George Bush and Dubya Devils
George Bush and Dubya Devils
George Bush and Dubya Devils.

Funny Dubya Do Right

Dubya Do Right
Member reactions:
could do with some shadows on face, but otherwise good effort and nice choice of face - matches well.

Funny Dubya

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Funny George Dubya

George Dubya
I cannot tell a lie... I also submitted this Dubya just so we could hit 50 entries.

Funny Dubya Vincent Price

Dubya  Vincent Price
Star of "White House of Wax"
Member reactions:
Who knew you could make Dubya look smart. Excellent work

Funny Dubya Edition

Dubya Edition
Next year, Conquest for Asia.

Funny Boxer Dubya with Black Eye

Boxer Dubya with Black Eye
Member reactions:
Try turning down levels on the magazines a wee bit so they aren't so stark. Great blending on the head and very funny.
Befitting,for a politician that has fought so mucu unnecessary bouts and is set to hit the canvass soon.

Funny Dubya Wanted Poster

Dubya Wanted Poster

Funny Dukes of Dubya

Dukes of Dubya
Happy Birthday America. We Love You.

Funny The Dubya Gang

The Dubya Gang

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