Still waiting for the Penny to Drop
Still waiting for the Penny to Drop
Still waiting for the Penny to Drop. I'm waiting for the penny to drop to put the appropriate title to this pic and until then, I'll use Dali's quote -Just because it doesn't have a title doesn't mean it doesn't have a meaning -Dali.

Funny Student Dropping from School Bus Plane

Student  Dropping from School Bus Plane
Jet Bus company moves into the school market.
Member reactions:
Well, both were handled at the same time and placed in the same perpendicular plane, but I see where you are coming from. Thanks for the comment.
Congrats Doxie Needs some dachsunds on the pant legs...hehe.
Another brilliant idea and totally cracks me up. Sweet on Doxi and I see you got a woody.... That mantle is starting to load up.
doxi that was truly Fantastic work my friend , congrats on the woody and keep up great works

Funny Plane Dropping Tetris Blocks

Plane Dropping Tetris Blocks
So that's where the blocks come from...
Member reactions:
Good to know... this happens where I live all the time.
Congratulations, Jman1a. It was one of my favorites chops here. And you submitted many other great entries for this contest. Nice work.
Hilarious. Jim.
Wood for jman1a. Your first advanced trophy. Way to go, man.
Actually i got a silver with my Operation with the pizza a couple of weeks ago but im happy for this one all the same
great work jman1a congrats on the woody

Funny Car Mirror Showing Drop

Car Mirror Showing Drop
Member reactions:
motion blurring doesn't match between mirror & background, but interesting idea.

Funny Ballon Water Drops from Tap

Ballon Water Drops from Tap
Member reactions:
Ditto Doxieone. I was about to ""HA." then I saw yours..
Man, another gem. This contest is full of superb ideas.
Now this is thinking outside the, balloon. Good one.

Funny Gull of Duty War on Bird Droppings Game

Gull of Duty War on Bird Droppings Game
Defence officials in Halifax declare war on bird droppings
Member reactions:
Well done, I didnt notice all the detail when I first clicked on it. congrats

Funny Wall Street Bull's Testicles Drop

Wall Street Bull's Testicles Drop
Full View
Member reactions:
I knew you were crazy, but now I can see you're nuts. love it. Maybe clean up around the right one a bit, a tiny masking issue.
Clank. Hooo rah. The Wall Street idiots sure need to grow some. Love this chop.
The Coup D’E tat of the United States Press Red 'X' Society·Wednesday, March 1, 2017 by Tracy Mapes SACRAMENTO,California--In America, it has long been held that there is a sacred bond between the United States Government, and the People of the United States. That bond is the unbendable document called the Constitution of the United States, and, as I am about to embark, this bond has been broken by the Corruption of Our Central Bodies of Government, Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, Agency, and the Press. This means that while Americans have been kept busy with the non-essential, info-tainment of the Press, both Print and Broadcast, these bodies along with all key positions in the Government of the United States, have been subverted and replaced with loyalist Felons and Street Prostitutes as legitimate Journalists, Political Appointees, Judges, and even Entertainment Personnel. This means that along with the Silent Subversion of the 1st Amendment of Our Constitution, a facade of disinformation has cloaked the atrocity with unfounded fears of the necessity to increase the National Security risks assessed to convince the Citizens of the United States that loss of their personal freedoms, restriction on travel, and the production of “Fake News” in warranted to maintain the Secrecy of the Criminal Enterprise Our Government has become. I became aware of this situation in quite an unconventional manner. As I have described over the past 8 years, to United States Government agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Congress, the United States Senate, and News Media alike, without material response, I met over 150 Pimps, Prostitutes, and Individuals involved in criminal acts in the related to the before mentioned street crimes on the streets of Sacramento, California during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Since my involvement with these persons over a 7 year period, 2 of the persons involved in narcotics use and prostitution have become Presidents of the United States of America. With the addition of a First Lady, a Supreme Court Justice, State Senator, City Mayor, and County District Attorney of Sacramento, there are nearly 150 persons that have been placed, appointed, hired, or infiltrated into the Newsrooms of America. One could look at this as a miracle of some great proportion, but in fact, the pattern sings of racketeering, espionage, and the criminal manipulation of All Avenues of Control and Command of the United States Government and the Media. And, after engaging in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America ...I find this UN-Acceptable. The Red ‘X’ Society was formed as an Idea, to redress this wrong, and hold those accountable for this Horrific Tragedy of United States Government Miss-Management, and urge All Americans to display the Red ‘X’ until this matter is resolved in accordance with the written word of the U.S. Constitution. Red 'X' Society

Funny Orange Dew Drops

Orange Dew Drops

Funny Painting Egg Drop

Painting Egg Drop
Clumsy little ghost.
Member reactions:
Cheeky more like it
The lady looks so at ease and pleased to have an egg broken on her head, if it was me I'd kill the little urchin. Oh, she's a ghost and already dead. Never mind.-
Excellent. The cracked egg on the head makes it a great entry from just a good entry.
Congrats Deb , inventive and funny.
Eggs make wonderful hair conditioner (so long as they are raw .)
This was the my favorite entry ... great execution ... very creative.
Sassy as usuall another great entry, Congrats..

Funny Bike Rider in a Water Drop

Bike Rider in a Water Drop
just playng with water mirror
Member reactions:
Great concept--but very challenging to pull off. To me the result looks more like reflective chrome than a clear drop, but I couldn't begin to suggest the right way to render a clear droplet. Anybody know of a good tutorial on this.

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