Goat Mixing Drinks in a Bar
Goat Mixing Drinks in a Bar
Goat Mixing Drinks in a Bar. Pygmy goat found in bar
Member reactions:
Lovely. Guess Peter (Goat) has a scond job.
Funny people do funny things.... bring animals to bar... well represented the news story with this chop... Poor little goat... serving Liquor

Funny Desperate Man Drinking Beer on the Train Tracks

Desperate Man Drinking Beer on the Train Tracks
Member reactions:
Yikes. Nice work but, sad concept. Good luck.
Great job... nice removal of right hand and putting it behind the legs.... and the pipe is replaced with wine bottle ... good job done like your creativity here
Thank you Geriatric, Rajeshstar glad you like it. The train is chopped too.
Existing in thought of flute so as an idea but not having a pipe so did something to feel the existence. Fantastic work with amazing theme
Bronze Trophy applause Sunshine, Dynamic image.
Many thanks for congrats and comments Ericnorthend, Pcr, Robinbobin, Ricky, UncleChamp
Very impressive composition from that source. Congrats on the bronze, Sun.
Lots of thanks Geriatric, Silvercanine, Newsy

Funny Homeless Man Drinking Jack Daniels

Homeless Man Drinking Jack Daniels
Homeless on his break..
Member reactions:
Good way of asking alms for alcohol research its funny
Ha ha ha this was the actual source image I guess

Funny Man Drinking a Giant Shake and Eating a Burger

Man Drinking a Giant Shake and Eating a Burger
And play your didgeridoo, Blue, play your didgeridoo Uh, like, keep playin' till I shoot through, Blue, play your didgeridoo Of course after my giant shake and Burger..I love this song, always wonder what a Didgeridoo was, now I know...who said FN isn't educational.
Member reactions:
Out of box work.... really good idea... no body thought to give him some rest
This is hilarious. We try to be a bit educational

Funny Woman Drinking Red Bull in Manet Painting

Woman Drinking Red Bull in Manet Painting
Member reactions:
Smoking and Drinking won't give you energy Stop any one well done ... like your chop it was well fit lot of energy seen
Bravo,Lucido.complimenti.bellissimo lavoro...

Funny LAW is a Carbonated Soft Drink

LAW is a Carbonated Soft Drink
* LAW is a carbonated soft drink... L A W... for some it is honey... for others it is gall... but for all can be a carbonated soft drink...
Member reactions:
For me LAW is Love and War.... great chop to make the Law Book into a soft drink with water droplets coming out of it due to Fizz...
Softy chop bubbly effects and straw with hammer good show

Funny 5-Hour Enemy Drink

5-Hour Enemy Drink
5-Hour Energy Is Cited in 13 Death Reports
Member reactions:
Well done in accumulating all energy drinks... 5 hour energy - 24 hours day equal to Death very funny.... It will give energy to die easily Do not RIP you monster i Like it


Member reactions:
Nice to see Obama as a crazy kid but his status will be decided after the Election

Funny Walking-smoking-drinking sisters

Walking-smoking-drinking sisters
Member reactions:
Great integration of the faces. A detail that would really make this pop would be a distorted plaid pattern in the bottle/ semi-transparent liquid. Maybe a hint of shading where the hand contacts the label of the bottle.
The entire frame has changed good to see them in different attaire Great work done...
Awesome idea and its so funny the way you put there faces and the smoke is hilarious 3 stooges and the forth Girl in background

Funny I dreamed I was drinking

I dreamed I was drinking
Member reactions:
I don't know what the original looks like, but I get the idea of it.
Another by my favourite artist. Good job.
Beautiful and clean work, love the way she look, its awesome
she is missing here bottle here good work

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