His very last jump with instructor or her dream comes true
His very last jump with instructor or her dream comes true
His very last jump with instructor or her dream comes true. His very last jump with instructor or her dream comes true

Funny ,Desert Dream

,Desert Dream
Member reactions:
Salvador is that you., good to see your work again.
Congrats on the Win, Fugit. Lots to digest in this image. I especially like the trail of Ants.
Phenomenal artwork, and love the large view. Congrats on the Gold, Fugit.
Congrats Fugit, Darn good pic, well done....👍
Great work, congratz .



Funny Elizabeth Warren, Had A Dream.

Elizabeth Warren, Had A Dream.
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Member reactions:
Very nice chop, clean great beard and feathers a prime extra that makes it great.

Funny Guardians Dream

Guardians Dream
Member reactions:
Great choice of detailed sources makes a Top-Drawer fantasy piece..
Looking at it from this angle, the reflection of the boat is wrong. Still cool image though.
Thanks LunaC. Bob can you determine the distance of the boat from the viewer and how far off the surface it is to be sure of your observation.
.... I have been leaning towards the flaming gold colors of late myself.... Excellent
The full size really has the factor. Very nicely done, PShyst.
Thanks Hits yes I love burnt orange and purple blends

Funny The Green Dream Clap.

The Green Dream Clap.
Dangerous, Crazy Nuts.
Member reactions:
Perfect place for them. Nicely done, Hobbit.

Funny Not My `DREAM`.

Not My `DREAM`.
Martin Luther King would not like what's happening in our Country today, this would not have been his Dream, very sad what is happening in our Country and Shameful.

Funny I have a DREAM

I have a DREAM
Member reactions:
Most imaginative vote.. laughing my arse off.

Funny In your Dreams

In your Dreams


Member reactions:
, great chop. This puts the Freak in Freak Show..
Grats on the win and for pushing it about as far as you can.
Grats spinner, I like everything about this.
Thanks Gummy, DD, Bob, and Reg. When you have nothing for an idea, just do Trump in a speedo and call it good
Congrats, Mr.Hits. May I use some elements from picture in the future.
Congrats on the Win, Hitman. This one really makes one ponder.
I really Love Trump in this, ADORABLE CHOP, your work is always top to me, Congrats on the win.
Congrats Hitspinner, on the gold and the excellent idea.
Congratulations on the gold. Very nice Trump. Success in creativity
Yep, thanks Vince. It's Dada in Voltairevision. Scattered, defiant and clearly the works of a madman

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