Dumbo Pictogram Movie Poster
Dumbo Pictogram Movie Poster
Dumbo Pictogram Movie Poster. Member reactions:
Very well engraved like the Dumbo ... The Jumbo

Funny Dumbo in Dumb and Dumber

Dumbo in Dumb and Dumber

Funny John McCain as Dumbo

John McCain as Dumbo
Member reactions:
Love the caption "Watch the GOP crash and burn"...Priceless.
Simply terrific cartoon work. Love the caption too. Bronze Congratulations, Luna.
Great work. But too bad the mouse doesn't look more like Palin.
congrats i love cartoons .,,very nice work.

Funny Barack Obama Circus with Hillary Clinton as Dumbo

Barack Obama Circus with Hillary Clinton as Dumbo
Obama headed for Republicansí turf Image sources
Member reactions:
, amazing best one so far would love to see the sources of this one.
great work but why an elephant. should be a jackass, for more than one reason....
good idea, didn't know democrats were heffalumps though. She could do with being sharper.
Thanks all There's no two party system anymore, it's Demopublicans. Fiscally responsible conservatives are now independents.
Bronze elephant for Rain - congratulations.

Funny Sylvester Stallone in Dumbo

Sylvester Stallone in Dumbo

Funny Dumbo Jet

Dumbo Jet
The so called Dumbo Jet

Funny Dumbo Escape

Dumbo Escape
Member reactions:
what a work with an Elephant, so lovely done with the neck band of the elephant lovely image
Clean and flawless performance nice to see in the air
Lovely. and mighty great to see you again, Darthwil. It's been a while.

Funny Dumbo in a Skirt

Dumbo in a Skirt
"Love those old Circus Posters."

Funny Dumbo the Elephant

Dumbo the Elephant

Funny Flying Dumbo Visiting Penguins

Flying Dumbo Visiting Penguins

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