Dating Robert Duvall
Dating Robert Duvall
Dating Robert Duvall. Member reactions:
thanks pcrdds and Disasterman sassy thats his buddy Dustin Hoffman ..
Freaking perfect. Dustin Hoffman is Tutsi version 2.0 here, . Love the rose in Duvall's mouth.
hahaha, congrats on the gold it..
thanks sunshin...
Love his blonde curly hair and the roses are very romantic. Congrats on the gold Preemiememe..
Golden tango for Pree. Congrats on da win.

Funny Robert Duvall with Young Wife and Blue Pills

Robert Duvall with Young Wife and Blue Pills
Member reactions:
He he he very funny, would be the pcrdds..
... this is funny, someone has a stack of ( Viagra chops ) in his PC.... and of course he knows nothing about Viagra...
hidreley and salis...bwahahahah. No, I know nothing about Viagra.
go running for the shelter of daddies little helper...
Freaking Hilarious. Seems like he needs a LOT of these blue pills to get his flute playing.
Thanks, Newsy. Bwahahahah. You always find a funny comment. You related to Yakov Smirnoff.
Am I related to Yakov Smirnoff. I AM Yakov Smirnoff.
Newsy. A giant, BWAHAHAHAHAH. Damn, then you are really, really old.

Funny Robert Duvall Pope

Robert Duvall Pope
Member reactions:
Duvall knew he was getting old when the candles started costing more than a cake

Funny Robert Duvall on So You Think You Can Dance

Robert Duvall on So You Think You Can Dance
Member reactions:
Thanks now that's stuck in my brain forever.
Hilarious. I like how you made them anorexic, and one with the big beer belly.

Funny Cowboy Robert Duvall

Cowboy Robert Duvall
Member reactions:
its great you put sources in,, really shows your work...
Thanks Preemiememe and yes I put all the stocks. Thank you too Sassy and Teddy.
Lots of work to put all the sources in harmony here. Not as easy as putting his head on a ready source. Here everything seems like it belongs together - from colors to lights and shadows.
NewsMaster yes the real work is how to put everything in harmony Thanks a lot Pcrdds, Jim, Preemiememe, DD.

Funny Robert Duvall the Warrior

Robert Duvall the Warrior
Member reactions:
Great fantasy angle here. I like the dino-dragon.
Sunshin. great job 2 trophies.. congratsss...

Funny Robert Duvall the Hard Core Painter

Robert Duvall the Hard Core Painter
Member reactions:
Great blend. Jim Beam bottle is a nice touch.

Funny Sir Robert Duvall Portrait

Sir Robert Duvall Portrait
Sir Robert Duvall..I don't know he just has that face, like he should be a Sir.
Member reactions:
the 'Sir comment'
Perfect blend. The painting looks genuine.
Mundo great work ... congrats.. i agree with Newsy.
Just curious. Since you didn't score anyone above a 5, including the 3 cups ahead of you, what would you have scored yours.

Funny Robert Duvall

Robert Duvall
Member reactions:
Best beard work... Great looking all round.
Very nice work. I agree with UB - you did a great job blending the beard in.

Funny Robert Duvall and His Monkey

Robert Duvall and His Monkey
The Japanese monkey is a good swimmer, Robert isn't.
Member reactions:
It's a funny image, but is it chopped, or is it just two photos put next to each other.
NOW it's chopped. (The first mistake I've made all day.)

Funny Robert Duvall

Robert Duvall
Movie icon Robert Duvall celebrated his 80th birthday in style on Wednesday by stamping his mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Godfather star placed his hands and feet in cement outside the historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. The honour caps a six week period of accolades for the veteran, who is among the favourites to land a Best Actor Oscar nomination later this month for his role as a grumpy hermit in Get Low. Here are some interesting facts about Robert Duvall: * He was considered for the role of "Brody" in the original Jaws (1975) film. * Narrated a video supporting John McCain for the Republican National Convention in 2008. * Travels to Argentina at least five times a year and has a home there. * Hosted a fundraiser for Rudolph W. Giuliani at his Hollywood home in January 2008. He later endorsed Senator John McCain after Guiliani dropped out. * Was roommates and good friends with Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman while all were struggling stage actors in New York before any of them struck it big. Among the three, Hoffman and Duvall were known for their ways with the women, and Duvall and Hackman were known for their short fuses, which led to numerous bar fights. The three often bonded over elaborate practical jokes. * Can speak Spanish fluently. * Served in the U.S. Army (serial #52 346 646) from 19 August 1953 to 20 August 1954, achieving rank of Private First Class and awarded the National Defense Service Medal. * Lived with Luciana Pedraza for seven years before marrying her in 2004. She is 42 years younger than him. * Duvall is an avid tango dancer, and his favorite city is Buenos Aires where he likes to watch and dance Argentinian tango. In 2002 Duvall directed film "Assassination Tango" with his wife Luciana Pedraza in the leading role. Luciana is Argentinian. Happy Birthday, Robert! Here's to many, MANY more! To mark the 80th birthday of Robert Duvall, photoshop him any way you wish.

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