Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty. Member reactions:
Classic. Now if he falls there will be one huge cracked egg.

Funny Humpty Dumpty Sitting on a Ball

Humpty Dumpty Sitting on a Ball
Late for Easter but finally finished. Some Sources
Member reactions:
Needs a cute 'lil poem to go with it. There once was a Dumpty from Nantucket.... uhh never mind.
Thank you Andrew, Bob, SS, Gummy poem, Joan, Luciano, Swashbuckle, Eric, Hobbit, Ilove layers, Doc and Robb
Congrats, Tim. Nice Job. Call me silly, but I have to ask. Who's face is this.
The face was built from a Dwarf in the Hobbit. His eyes were sampled from the iguana. See the sources I provided. Thanks Doc, SS, Andwhat and Swashbuckle
He's so darn cute, love it, congrats on the win.
Awesome top notch work Tim. Thanks for posting sources. Grats on the gold.
I suppose it might help if I paid attention. I see now thanks, Tim.

Funny Freaky Humpty Dumpty And Friends

Freaky Humpty Dumpty And Friends
Such a delightful bunch
Member reactions:
Great work overall... Humpty and his friends are awesome good creativity
Whoah, well aren't you up here swimming with the great white sharks. hahahaha very well done. Congrats on the fine bronze cup.
Definitely fits the "Freak show" theme. Nice work. Congrats for the bronze andwhat.
Fantastic build, congratz with the Bronze. Like your new avatar
Great job on this. So much to look at. Very creative.
Thanks all, feels nice to taste the bronze.Haven't gotten past 4th place till now.Yeah,Hit I like swimming with the great whites.These are some fierce talented sharks.Feels good to be out of the pond.Im a good swimmer,so hopefully I'll bite into some more trophies
Congrats on the bronze andwhat. Awesome creativity.
Congrats on the bronze, Debbie. Excellent work

Funny Humpty Dumpty Smiley

Humpty Dumpty Smiley
original artwork by Rene Milot BEST QUALITY VIEW
Member reactions:
Excellent... Great to see Humpty again nice round face with a freaky reverse smile well done...
Its real and flawless smooth smiley with Egg-man
Creative art. The moon smiley goes nicely with the composition

Funny Boy Pushing Humpty Dumpty Off a Wall

Boy Pushing Humpty Dumpty Off a Wall
Member reactions:
Cute Humpty, he always keeps smiling nice to see the boy tries to push him from the wall
Wonderful idea, super cool expression of Humpty
Congrats on the wood, Snoopy ... Love me a good Humpty chop ... nice work.

Funny Humpty Dumpty Mitt Romney About to be Fried by Obama

Humpty Dumpty Mitt Romney About to be Fried by Obama
Humpty Romney sits on a wall Humpty Romney knows not where he falls all the King's horses, and all the King's men . know that Obama will be President again BEST VIEW sources used
Member reactions:
i thought of humpty dumpty too, but didnt go through with it. yours looks awesome.
Thanks AWESOME69, pcrdds, Ricketish, & Chili ... much appreciated.
I hope Omama trips and falls head-first into the pan of frying Goo.
Thank you Guitars1, D-man & Sunshine geriatric, I hope your dislike for Obama doesn't sway your vote, as it definitely shouldn't
Great concept and execution....and freaking funny
This is superb job Romney as Humpty is great and the great fall is dragged by the plane (named Obama) is very funny good job really impressed
Thank you JJ-mac, thank you Raj ... truly appreciated.
Lovely work fantastic face merge and nice story work ha ha ha I love it
Excellent Composition and very well executed
No-no sway. I didn't vote for the phoney the first round and won't for the second round.
Congrats, on the Gold.....Billy. Totally awesome picture,my friend. Glad, to see you found some time to submit an entry...and a great one to boot. Bravo.....
Many thanks to everyone haven't had much time for chopping lately, feels real good to find a chance to sneak one in I'm real happy you liked it. geriatric I was referring to your vote on my entry I'm really not that politically minded, but I feel I'd rather give Obama another 4, than wind up with Mitt Romney as our nation's leader.
Congrats on the Gold Billy & welcome back .....
Very nice chop but, should have been the other wat around, and Obama could be a scrambled egg. Very cute pic tho. Congrats on your win.
Creative and perfect done, gold congrats Qtr

Funny Newt Gingrich as Humpty Dumpty

Newt Gingrich as Humpty Dumpty
That big head will get him in trouble again.
Member reactions:
Well merge of skin on the face shaped as egg head good one
A perfect work with background - foreground combination and the face merge with smile
Thanks guys. I have to thank Bruce Willis's bald head for all the extra skin I needed. Thanks Bruce.
There you go Hidden , Without a doubt , Bruce Willis's head is extra clean ,
Congrats, on the Bronze....SteveGSQ. Awesome job on humpty....crisp and clean,Bravo.
A million thanks to pcrdds, Chili, nepaguy59 and Sunshin3. This was a fun one to chop.
Bronze congrats SteveGSQ ... Great chop ... It's always nice to see images of Humpty prior to his fateful wall sitting. Congrats on the theme post as well.
Thanks again everyone and I'm honored to have been picked as the theme post.

Funny Newt Gingrich as Humpty Dumpty

Newt Gingrich as Humpty Dumpty
Member reactions:
Thx Paul ....
Semper110289 , glad you like man ....
Big thanks Ricky .....
LOVE IT. Love the details, the hands, the egg on his knee, excellent shaping of Newt's head. Right on.
Hahahaha Thx Diamonds & thank you Icyalleyecan ....
Like hairs on the head, Hairy Egg
Funny... Humpty with an egg face and egg chop on his Knees very funny
If he falls who will put Humpty together again.
wwww , knock me down , Thx everyone .....
Superb idea and very well executed all the best
, the phrase "BEAT IT, ROMNEY." is really called for here.
OOOO , you are so right Newsy , too bad i did'nt think about that one when i made this , it would of been great .....
Caption used on rightardia: This egghead will make a tasty omelet Well done.

Funny Humpty Dumpty Danny DeVito

Humpty Dumpty Danny DeVito
Member reactions:
I thought it was Robert Downey Jr. A bit too blurry for the egg guy compared to the rest of the image...
thanks... I will edit later
... i like the tie over the belt.. Nice work
I think the Blurry thing is more like a technique than a mistake .. Congrats on the win ..
De Vito often cracked me up - this chop fits his comic style.
Should be Humpty De Niro.. You talking to me... You telling me to come down off this wall....

Funny Humpty Dumpty Sculpture

Humpty Dumpty Sculpture
Member reactions:
Nice, but hard to judge the work you've done without sources.

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