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Funny Drug Pictures

Drug deliveryFunny Drug delivery
Member reactions:
delivery van - bieber-cyrus
Very good job. Two of the most discussed people of the moment togather. Bad example
Kewl Work. Bieber looks distant. And Miley looks like the...'a mind is a terrible thing to waste', poster girl.
Amazing piece of stuff I would love to say that the concept and execution is very well done hidden, good luck
Congrats on the bronze, Elegary. You are on a roll.
Bronze congrats, Elegary. Love the ashtray head.
Excellent composition and congrats on the Bronze
thanks for your comment splatshot , newmaster, pcrdds, hitspinner, wanderer thank you very much

That's the way drugs come to LAFunny That's the way drugs come to LA
Member reactions:

Member reactions:

Great idea here, but you can still see the bricks through his head.

Whitney Houston - Drugs Don`t Save LivesFunny Whitney Houston - Drugs Don`t Save Lives
Member reactions:

(NaturalNews) The regretful passing of an American entertainment icon -- Whitney Houston -- marks yet another sad milestone in the devastating body count of the prescription drug industry. TMZ is now reporting that Whitney Houston was found not with illegal drugs, but prescription drugs that may have killed her or caused her to drown in the bathtub.
Hahaha,,love clean like usual.......well done mate..
Splendid work I'm sure it would have placed high in both WIP and the Remembering Whitney contest.
Another title could be Valley of the Dolls. Great work as usual.
It's all up to the consumer in the end. The Pharmaceutical companies are another, separate, argument. Poignant subject to chop-good luck.
Bathtub baby. She looks beautiful, good merge.
Thanks bobrafto. I like good title. geriatric thanks. I agree with you. Related Subjects Often excessive abuse of individual, psychotropic drugs, the pharmaceutical companies Producing Such legal drugs as Ritalin, only 3 molecules other than cocaine, and They give you kids. Psychiatrists Often for a panic attack, the damage xanax and other minor tranquilizers, unlike Psychologists, who are opposed to drugs. Thanks eric. a spa paradise Thanks. black friend.
Belonging to all of this does not remove the fact that it was a wonderful singer.
Nice to see the Capsules fall on her Caricatured Head... Great Job done, So clean and great look of her behind the clouds make us sad and remember her always. Thanks Hidden
surili101 that god bless you. always be praised. : D
my friend.... i do not know how to make a compliment again for your fantastic caricatures are always more beautiful. in a few months i will open my website dedicated to cartoons, i'll be very happy if you will do me the honor of being my guest on my site. i dedicate a whole page
Yes. Friend. richard. I would be very honored.
Thanks SteveGSQ, Oldman Newsy, salis2006.

Mexican Drug TunnelFunny Mexican Drug Tunnel
Member reactions:

Drug Smugglers Tunnel Into Arizona Parking Spaces
The picture needs more shadows (gun, bags, drugs). Even so is a good job done.

Lance Armstrong Drug UseFunny Lance Armstrong Drug Use
Member reactions:

Lance Armstrong Continues to Deny Drug Use
Nice commentary. Although it could be said he was merely compensating for for a being a testicle shy of a pair.
Yeah...He doesn't have enough balls to tell the truth.
Is that a syringe in your arm, Lance, or are you just happy to see us.
You can't trust anybody these days. Bullseye chop.
Good chop but gives me a goosebumps seeing these syringes.

Turtle Drug DealerFunny Turtle Drug Dealer
Member reactions:

thanks Disasterman111 , Kellie for me it's always an honor to receive criticism from the great grandmasters.
Super. Love the smoke coming out of the nostrils.
many thanks , Kellie , Disasterman111 , NewsMaster , rajeshstar, geriatric.
Congrats Im with Newsy love the smoke too
Looks like someone has some serious talent
even turtle are smoking lately congrats on the bronze PSMandrake
hahahahah thanks master DK. sometimes I try new styles, not to be repetitive, recognizable, also because I can not seem to stop to study new techniques But in your case your style and color, light fantastic, quality of the poem, the purchaser of real and great author.
thanks Newsmaster
always lose a "k" a "k" I mean when I write I always forget ...... hiihihi
thanks master MD

Psychiatric Drugs Linked  to  Mas MurderFunny Psychiatric Drugs Linked to Mas Murder
Member reactions:

News Link
No comments yet. Don't tell me fear of commenting or objections on the all powerful Psychiatric God is part of the social conditioning. This is a news site, you are artists/commentators. What's your opinion. Start writing...
scary connection. Me been afraid of commenting on this one Seriously great job though.
It's a loaded subject but I think one FNers are well equipped to shocase.... at least until they declare us insane and lock us all up I guess Hassan was self perscribing a bit too much. It's a hell-of-a world when the crazies are supposed to cure the crazies. PS. I hear Bin Laden's mentor, Aman Al Zawhari (Sp) is a psychiatrist as well and apparently studied psycological warfare tactics under CIA and German experts. Dunno if that is true or not but the idea is scarry as hell. A guy like that could brainwash anybody to do anything, huh.
I feel your pain but, people like this are everywhere. Watch your back and stay alert. By the way-nice job.
You hit the Wacko-on-the-Head with this chop.Watch your back...
Okay,cool, grabbed a woody cup with this rather uncomfortable subject. Hope our Islamic members take no offence. It's really aimed at psychiatry. I was wondering how this maniac Hassan dealt with such diametrically opposed doctrines. Psychiatry preaches man is meat and chemicals- no soul. Islam claims man is a spirit. That dude must have been one confused, pathetic wreck.
I think my powers of observation have been depleted by too many psychiatric drugs,because I did not even see this, I can't believe I did'nt see it.....time for my meds. A belated 9 vote. A very insightful careful splinters can become infected.
The psychiatrists seem to be the real crazies anymore. Great concept and outstanding execution.
Congrats on the wood, Hitster. The path was risky, but you took it as a real explorer and earned a woody on the way.
Beautiful work HiT. you really nailed this one. Congrats.
Thanks all. Yeah LunaC, I'd go nuts too if I spent a hundred thousand dollars and eight years getting trained just to discover all they gave me was no real solutions to anything. If drugs that make you more psychotic, electro shock that turns you into an idiot and cutting away pieces of brain that disables you is the best they can do after 120 years, man, they have some issues.
What don't you get, Kratos. The guy was a crazy psychiatrist

Woman in Vermeer Painting Doing DrugsFunny Woman in Vermeer Painting Doing Drugs
Member reactions:

Always on guard, she listens to police scanner while doing drugs.
This is hilarious. The scanner is a hoot part.
Thanks fellows...glad you liked the scanner.

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi Drug DealersFunny Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi Drug Dealers
Member reactions:

Oh thats just so wrong yet they are so right for each other.
omg,so funny.that look on michelle obama's face is pricless.great work.
, that's a lotta crack here. Wait there's one more next to him
Maybe that's why it's called the "white" house, .
great and funny work hobbit keep up top chops friend
Hey Michelle. It could be worse that could be Oprah huggin' the big guy.

DrugsFunny Drugs - Create new drugs or medicinal and health related products derived from ethnic groups or regions from around the world.

Drug Side EffectsFunny Drug Side Effects - What drug could be in British drinking water besides Prozac? Photoshop images of the results of having Prozac and other drug substances in British drinking water.

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