Safer To Chase A Duck
Safer To Chase A Duck
Safer To Chase A Duck. They chased and chased and chased some more, until it stopped on the opposite shore. It wasn't a duck they thought they sought, 'twas little spy drones the Pentagon bought
Member reactions:
Very cool and well done. I don't think you need the third guy.
what is he trying to catch ... and thats gr8
Cool chop, could be much better without the third policeman.
The third guy is there to ad another layer of depth and frankly, because I just wanted to chop some more. . Joy of chopping and all that. You and Doc are of the same opinion so I am listening. One comment is opinion and has little weight. Two, is a yellow flag, three is consider changing immediately, right. . Thanks Swashbuckle balodiya, sai, anuradhaallu (is that African name.) Sulli (welcome back ) Pat, and Doc.
Silver congrats, Tim. For me, the third guy is a distraction because you have so much other stuff going on.
Now I do have to laugh at that comment coming from you Doc He who had more things spinning round in his chops than any chopper I know hahahahaha. Anyyway thanks, pal. If you ever Wondered if a low karma of 1 can make a difference in the winner or looser in these contests, check out the scores between myself and Jere. In the end, I believe it was Newsy that that cast the final vote that moved Jere into the top spot but it was some voter with a ksrma of 1 that gave this chop a 5 that ultimately decided it. So there you go. it happens. I scored 8.424 Jere scored 8.427... closest I have ever seen.
I think Paul meant to say, you have so much other Great stuff going on Congrats on the Silver, Hits.
Yep. I didn't take offence I just thought the comment amusing since we both like to load up our chops with extras, Paul more than me. I think the root at the actual comments though not stated is the third guy in not actually large enough to be in correct perspective. I should have enlarged him, pulled him back a few inches and nobody would have really even noticed. Live and learn.... in my case, learn again. I studied these basics over 40m years ago and still repeat the same mistakes. That tells ya something hahahahahah. Thanks Champ. PS. Thanks for the 10, Champ.

Funny Duck

Member reactions:
What's at the bottom of Bill's hair at rear of head.
Bill seems to be looking somwhere else, ducks are lucky.
Excellent. Lose the black stripe at the top though

Funny March Of The Gay Ducks

March Of The Gay Ducks
These ducks are gay,angry,homicidal and utterly Fabulous.
Member reactions:
I just seen that guy in french TV today . funny compo .
Hilarious ducks... representing them Gay Community

Funny Duck Dynasty Change of Heart

Duck Dynasty Change of Heart
Ain't capitalism grand. Now A&E and the Robertsons both embrace the gay lifestyle. A&E and Robertson agree to promote "unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people"
Member reactions:
You did an awesome job with the source, looks totally real.
Congrats on wood, Luna... like all your work... this is freaking great.
Grats LunaC. never heard of these guys but the image is still funny.
Clean chopping and one hello of an interesting image. Congrats on the cup
Fantastic Chop LunaC. Luv The Duck. I can almost hear his Quack... Afla........c.
Luna this goes for you too... it takes so much work and holidays and days off to come in second to you. And I feel like it takes a really brilliant concept and execution.

Funny Free Speech vs Duck Roast

Free Speech vs Duck Roast
Duck Roast
Member reactions:
roasted ducks standing and peeping from far
Roasted ducks are freaking brilliant, and the gesture of all is amazing
A very polarized topic for sure. This has been all over the score board. I guess depending on how the viewer takes it's meaning reflected in the score.
Love the ducks and the balloons at the background.

Funny Ship Stolen From Painting Replaced by a Rubber Duck

Ship Stolen From Painting Replaced by a Rubber Duck
Member reactions:
Rubber Duckie I Love You, La De, De Da... Great Job.
HA. Dinner for a week if they are stranded.

Funny Duck Soup

Duck Soup
What an elephant was doing in my pajamas, I shall never know.
Member reactions:
Never seen "Duck Soup" thanks Paul for the tip. Awesome title depiction.
Marx Brothers should be on Newsy's 'what-to-watch' list. Nice work HIDDEN.
Awesome job... you can also say Duck sailing on the Egg Yellow... Freaky attachment of human nose with mustache and glasses Nice creativity shown here

Funny Indian Man Swimming with Ducks in River

Indian Man Swimming with Ducks in River
Member reactions:
Awesome entry... Out of my mind to comment on this chop great finish and wrecked auto failed in floods and the Pilgrim using the Duck to cross the river is amazing excellent expressions shown on him with a Pipe well done
Mindblowing Excellent Caricature Nice 3D Effect Great job done.
Congrads on the Gold Cup, one word, 2good.
Thanks, hobbit90, penaplonk, geriatric, rajeshstar, balodiya, Doc, Ariel9, HoHouse, and penaplonk
Artistic, wild, imaginative. Congrats on the gold, Chaos.
Thank you Newsy for the comments and POTD..
Congratulations again...yer' hot this week.

Funny George Bush Shooting Ducks

George Bush Shooting Ducks
Member reactions:
Get the rifle and the marksman to protrude out of the picture frame.
... like the dog leap to catch that Bird

Funny Geico Gecko Astronaut and Aflac Duck

Geico Gecko Astronaut and Aflac Duck
There's a little insurance company mascot jealousy at play here...
Member reactions:
Dont know whether it is correct to use birds in this contest instead of animals .. but nice chop ..
Very cute... but the Space suit makes him bigger then ever good one
Suni--Last time I checked, birds ARE animals. So are Geckos.
Very interesting and clean work for little insurance company

Funny Duck Attack

Duck Attack
Photoshop this image of duck (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dress up this duck, change merge it with some other birds or animals, make the duck perform some stunts, use this duck image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to baerchen57 for providing the source photo.

Funny Donald Duck

Donald Duck
Photoshop Donald Duck behind the camera, in real life - something he may (or may not) be so proud of, on his 70th birthday.

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