Bad dream
Bad dream
Bad dream. If the picture is offensive please remove. Member reactions:
Im-freaking-pressive. Hope no bears were hurt while making this chop
Like this a lot. I'd add some stuffing to the head "hole," on the body, swing seat and on the floor next to the head. I think it would add to the effect.
Nice work, adjust the lighting in the floor, it's worth it.
This week unfortunately I'm not home and do not have access to pictures that are enrolled in the contest

Funny Good dream

Good dream
SourcesThanks Ljilja, through beautiful stock.. Member reactions:
Thanks .
Just Freaking Fantastic Hidreley. One of the Very Best in this contest.
It is a magnificent chop and compleletly worthy of great praise.

Funny Day Dream

Day Dream
One of my very early pieces re-worked,the significance is one of fantasy escapism nostalgia of growing up with Walt Disney comics where one would immerse themselves in a Mickey Mouse and other comic books.. Member reactions:
Walt Disney studios still make wonderful fantasy films. I can't remember reading their comic books though but I did watch Mickey Mouse cartoons. Wonderful fantasy.
In the fifties for me,the only way you could watch cartoons was the Saturday morning matinee. All other entertainment was the radio and comic books.
I like this, especially in the unresized view

Funny Her Dreams of Pi

Her Dreams of Pi
Does she dream of romance. NO, she dreams of Pi.

Funny Dream

. Member reactions:
Dream should always high....Nice concept and I like the Image
I think blasting the source with that cartoon filter was a really smart idea. It works and eliminates the noise. Well done

Funny Golden dreams

Golden dreams
. Member reactions:
Sir Alma Tadema meets Maxfeild Parrish.. Pretty chop
Elegant mix of art, Miss Laff. Pleasing colors

Funny Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams
. Member reactions:
Think you can fit any more critters in here hahahaah Fun stuff old friend

Funny My Dreams Are Somewhere Else

My Dreams Are Somewhere Else
Easy Like Sunday Morning. Member reactions:
I like the clarity of line and the way the light focuses on you subject.Nice Job.Thanks for the Lionel Link.
I like how you show mood in such kind of chops, Gumster.Each one of them would make a nice poster

Funny In dreams ...

In dreams ...
. Member reactions:
Colorful.... looks like a real dream sequence if anybody stare it for 5 mins
Thanks all - appreciate the applause.

Funny I Dream of Me

I Dream of Me
Obama Magic

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