Barbie Turbo Dryer
Barbie Turbo Dryer
Barbie Turbo Dryer.

Funny Gun Hair Dryer

Gun Hair Dryer
Member reactions:
Now. With Harsh Conditioning for Difficult Hair.
Clever concept and smooth blending. This device will dry your hair and will kill your headaches.
Bronze hair dryer for John, congrats, mate.
Thanks newsy. wasnt expecting this as it was one of my just for fun pics, so very VERY happy

Funny Girl in the Dryer

Girl in the Dryer

Funny Blow Dryer Bug Car

Blow Dryer Bug Car
goes bigger if you like it like that and some sources too.
Member reactions:
Clever indeed. Saves the gas money. Looks professional
Ah, what happens to the guy following the Blow Bug.

Funny Hair Dryer Spaceship

Hair Dryer Spaceship
This spaceship blows away anything we have now.

Funny Paper Washer & Dryer

Paper Washer & Dryer
Member reactions:
Now you could do your laundry in a library because you won't here the spinning and clanking of the washing machine.
Nice idea.
Made with extra-thick paper - good for the first 10 minutes of washing. Have a bucket and a mop ready though, just in case.

Funny Dryer Spy

Dryer Spy
Who's keeping an eye on those nasty laundry thieves. Put a periscope in your clothes dryer and catch them in the act.

Funny Bathtub dryer

Bathtub dryer
...ought to save you some time.
Member reactions:
It'll blow your mind literally.
The inventor didn't understand why he couldn't get a product liability policy...

Funny Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer
Member reactions:
nice... the wifey owns a Salon, and really got a kick outta this one gd stuff.

Funny Washer and Dryer

Washer and Dryer
Washer and dryer on wheels. Not only washes and dries, but collects, sorts, folds and puts away. (Please view full to see remote commands)
Member reactions:
In the olden days there used to be a name for this gadget, it was called a "wife." For rich people, it was called a "maid."
If it included "ironing" I'd buy one plenty fast. Good idea
Cool. I'd settle for something that just puts the clean stuff away.
An appliance that washes, dries, sorts, folds and puts away is a "gal thing." A car gadget that flashes "up your arse" is a guy thing. This proves there are more guys than gals at Freakin' News. It DOES NOT PROVE that guys are better choppers than gals
I would want to a washer like that. I think Alouette is sounding ... ist.

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