Duct Taped Cat
Duct Taped Cat
Duct Taped Cat. Cat recovering from duct tape binding
Member reactions:
now the Dogs have a very funny time to tease the cats very well done like the news entry
ha ha ha Love it Dog's expression is fabulous

Funny Michelle Obama Duct Tapes Barack Obama

Michelle Obama Duct Tapes Barack Obama
Michelle knows how to rule, use duct tape on her man. Free duct tape for all women.
Member reactions:
I just hope that she only duct tapes his face and spares the other parts

Funny iPhone4 With Duct Tape

iPhone4 With Duct Tape
iPhone4 Antenna Issues
Member reactions:
"A duct tape a day keeps the Apple iPhone in play"
Hilarious. It looks like some kind of duct tape burka for iPhone too

Funny Duct Tape Bandit Wanted Poster

Duct Tape Bandit Wanted Poster
Member reactions:
Maybe it's my eyes; but this one (head image) seems to stand out from the surface -- sorta kindalike almost a 3D effect. Hmmm ...interestingly effective corner curl
Thanks. Yea I thought that also,but just couldn't get it the way I wanted, so I recreated it. See what you think. Thanks for the help.
Better ... and I see you've gotten rid of the (obvious) cloning work on the lower left corner as well, Good Job. I'm having a frazzling time with my own rendition; perhaps I'll have time to get back to it in time for submission deadline. Or not ...

Funny Tina Fey with Duct Taped Glasses

Tina Fey with Duct Taped Glasses
Tina had a little accident before the photoshoot.... good thing she had her duct tape handy.
Member reactions:
I like the fact that she's still smiling after all that. Not like Perez Hilton, .

Funny Catching Flies at the White House with Duct Tape

Catching Flies at the White House with Duct Tape

Funny Megan Fox In Duct Tape in Space

Megan Fox In Duct Tape in Space
Member reactions:
Great one, my Idea of the perfect woman, all looks from outer space. congrats Pree
Pree, a little switch in style. Super sweet chop. Clean as a whistle.
Congrats Premie I suspect this may give NASA too many ideas..., nice work.
thanks hits and kellie kratosssssssss . and hohouse .,,, im glad you liked it
ow you made me gussing about this coooooooooooongrats on the woody preprememrerme
Well, girls are known to use duct tape under dress to hold their puppies together, so her body must be so used to duct tape by now. Quality stuff

Funny Duct Tape Mask

Duct Tape Mask
Member reactions:
Disturbing and very cool. The image sticks in my head
Impressive. Another one from Carl's classics.

Funny Tiffany Pollard Wearing Duct Tape Lap Band

Tiffany Pollard Wearing Duct Tape Lap Band
original picture Tiffany Pollard

Funny Dr. Phil in Duct Tape After OprahTherapy

Dr. Phil in Duct Tape After OprahTherapy
Member reactions:
....love the drool Very funny.
Brilliant on so many levels - from drool to the war writing to the stoned red eyed rat.
love thissssssssss... haha..... the mouth ,,drool,,,,ha.
Fantastic work, Hit. I had a serious feeling this was yours. Congrats on the gold. PS The Dr. Oz part --- luv it.
I am offended by this portrayal of us drooling fools, Congratulations Hit man.
Thanks Doxi and all. But I don't deserve it. I can't frigging believe I fell asleep right past voting. Was really tired around lunchtime, really tired, and decided I would vote after 15 winks.. fresh head and all. I wake up at bloodoy 3:05. So many great chops in this contest I wanted to validate. ##. Oh well, sorry gang. Thanks much HH... TY
Congrats HS This is really cool, I do like these caricatures you're creating.
Congrats Hitspinner... Another beautiful image.. You should send it to him..
hitsssssssssss congratsssssssssss your just too funny.. great work.
Thanks again all. Hamid, Joni says I should send it too but I'd rather he come to the site and see the rest of the fantastic eye candy here. Besides, he's a big dude and doesn't live too far from me Hahahahahahahahah
that was really great one Hitspinner congrats on the winner man ...
Congrats Hitman. The entry is a true hit.
Ahhh HS, congrats on one of the most spot on caricature works I've seen. Great expression and use of tape...If only we could put some on the real Dr's mouth. Love Oprah in the window. FANTAAAASSSTIC.

Funny Duct Tape Festival

Duct Tape Festival
This weekend it's the Duct Tape Festival held in Avon OH, the home to the manufacturer of Duck Brand Duct Tape. The festival includes such activities as Duct Tape Fashion Show, duct tape games, duct tape sculptures and crafts. They say the duct tape is that thing that holds the universe together, and there ain't no thing that duct tape can't fix. To have Duct Tape festivities at Freaking News, photoshop duct tape any way you wish. Some examples are: fix things with duct tape, wrap it around your favorite celebrities and other objects, make crafts and statues from duct tape, etc.

Funny Duct Tape People

Duct Tape People
There has been an attempted robbery in a Kentucky liquor store by a man wrapped in duct tape to conceal his identity. The so called "duct tape bandit" was stopped and held by the store owner until the police arrived. Ironically, the owner used the baseball bat wrapped in duct tape to stop and catch the burglar. Duct tape your favorite public figure or celebrity. Place duct tape over mouth, face, body parts, but remember to keep your entries safe for work. You can apply duct tape on their skin, hair, eyes, or on their clothes or shoes. We are tired of hearing celebrities and politicians whine, duct tape them.

Funny Duct Tape

Duct Tape
Show creative ways of using duct tape - fixing something, products / objects and art, etc., using duct tape. As long as duct tape is used in some way - your entry qualifies.

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