Drowning Islam Eating It's Own
Drowning Islam Eating It's Own
Drowning Islam Eating It's Own. Will French Deep 6 Islam
Member reactions:
I am glad he is in America, you have managed to shut him up.
He still has tentacles unfortunately
Fish with islamic bait is superlative. Excellent chop.
TY Lucianomorelli. Swashbuckle, Craftyone, and Christine
Jere. You should give me half for going easy on ya hahahahaha Thanks Jere, SS and Doc
His family cost UK a fortune in Benefits.
Great job (especially the fish). Congrats on the Silver.
I bet Christine. From what I gather, the MO with these idiots is to go to different countries and get on welfare and get the citizens of the host countries to pay for their own deaths in a twisted sort of way. Some people have no honor and in this case they shame their precious Allah by such ignoble actions
Artistic chop, congrats on the silver, Hits.
Congrats Tim. This is amazing. That fish like creature is really cool too.
Congratulations. Your images keep me real...

Funny Man Drowning in Heavy Rain

Man Drowning in Heavy Rain
Northeast deals with storm bringing rains, wind, flooding threat, snow accumulations inland
Member reactions:
Yep. Scary. Taking a stroll out near your pool after dark....Be afraid, very afraid.
If you look it from the right angle it looks as if he is coming up out of the ground.

Funny Donald Trump Drowning

Donald Trump Drowning
The boss of bosses gets his bonus
Member reactions:
Not sure about the blind eyes. Brilliant otherwise. (Now that sounds sounds like a verse )
Great chop even if I don't get what's behind.
Not much to get Luciano. Trump is known for firing people, roles got reversed in a way a whole lot of people wouldn't mind seeing . Thanks for the comments , Luciano, Newsy Wanderer and Elegary. Eyes are rolled up Newsey, it is fairly common in asphyxiation. I saw a lot of it when I was an EMT. Pretty grim
Awesome top notch job, very realistic, congratulations pulling down the Gold.
Thanks Champ. You know, I just wasn't sure about this one. I am so glad you all voted it up in spite of the dark message But hey, that is what we do, we throw stuff out and see if it sticks
Congrats spinner. Salis all the way. I get it.
So much to like about this brilliant entry. Congrats on the well deserved Gold.

Funny Bear Saves Drowning Crow From Water

Bear Saves Drowning Crow From Water
Bear Saves Drowning Crow, Doesn't Eat It Always a day late & a dollar short.
Member reactions:
I saw that video on Facebook.... so cool. Nicely done
Yes it was really cool Thank you Hitspinner I worked really hard on this one. Was meant for the news contest but somehow I missed it. Now I notice I also didn't enter my finished version. Sheesh.
Stories like this give us hope in this life. This chop rocks.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Drowning in Cailfornia

Arnold Schwarzenegger Drowning in Cailfornia
Calif. advised not to 'beg' for federal aid Gov Schwarzenegger Begs White House for Bailout Money
Member reactions:
Let me reiterate what Kellie said, most excellent work love what you do with the face.
Amazing work
California gets some bailout GOLD from Freaking News. Congrats, Arizona.
Congrats Rain, good 2cu back where ya belong
nice to see you back and KICKING ASH. KUDOS.
Thanks all Governator in heap big trouble. He should of stuck to movies...
Hey, welcome back. Great chop and so true.
Awesome.AZRainman, this is fantastic work.Congratulation on the gold..
fantastic... congrats rain.. nice to see you ..
my Golden teacher has return .. Congrats on the gold teacher .. hope to see more golds from you again
When you carve your initials in the FN tree-you, always, dig deep. Congratulations AZR.

Funny Soccer Goalie Drowning

Soccer Goalie Drowning
Member reactions:
Full view is gorgeous, the sun rays are a great addition.
I once tried to make water, but it wasn't as nice as yours. great job.
Liltim - make water. He he he. This is really nice - I like the idea so much.
just like an average british summer's day. lovely idea and great work on the water.
Well, what should I say. The idea behind is simply brilliant - as the 1st impression is, too. Excellent work with the reflections. The water looks good - though the ripples seem to be different to each other (foreground, background). Finally the light... it needs defenitely a 2nd look to spot, but the shadow of the tree on the right tells it - it is different to the direction from the light on the soccer. Nonetheless a very impressive work, kudos.
Bronze congratulations, ERJR, really glad to see you back.
Congrats ERJR That image makes the basic flood filter look like chop suey.
Great chop, congrats on the bronze cup. How did you do the reflections, with a filer or by hand.
Very nice work on this one ERJR.. Congrats..

Funny I'm Drowning

I'm Drowning
Hurry and snap the picture I can't breathe.
Member reactions:
Very nice composition. The perimeter of the frame opening could have been just a little cleaner as there is some feathering and it could be trimmed back slightly where it meets the left leg.
Lovely concept, superb execution - looks like a real photo. Shadows and masking is top - notch. Congratulations on the Bronze, hobbit.

Funny George Bush Drowning in Iraq Soup

George Bush Drowning in Iraq Soup
I've tried it, and it leaves a bitter aftertaste.
Member reactions:
instead of tomatoes soup it sholud be blood...

Funny Sandman Drowning

Sandman Drowning
Will the born-again president finally be undone by an Act of God.

Funny Statue of Liberty Drowning

Statue of Liberty Drowning
new york is the new water world.
Member reactions:
Awesome, I had a similar idea, just don't think I have the time to pull it off, nice work.

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