2016 dream
2016 dream
2016 dream.

Funny I Had the Craziest Dream

I Had the Craziest Dream
Member reactions:
I does look like a crazy dream scene. Good work.
Kewl. But after seeing this I may have nightmares now.
Pretty cool chop and congrats on the wood, Icy.
Congratulation on the cup, Icy. A Super Creation.
eerie and intriguing. What's the red thing.
Photoshop your dream when you wake up. I think your on to something Icy CONGRATS on the Wood.
Thanks, everyone. LunaC, that is an open screaming mouth, tongue taking over the whole head.
Nice Ice. (You may need to see someone about these dreams you've been having.)

Funny Time has come to realize his dream!

Time has come to realize his dream!

Funny Van Gogh's Field Of Dreams

Van Gogh's Field Of Dreams
Based on this movie, "Field Of Dreams" starring Kevin Kostner

Funny I Dream Of Jeannie

I Dream Of Jeannie
How do you caricature a beautiful woman like Barbra Eden. Nothing to exaggerate or make fun of.. But I tried. Jeannie and her smoke is illustrated in Photoshop the rest is photochop
Member reactions:
What do you mean by "illustrated." Done from scratch.
Yes, painted the old fashioned way, hair by hair
Beautiful Indeed. One Awesome Representation of Barbara.
I will always dream of Jeannie … Nice tribute.
You did a fine job.... Yeah, nothing else needed.
I like how you used rough texture in the background to contrast with the ultra smooth look of her skin. Nice work Hidden.
Beautiful illustration of Barbara. The hair is awesome.
Thank you so much update: Thank you all again : )
Wonderful work, Robb ... Congrats on the Silver. - Young Jeannie is still hanging out over at Antenna TV
Great job Robb. I loved that show as a kid. It brings back good memories. Grats on the silver.
Canvas background is a nice texture for this. Congrats on the silver. I thought you might snag this one.

Funny In Dreams I See Buscemi

In Dreams I See Buscemi
Member reactions:
I think texture is excessive but ambientation is impressive.
Fantastic Steve Buscemi collage. Like the fish-eye effect.
The problem with the negative comment “I think texture is excessive” critique is just that it's subjective. I gave this a 10 because I liked the texture and that is just my personal opinion.
Thanks, UncleChamp. I like the texture, too, it was on purpose and I could have reduced it, but I didn't … As for "crazy liquefy" … that's a matter of taste, too, but at least wasn't a negative comment … much. I love liquify. I'd do everything in liquify if I could.

Funny Republican Pipe Dream

Republican Pipe Dream
So Republicans voted several times for Keystone pipeline. Looks like Pipe dream to me. This fellow on the left side is Stephen Harper, Canadian prime minister. Canada and Koch brothers are to be the biggest winners of this pipeline. Feel free to disagree with me. Obama’s newly harsh tone on Keystone XL seen signaling rejection of pipeline project
Member reactions:
Fantastic political satire. Great work hidden.
Political complications with selfish genius; rules the natural treasure.. Its so awkward minds out there around the world. Bad politics makes suffer to the common man.
Very nice job from top to bottom, for sure.

Funny My dream

My dream

Funny Not released dream to be an astronaut

Not released dream to be an astronaut
Member reactions:
Shadows are off in a few places (too much distance). The composition seems a bit of a hodge-podge. The ear exaggeration goes too far in my opinion.
Thank you, RobbNewman, MsgtBob, Paul, AzureSky and Hitspinner.
Creative work, congrats on the silver, Andrew.
I like this composition. I read the message in it. By the way I like your avatar. Louis de Funès was always my favorite.


Member reactions:
He was diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome.

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