The New Dynamic Duo
The New Dynamic Duo
The New Dynamic Duo. Hair we Go Again

Funny Dynamic Duo Disasterman and His Bearded Dragon

Dynamic Duo Disasterman and His Bearded Dragon
"Disasterman" and his loyal Bearded Dragon, "Fred," are always there when disaster strikes.
Member reactions:
I really like this, suits him 2 a T, dunno bout the eye... reckon he's a bit wiser than he lets on
Thanks, Kellie. The eye is that way because the Character "Columbo" had a glass eye that was always wandering...and "Columbo" dressed like this.
Haha.....Fred is actually the brains of the operation.....he just keeps me around for my computer skills
this is superb of all the entries, deserves a gold
Superb execution, nice id cards style all the best
This must be the most chopped face on FN.
Awesome job, love the id cards and the reptile smoking looks so clever Congrats Paul.
I do a better job at getting trophies when someone else does the chop.....nice work Paul
Thanks, D-Man. You and Fred are great subjects.
, nice to see Fred made it into the scene. Congrats Doc
Thanks, Man Of Rain. Fred had to be included. He's a natural.

Funny Possessed Skeletons Own Ninja Duo

Possessed Skeletons Own Ninja Duo
Member reactions:
you should fix the arm of the lady, because you can still see a part of the shoe
Congrats on the gold crusader, very nice work..
Congrats on the win, crusader. You are on a roll.
this is your 5th gold too, so congrats on the graduation from the apprentice league. Time to play in the advanced contest section.

Funny Fearsome duo

Fearsome duo

Funny Monkey duo

Monkey duo
These monkey's love to rock.

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