Old Man Drooling in a Wheelchair
Old Man Drooling in a Wheelchair
Old Man Drooling in a Wheelchair. Thanks to Cheekers/Deviant Art for the background.
Member reactions:
Oh, boy, talk about sweet revenge.
you forgot to cut out some white parts on the left wheel..
Thanks jeremix but that is all one background. The only thing added is the dufus in the chair, although whatever it is it does look weird. I'll see what I can do.
Hahahaha poor Paul. Nicely done for sure
The "Dufus" comment has really sealed your fate, hidden. .
dufus reference.
Gummy is right - it does kinda reminds Steven Hawkings.
Amazing Well done hidden. Good to see the split coming out of his mouth.
Really outstanding chop. Compliments hidden.
The puddle under the chair is the perfect touch.. Hahahaha...Checkmate..
Silver congrats, dd. You're in trouble. .
Congrats on the silver, DD. I can already feel how "the dufus" is plotting his revenge
congrats on three top 5 positions, dd. the tiger is my favorite. amazing blending.
Your sure enough a Dead Dog now, D.D. to be continued..... hahahhaha Silver Cup Congrats..
It started out as Steven Hawking, switched it to Paul, but decided to use Steven's mouth.
HA. This still cracks me up. Congratulations.

Funny T-Rex Drooling on a Woman's Umbrella

T-Rex Drooling on a Woman's Umbrella
You DONT want to be caught in THIS weather.

Funny Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool
Member reactions:
Cute Cats rules now Dogs were in the path of following

Funny Cats Rule Dogs Drool Christmas

Cats Rule Dogs Drool Christmas
A take on the line "Cats and Dogs" introduced me to.

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