Future NJ driver!
Future NJ driver!
Future NJ driver!. Must be or maybe MA.
Member reactions:
Lol, NJ driver and that hair is hilarious.
is it.. sometimes you have to wonnder if that is not the way it is. thanks anywho.

Funny Taxi Driver For

Taxi Driver For

Funny Minimalist Car and Skeleton Driver

Minimalist Car and Skeleton Driver
Member reactions:
looks like he is trying to turn to run over the rabbit.
Thanks Crafty, Newsy, Steve, Gummy, Wanderer.
Nice Chopp'n. Very Entertaining Image, Uncle-C.

Funny Evil Truck Driver Carrying Skeletons

Evil Truck Driver Carrying Skeletons
Smoot Hauler: 1920 Source Photo Best View
Member reactions:
Well done. ... I ain't buying my bacon there
... Thanks, Qtrmoonshop. Then I suppose that Pulled Pork would be out of the question too.
I think I'd wet my pants too if I saw something like this.
really cool splat. great imagination. congrats.
Well crafted. Congrats on the gold. Looks like the real thing to me
Thanks, Hobbit, Lu, Gummy, QTM, Eric, Jere..., Bob, Andrew, and Hits. Thanks all. This was a Very Fun Contest.
Congrats on the gold, Splat. This looks so real, it'd scare the heck out of kids and grown ups at the time.
Thanks, Doc, and Swashbuckle. Thanks, Newsy. Your right, it does have a certain genuine appeal to it. I was likely possessed during the construction of this one.

Funny George Clooney the Driver by Manet

George Clooney the Driver by Manet
George Clooney driving in rural France.
Member reactions:

Funny Minnie Driver Gets Bikini Bullied On Twitter

Minnie Driver Gets Bikini Bullied On Twitter
Minnie Driver quits Twitter because of bikini bullying
Member reactions:
Twitter trolls Good term for them. She seems like such a nice lady, undeserving of the scorn of juvenile punks without a good thing to say. Nice chop
Good chop but people dimensions don't match
The kids on the left and right pointing their fingers are saying the children's counting rhyme "Eeny, Minnie, Miny, Moe"
Another HAT-TRICK. Triple Congratulations.
Top 5 Kudos. I was rather fond of this chop.

Funny Terrible Female Driver

Terrible Female Driver
I see one nearly every day
Member reactions:
she has a nice figure ,,butterface
Great job, hidden I'm feelin' a little motion sickness coming on
Fantastic work in the best traditions of British humor - makes me think of Benny Hill and Mr. Bean.
really said one every day. most favourite of the chops.. great work of a master
Thank you Rajesh, Newsey, Steve, Balodiya, PSM, Qtrmoon, Renegade... welcome back stranger, Pree, Luciano and SS. Sometimes a chop is better than a blog
Another great chop hit,you are a master.Congrats on the silver
Congratulations. I thought this was a HoHouse original.
'tis a whirling dervish of delight Hi-yo Silver.
. Lotsa work in this one. That woman put the U in Ugly.
L.O.L LunaC. We call that Fugly where I come from LunaC
really like this one spinner. It has a weird 2 dimensional/3 dimensional battle going on that draws you in.

Funny Karar And His Driver

Karar And His Driver
The title is a take off on the magazine, "Car and Driver," using Dr. Silvercanine's name instead of "Car." Of course, PSMandrake has volunteered to be his driver.
Member reactions:
Silvercane is getting some visitors to give free treatment today everything is free Crazy fellows on the vehicle enjoying the freebies
How much is the driver's fee. Is he for hire. Great job here on both of them
You have to pay the driver in Pasta, Newsy...lots and lots of Pasta. He will not accept Borscht as payment.
Paul. Heading to a supermarket to buy lotsa pasta.

Funny Motorcycle Delivery Driver

Motorcycle Delivery Driver

Funny Circus Delivery Driver

Circus Delivery Driver
Ladies and Gentleman, Children of all ages, let the show begin.

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