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Funny Duck Pictures

March Of The Gay DucksFunny March Of The Gay Ducks
Member reactions:
These ducks are gay,angry,homicidal and utterly Fabulous.
Hehehehe is toooo funny and very well done your job bravo
I just seen that guy in french TV today . funny compo .
Hilarious ducks... representing them Gay Community

Duck Dynasty Change of HeartFunny Duck Dynasty Change of Heart
Member reactions:

Ain't capitalism grand. Now A&E and the Robertsons both embrace the gay lifestyle. A&E and Robertson agree to promote "unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people"
You did an awesome job with the source, looks totally real.
Congrats on wood, Luna... like all your work... this is freaking great.
Grats LunaC. never heard of these guys but the image is still funny.
Clean chopping and one hello of an interesting image. Congrats on the cup
Fantastic Chop LunaC. Luv The Duck. I can almost hear his Quack... Afla........c.
Luna this goes for you too... it takes so much work and holidays and days off to come in second to you. And I feel like it takes a really brilliant concept and execution.

Free Speech vs Duck Roast Funny Free Speech vs Duck Roast
Member reactions:
Duck Roast
roasted ducks standing and peeping from far
Roasted ducks are freaking brilliant, and the gesture of all is amazing
A very polarized topic for sure. This has been all over the score board. I guess depending on how the viewer takes it's meaning reflected in the score.
Love the ducks and the balloons at the background.

Duck DynastyFunny Duck Dynasty
Member reactions:

Awesome entry... Out of my mind to comment on this chop great finish and wrecked auto failed in floods and the Pilgrim using the Duck to cross the river is amazing excellent expressions shown on him with a Pipe well done
Mindblowing Excellent Caricature Nice 3D Effect Great job done.
Congrads on the Gold Cup, one word, 2good.
Thanks, hobbit90, penaplonk, geriatric, rajeshstar, balodiya, Doc, Ariel9, HoHouse, and penaplonk
Artistic, wild, imaginative. Congrats on the gold, Chaos.
Thank you Newsy for the comments and POTD..
Congratulations again...yer' hot this week.

DuckFunny Duck
Member reactions:

Get the rifle and the marksman to protrude out of the picture frame.
... like the dog leap to catch that Bird

Dino - DuckFunny Dino - Duck
Member reactions:

Nice mix of two environments 1st half is water and the 2nd half is air awesome chop Good Feather and leather combination
Cool approach.Primo choppage Probably above the curve

DucksFunny Ducks
Member reactions:

, fantastic Idea. Flawless engineering
Excellent turn of the source... My son wants one piece to play
nice work, should've placed higher in my opinion

Swan and ducksFunny Swan and ducks
Member reactions:

Well done looks realistic art where is the artist is he gone...

Mother Duck and Babies Digital ArtFunny Mother Duck and Babies Digital Art
Member reactions:

Proud Mum duck starts off with 12 ducklings by the second day she is left with 9 and on it goes till she is left with one or two or none at all. All sorts of predators come into play from eels, pythons, owls, eagles and cats. It cuts a bit and you feel for the mum, but it appears mother nature has designed it that way.
bob, with your usual simply have done a great job, i like much your thoughts on the nature bravo...
Thanks guys, looking at the pic it appears I could the extra mile.
So beautifully done love this chop its too natural and lovely composition

Abraham Lincoln Rides his DuckFunny Abraham Lincoln Rides his Duck
Member reactions:

It was a little known fact that President Lincoln use to ride his monsterous 3-headed pet duck around the beach to unwind.
Nice work of Old photo but scratches wont look natural..
ha ha ha multiple ride for the president
Thanks Disastermann111, rajeshstar and ericnorthend. Yeah I wanted to experment with a filter I haven't used in a very long time so I thought I would try it out in an Apprentice contest. You're right, scratches look awkward here. Edit for spelling

Duck AttackFunny Duck Attack - Photoshop this image of duck (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dress up this duck, change merge it with some other birds or animals, make the duck perform some stunts, use this duck image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to baerchen57 for providing the source photo.

Donald DuckFunny Donald Duck - Photoshop Donald Duck behind the camera, in real life - something he may (or may not) be so proud of, on his 70th birthday.

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