Vladimir Putin Beside an Oil Drum
Vladimir Putin Beside an Oil Drum
Vladimir Putin Beside an Oil Drum. Oil prices hit lowest in 11 years
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Underrated.. love the whole feel and putin's expression here.
Thank you, Jeremix,Wanderer,Hitspinner,UncleChamp,Gummy ,NewsMaster,CraftyOne

Funny Joe Biden and Obama Playing Drums

Joe Biden and Obama Playing Drums

Funny Thomas Muller Playing the Drums

Thomas Muller Playing the Drums
Seemed kind of obvious. Original drums background by Alvimann (morguefile)
Member reactions:
Seamless blending of the main source - looks real. I would slightly blur the German logo on the front drum to match the drum source photo
Done. Thanks (I should have seen that - argh).
Impressive and realistic chop. One doubt. Is the black thing on the right of the image the seat .
Yeah, but he is too fired up to sit down.
Excellent Job, working Muller into the drums.. Silver Congrats, Msgt...
Ha. Because I screwed up. Nice catch.
Congratulations on the silver ...........

Funny Barack Obama Playing a Bongo Drum

Barack Obama Playing a Bongo Drum
Member reactions:
Please take part numerous, so he will leave soon
This is hysterical. I can just see how the goose goes dancing back and forth, cause it's in the groove.
Cleaver and entertaining performance of both, definitely will make good fund for retirement
Thanks, everyone. Newsy-that's the "Aflac" Duck.
I almost forgot. Congratulations Paul on achieving #3 spot in the Hall Of Fame 169 and climbing. Freaking Awesome Man...
Congratulations on the gold.. You might want to frame this chop. It put you in the top three on FN with masters AZRainman and Funkwood.
Congrats on the # 3 spot in the Hall of Fame, Paulski.
Thanks,Splat. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Andrew. FN has been a great addition to my life for the past three and a half years and I have loved every minute of it.
Thanks, Jim. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, gary.

Funny Charlie Watts Playing the Drums Caricature

Charlie Watts Playing the Drums Caricature
Member reactions:
Beautificent. ...especially in full view.
Another excellent caricature is coming out
Super Work. Your Caricature fabulously/strongly connects/speaks to the observer.
no words to express...great creative work done
Congrats on the gold, Ricky. Coming up at the first spot in this contest was a challenge, considering so many outstanding competing entries here. A real honor.
Bwhahaha, I swear, Bobbleheads will be the death of me LMFAO. Excellent caricature and that royal chair wasn't wasted filler. That is funny.... Like playing sitting on a throne. Top cup Rickitiki Dude, another homer.

Funny Elton John Wearing a Drum Hat

Elton John Wearing a Drum Hat
Member reactions:
This can cause a very bad headache. Great Job.

Funny Clownfush Guitar & Drum Band

Clownfush Guitar & Drum Band
This was a fun contest to do. I think the Clown Fish surely could play a real mean guitar--and so can Barbie--although, in retrospect, I think I should have photographed one of those new monster dolls and used her as the band leader--maybe the vampire one.
Member reactions:
Thank you Disasterman111, Ariel9, Msq1Bob, UncleChamp, geriatric, penaplonk, and NewsMaster for your comments. I feel quite honoured to win the wood.

Funny Distant Drums

Distant Drums
FN Celebrity Founder Vladislav & the lovely Ms Pree from Westbury . Out for a joyride back in time ...
Member reactions:
Blaaaaa , Humbug on you PSM . Celebrities are real people ....
well that preemie is a celebrity (on the z-list)she was in many bad movies,,,
Pree , there are a handful of great old classics that i saw you in back in the day. Hugs ....
directions says not so famos,,i qualify ,, by the way hidden i told you not to mention those movies .. :/
Pree is a famous Photoshop artist so this works perfectly
Appreciate the comments PSM ,Geriatric , Boulpix & D-Man ..
. I don't qualify as a celeb, but thanks for this chop and for placing me next to pree.

Funny Man with a Drum in Band

Funny Man with a Drum in Band
Last Minute Substitution

Funny Drum Worlds

Drum Worlds

Funny Drums

Photoshop this bongo drums image any way you wish. Examples may include merging these bongo drums with some objects or animals; placing the bongo drums into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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