Drunk Man Sleeping with Lions
Drunk Man Sleeping with Lions
Drunk Man Sleeping with Lions. Member reactions:
I like it but wouldn't the bottle AT LEAST be open on the morning after...unless it's the morning after a successful intervention.
Ahhhhhhh aaaaaaa. That would be one he11 of a thing to wake up to.

Funny George W Bush Fined $150 for Drunk Driving

George W Bush Fined $150 for Drunk Driving
George W. Bush's "party boy"
Member reactions:
Fantastic work. I would change the motion blur - make it transparent, because now it looks like three shoes flying together
Sorry Newsy but I hope they are really three (or even more).
you can't go wrong with a funny bush chop. congrats Wanderer.
Congrats on the bronze.... I thought this one was Docs.
Thank you, All. NewsMaster, please update picture. Thanks.

Funny Fingers in a Drink

Fingers in a Drink
who wants a drink.
Member reactions:
Doubt. Being inside the glass, fingers shouldn't produce shadow beside.
Nice idea. The glass doesn't looks like it's standing on that surface though
im sorry but i disagree with both.. thats just my opinion i respect your opinion as well...

Funny Woman Smoking and Drinking While Pregnant

Woman Smoking and Drinking While Pregnant
Member reactions:
Please contact Save the Children 1.202.640.6600 ......
Thanks guys - kind of a poor excuse for smoking...
Hehe yes it is. Great job. Congrats on the wood

Funny Woman Drinking Pepsi Bismol

Woman Drinking Pepsi Bismol
Member reactions:
Good job on her face, best seller for lady gaga.
If Pree can enter freaky Bee babies I can do puke. I made the mouth really small as a homage and wink to her Thanks for the comments Newsey, Luciano, Evirio, Balodiya, Eric, And Hobbit
Congrads on the Silver cup, should have been Lohan face, drink and puke. Lovely Hits
Very nasty in a good way.. Congrats Hits..
Hitspinner, she is just so darn cute. Congrats on the win, love it.
Congrats Hits. Hey--I saw Newsy's note congratulating you for turning 60 on March 12. Guess what. I also turned 60 on March 12. Which means that we were born on precisely the same day in history. Whaddya know.
Thanks Slixter. LC, that is wild..... How cool... I think I clocked on at 7:15 AM, Coral Gables Florida. I apparently never cried but haven't shut up since Congratulations are in order to you as well.. Happy belated. , I have met others born on Mar 12th but not the same age. THAT is unique and considerably more rare. Hehe so cool.

Funny The Drunk Paintings

The Drunk Paintings
Member reactions:
Primo OOB composition and beautiful classical colors... Should do very, very well
Marvelous chop.... the out of bounds job done very well ... like the concept of drunken characters in the poster doing some naughty things
Always excellent the choice of paintings and situations
I love them too and honestly thought this one would take gold. What do I know.... Well, I know you are damn good chopper Congrats me lady on another home run
Thanks a lot to each and everyone one of you, your comments means a lot.
Congratulations winning the Bronze Hobbit, a fascinating work of art.

Funny Pope Francis Drinking an Energy Drink

Pope Francis Drinking an Energy Drink
Member reactions:
Welcome back, apporreaorg. Glad to see you again after so mamy years.

Funny Head of State Beer Drinking Competition

Head of State Beer Drinking Competition
Member reactions:
Amazing, lifting beer barrel could even a summer sport
Its a crazy event to play and party both at the same time USA Looks winning
Freaking hilarious. They can train now, and participate again in Octoberfest.
Truely the Sport of the Spectator. Is this Obama's dream "beer summit".

Funny Santa on the 1st Day of Xmas Drinking Beer

Santa on the 1st Day of Xmas Drinking Beer
I took a drunken Santa home with Me.
Member reactions:
This looks great House looks very beautiful
Santa is enjoying the 1st Day of Christmas with beer and alcohol good work on the house and shadows of both well done
Just what are your plans. I want to see the video. What about Mrs. Clause; not up for something extra huh. Good chop.
Ho Ho Ho house..... Great job old friend. Congrats on the cup
Clean chop, HoHouse. Congrats on the woody.

Funny Barack Obama Drinking Beer in a Hut in Kenya

Barack Obama Drinking Beer in a Hut in Kenya

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