Hillary Duff Weave Digital Art
Hillary Duff Weave Digital Art
Hillary Duff Weave Digital Art. Member reactions:
Marvelous blinds showcase of Beauty in the form of threads and the stary sky behind gives a illuminating look to the whole chop wonderful job done

Funny Haylie Duff with a Big Nose

Haylie Duff with a Big Nose
main source
Member reactions:
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

Funny Hillary Duff with Big Mouth

Hillary Duff with Big Mouth
Member reactions:
who is it. Kinda looks like Michelle Pfeiffer... nice work

Funny Man Getting Bombed with Duff Beer

Man Getting Bombed with Duff Beer
Member reactions:
Awesome entry. Love the reflection in his sunglasses (among many other details) and I appreciate that you posted your sources (should be mandatory in my humble opinion for every chopper in each contest...).
I agree, and before I had to stop for a while, I did. But I can not remember how now. I have asked and looked for instructions on this subject, but failed to hear or find a clear explanation. Do you want to help. Great Job by the way.
AirshipDC: First, you have to upload your source file somewhere on the web. You can use a free image hosting website such as ImageShack.us, for instance. Copy the URL of your uploaded source picture. Then, read the instructions given in any "News in pictures" contest, for instance, here. Instead of the news link, you have to put (paste) the link (URL) pointing to your uploaded source picture. Hope this helps...
Don't even know what to say. Superb as always "hidden"
Yep, now this is Class A+++ funny. I about spit out my pepsi.
Very classy indeed. Full view looks sooo professional poster like. Many fine details here. Awesome.
Excellent as always Rainman, Congrads for the twofer.
This is so funny it had to win. I'm liking your humor a lot these days, AZ. It's like you are enjoying life and I am happy to see that. Congrads on the gold so well deserved.
A BIG Congrats... I absolutely love this.
Just when my respiration is back to normal-you do this and leave me laughing uncontrollably,again. Congratulations.
congrats on the double win Our king as always fantastic chop

Funny Hillary Clinton Drinking Duff Beer

Hillary Clinton Drinking Duff Beer

Funny Symmetrical Hilary Duff

Symmetrical Hilary Duff

Funny Homer Simpson CEO of Duff Breweries

Homer Simpson CEO of Duff Breweries
In real life, Homer Simpson is CEO of Duff Breweries LTD.
Member reactions:
I love it, it is very well done, but Homer looks a little too proper. He was always kind of a goof and a slob in the cartoon. This isn't a critique on your work though, it's very clean. I'm just making an observation.
He's only a screw-up in the cartoons. In real life, he's a high powered executive. (But he still has a weakness for donuts.)
By the way....I used a photo of Dick Cheney as the base pic for Homer.
Red donut looks like a spare heart. Just what Dick Cheney needs
Fantastic toonanhumanizing
This was my favorite. I love this. congrats on the bronze. So funny seeing Homer as an executive. Thought this was gold.
Congrats Luna....excellent job on Homer. Love this entry, was my favorite.

Funny Hillary Duff Wearing a Sushi Fascinator

Hillary Duff Wearing a Sushi Fascinator
Member reactions:
Quality work but the left part is a bit too transparent
I kinda like the transparency, it gives it a sort of wallpaper look but it would look better if Hillary had more of a salmon complexion, too green. Still like it.
what's wrong with the code on this entry. I don't see submitter.

Funny Hilary Duff Witch

Hilary Duff Witch
Pic source
Member reactions:
congrats AZ, great work. (what tool did you use to get the little lines in her face.)

Funny Hilary Duff with Chewing Gum Teeth

Hilary Duff with Chewing Gum Teeth
Member reactions:
Fair work. But you don't need to use all capitals in author's comment
hmm maybe the box should say peppermint veneers instead

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