwarfFunny Snow White and the 8th Dwarf
Member reactions:
Snow White and the 8th Dwarf If I remember right the Dwarfs names were Sleepy, Happy, Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, and ..... Source Images Large View Photographer: David MacKenzie Model: Talyn Stone
"If I remember right the Dwarfs names were Sleepy, Happy, Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, and ....." And horny.
Belchy. Nicely done, hidden.
*Thanks Gummy. *Thanks Paul. Both, Befitting Names. I was thinking his name might be 'Scrawny'..he couldn't be called 'Skinny' because he has none
i don't like it that much but that's amazing quality work
*** Thanks Guys --> Armatien . --> Geri . --> Renegade .
She looks awesome.... and the little skeleton looks great a definite winner
The pup licking his chops at that toad is a nice touch Great job
Would love to see the Dwarf drinking his beer. Great Job.
Good job on the chop and congrats on the win. Like the 8th dwarf with his beer.
Thanks Balo, Raj, Hits, U-Champ, Paul, Gummy and Hobbit. That did cross my mind U-Champ, it would basically end up as a wet spot on the floor.. Thanks Hit-man. Yes, the Pup and the Toad were my favorite part. I have a large version of the Toad , I re-worked his long tail for definition, and he looks petty darn cool. Thanks All.
Stunning work, with attention to details - you even have the infamous snake in the tree. Congrats on the gold, SS.

Snow White And The Seventeen DwarfsFunny Snow White And The Seventeen Dwarfs
Member reactions:

This one time, at band camp...
Lovely poster.... Like the Seven dwarfs movie and here they are seventeen looks great
Really great integration. I always get worried when I see Disney related chops though. I think Disney is one of the few companies that viciously protect their copyrights Whatever the case may be, this is a great bit of choppage

White Snow and the 7 dwarfsFunny White Snow and the 7 dwarfs
Member reactions:

Nice collection and well merged together in this poster
So beautiful and adorable, especially that one with Black jacket and red spots on.. Where are you looking Pal..

Dwarf BalletFunny Dwarf Ballet
Member reactions:

Original Girl
Excellent work with the source love this curtain and good placement of shorter legs and the Freaking Ballat Board

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Seven DwarfsFunny Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Seven Dwarfs
Member reactions:

Fruit DwarfFunny Fruit Dwarf
Member reactions:

Thank you Boulpix, Disasterman I am glad you like it
congratulation Sun, cute gathering as always
Lots of thanks Pcr, Geriatric, Cns, Salis.
Love the fairy tale angle here. Very clean work. Congrats on the silver, Sun.

Barry White and the Seven DwarfsFunny Barry White and the Seven Dwarfs
Member reactions:

I free-hand illustrated the Barry White figure, and traced and redrew an existing dwarfs illustration that was low res, and then colored them both . . . the background was from a Disney book, and the piano & food was various clipart that I manipulated. Please view in Hi-Res Barry White, born Barry Eugene Carter (September 12, 1944 July 4, 2003), was an American composer and singer/songwriter. Most commonly known song: Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe Barry White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Use to listen to Barry White all the time back in the 70's. Nice tribute.
Thanks deaddog, thanks preemiememe I added some more info above . . .

Famous Small Dwarf HouseFunny Famous Small Dwarf House
Member reactions:

Very cute and clever composition. Nice shadow work too. Me likey.

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