Californian Mega-drought
Californian Mega-drought
Californian Mega-drought. Source News story Climatologist predict the worst drought in history for the Western and Mid Western US. People in some areas may have to adapt to the ways of the nomadic tribes of desert people.
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Nicely done Good background effects. Looks very nice. Best of luck.
First 5th Congrats, Hitspinner. small artistic masterpiece.
Congrats, Hit-Man. Love this Chop. Deserves a Trophy for sure.
I thought so as well, it is pretty silly. All I can do is deliver the goods. Thanks all
You going somewhere Gummy. Thanks again gang.

Funny California Drought Worsens

California Drought Worsens
With no rain, the California drought has really worsened
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Her doctor told her - don't sit on the sun too much, or your FreakingNews ship will never come.
Quality stuff Good to see the costume still existing..
Awesome chop. Big ship should be fully in light
Good point, luciano. Thanks for reminding me.
This is awesome way of representing the news link the corps with undergarments and the ship weraked in the sea without water is amazing good one
One of your best ever. This one is a beauty. Big congrats, Doc
Thanks, Jim. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Gummy. Thanks, G-Man.

Funny Obama Waiting For a Raindrop in a Drought

Obama Waiting For a Raindrop in a Drought

Funny Drought Over Texas

Drought Over Texas
State Deep-Frying Under Relentless 100-Degree Heat as Waterways Dry Up
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it's would be great but without the paint filter on the water girl .. nice work by all sid
hehe, first attempt, i will get there eventually i also tried to make the woman seem dried, not sure it turned out like i wanted, but i dont mind it as a peice in general. (I actually like the water well chop to desert, fitted nicely)
Well, it sure caught my eye. I don't see anything that could be improved except for maybe a trophy. I love Daliesque chops and this here is as close as it gets.
Impressive composition and technique from uncle Sid.

Funny Pi Statue in a Drought in Moonlight

Pi Statue in a Drought in Moonlight
pls view in full. hope you all like this one.
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Cool. Really like the cracks going up the posts.
Good job. Like the dark mood it creates.
Looks creepy, but it's my favorite kind of imagination..

Funny California Drought Fireworks

California Drought Fireworks
Drought-Stricken California Handles July 4 Fireworks With Care
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Drought-Stricken California Handles July 4 Fireworks With Care

Funny The Thirst of Drought

The Thirst of Drought
Inspired by the recent news and legalities of water, drought and laws against saving rainwater.
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Big drops let's suppose a glass in front...
Wild flight of imagination here. Reminds me of Magritte

Funny California Drought Picture

California Drought Picture
Pray for water, California is having a historic drought. This picture is a over exaggeration of a beach.

Funny Drought

Damn That Bush... When will he stop. 102 days without rain

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