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Funny Drunk Pictures

Barack Obama in the Situation Room Drinking SodaFunny Barack Obama in the Situation Room Drinking Soda
Member reactions:

Thanks. He didn't look too happy sitting in the corner.
Chip really good its classic fun... congrats.
Congrats on the bronze McChip . . . funny stuff, and very well done.
. . . Check out Hillary's eyes . . .
Congrats on the bronze, Chop. Truly a masterpiece photo-hoax in my book.
Thanks Newsy for the nice compliment; and thanks also to qtrmoonshop for extending the meme.

Bush Twins DrinkingFunny Bush Twins Drinking
Member reactions:

Still Party Animals...also, they may be called twins, but I don't see any similiarity...

Drunk SuperheroesFunny Drunk Superheroes
Member reactions:
oo0cns0oo very funny... congrats....
Thanks, Sunshin3. Valeu, Ivan. Merci beaucoup, BOULPIX.

Rick Perry DrunkFunny Rick Perry Drunk
Member reactions:

Rick Perry Drunk At New Hampshire Speech.
LiLo pouring a drink from behind is a great touch
DeadDog is IN the House. Congratulations. i need a beer...
Excellent caricatures, quality work...DD you are better and better. Silver congrats.

Winona Ryder Drinking MilkFunny Winona Ryder Drinking Milk
Member reactions:

Happy Birthday.

Sting Drinking in a PubFunny Sting Drinking in a Pub
Member reactions:

I'll drink to that.
I love this a lot ... I just wish there was a little effort put into making his face look like the texture of the painting, because then it would be CLASSIC.

Fisherman Drinking BeerFunny Fisherman Drinking Beer
Member reactions:

The Heck with fish... Let's Party..

Statue of Liberty Drinking BeerFunny Statue of Liberty Drinking Beer
Member reactions:

Hahaha, this is hysterical. I like the plain writing in the sky too
Thank you Vlad... I try to peek in when I can...

Wolf Drinking a Soda in a DinerFunny Wolf Drinking a Soda in a Diner
Member reactions:

Lone Wolf Terror Threat
That's really cute. I love his little paw.

Gerard Departieu Drinking on a PlaneFunny Gerard Departieu Drinking on a Plane
Member reactions:

Actor Depardieu outrages passengers by urinating in plane

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