Woody Congrats, Mano. A heavy hitter with flash bang with a total annihilation theme.

Funny Battle Droid's vacation

Battle Droid's vacation
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Thank you,Hobbit. Rust is in the progress.

Funny Broke Back Droid

Broke Back Droid
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Yikes. I can only image what's happening Out Of Frame Below.

Funny 2 Broke Droids

2 Broke Droids
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Congrats on the Silver Cup, FS. Fine Work.
Congrats on the Silver, FatherShark. And your soon to be 12 years with FN. Good to see you back Mate.

Funny Death Star Droid

Death Star Droid
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I love this piece, I gave it 10. Congrats Manosart

Funny Droid boxing

Droid boxing
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Don't tell me the Olympic's gonna get automated.

Funny Droid Digital Art

Droid Digital Art
source as you can see from my sources what ever is not there has been brushed on/painted. I hope you like it.
Member reactions:
Very creative sci-fi composition and technique here
looks like i'm goin to tim hortons.......thanks guys
nice one robinbobin .. congrats on the woody .

Funny Verizon Droid vs Iphone Boxing

Verizon Droid vs Iphone Boxing
Verizon's New Droid vs Iphone
Member reactions:
pretty cool, but I'd add some shadows from the arms

Funny Trojan Droid

Trojan Droid
This time, C3PO means business...

Funny Droids With Kids Old Photo

Droids With Kids Old Photo

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