Olympic Dreams
Olympic Dreams
Olympic Dreams. Member reactions:
Very artistic composition, superb blending.

Funny `I had a Dream, but it was not Obamacare!`

`I had a Dream, but it was not Obamacare!`
Member reactions:
Not sure about the blood shot eyes, Good job otherwise

Funny Having Dreams, But Not This.

 Having Dreams, But Not This.
Member reactions:
He is having dreams , but not the one in the dream catcher.

Funny Colorize A Midsummer Night's Dream

Colorize A Midsummer Night's Dream
From the colorizing contest that didn't happen. Click Here For The B&W Source
Member reactions:
Congrats, Gumster. Kewl to see you back atop the podium.
Shanks Splat, It must be a case of "Blind Squirrel syndrome"
Fine colorizing work, sir. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Castle Of Dreams

Castle Of Dreams
Member reactions:
It's a tad busy, but good job nonetheless

Funny Teen Dancer Dreaming

Teen Dancer Dreaming

Funny 150th day on space orbit. Can a dream become a reality?

150th day on space orbit. Can a dream become a reality?
Member reactions:
Zero gravity, isolation and some dope really can make any woman look like a model, .
I thought this was Doc. Top 5. Nicely done

Funny Day Dream

Day Dream
Just having another indulgent day when time does not matter, a fantasia moment.
Member reactions:
Like the dream sequence... what would be night dream .
Still branding your work. I would like to guess who the Entrant is but, you keep doing the same thing and spoiling the fun of voting.

Funny What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come
He provided the world with a great deal of joy and laughter through the years despite his personal struggles. I hope that he has finally found peace and happiness wherever he may be. Some sources. Brick stock by Elleth
Member reactions:
Truly a beautiful tribute to Williams and he certainly did give us a lot of laughter. Hope he found his peace at last. He was Tops.
Like the concept of dreams and its illusions behind it good one
Love the many things Williams' you have shown here - a true tribute. I would get rid of the black pixel line at the top though.
Woddy congrats Coolkat. Very nicely done chop

Funny The dream is over!

The dream is over!
Depression is a physical condition that affects the mind. Sadly, well-meaning folks opine over why he was depressed as though he simply had "the blues." People tend to equate being down with depression. It's like comparing brain cancer and non-melanoma skin cancers--There is no comparison. I came close to Williams' decision 20 years ago. I just wanted out. Thanks to an insistent supervisor, I got help and HAPPY. Rest in peace, Mr. Williams. I understand.
Member reactions:
Hidden Author, you are so right, it is a physical condition. I'm glad that you had a insistent supervisor, take care and nice work on your chop. Robin Williams will dearly be missed.
Looks sad.... but if something is over... a new beginning is awaits for you... RIP Robin
Sorry to hear you were on the edge, but glad you did not step over it. Many people are not so lucky to have a good support when they are depressed. God Bless.

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