Two blue dreams
Two blue dreams
Two blue dreams.

Funny Democratic Dream

Democratic Dream
Member reactions:
Big Woody Congrats, H.H. Great job working B&W with Sepia.
Congrats HoHouse. And with 5th, 6th and 8th place.
Congrats, HHs. I hope you used not real gun.

Funny Freak dream

Freak dream
We Came, We Saw, He Died
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats Eduen.
Almost there. 20 more minutes and you would have had gold. This is actually tragic to me. You are soooooo close to perfection. The shadow where Trumps head meets the platter needs grain and burnt umber, his hair needed transitional sampling and a little color correction the texturing under Hillary's chin could have been softened with blur tool set to 8 to better match Bill. A few simple steps and bingo you're in the money as long as voters can recognize the work you put in. That is always the one radical variable.
Really an awesome job done on the faces, expressions are priceless..
I would not advise you on your work, just advise you to stop voting. You have voted 55 times out of 87 below the average, I would like to understand. We should not see the same work. Thanks again for your rating of ... 2 for my General Obama...
Don't feel bad Denlig, I did a caricature, it was sentenced to death.

Funny Kim Jong Un's Easter Dream

Kim Jong Un's Easter Dream
Member reactions:
I wouldn't want to find out, he's one Crazy Nut.
Congrats on the silver, Hobbit. That's one scary Easter bunny.
Lol nom nom boom, congrats on Silver hobbit
Hahahahah, what a keeper... So creative and mucho congrats on the Silver Cup, E. W2G
Thank you guys, boy I'm glad Freaking News is staying....

Funny Dreams Never Change

Dreams Never Change

Funny Finish My Dream.

Finish My Dream.
He Was A Wonderful Man.
Member reactions:
Yes, he was a wonderful man. We have a long way to go.

Funny There Goes the Dream

There Goes the Dream
Happy Inauguration Day everyone.

Funny Vlad's Dream to be American friend again

Vlad's Dream to be American friend again
Member reactions:
That whole Russia Trump business was rotten.
I think the problems to his knees are due to other kind of operations just concluded.
I can't add anything. Nobody knows. It is Russian secret.

Funny Trump Dreams of Goth

Trump Dreams of Goth
Member reactions:
I was just enjoying playing with Photoshop
I was on the fence on this one purely for color reasons which is weird coming from me. When I think Goth I think in dull, muted monochromatice tones. But like in earlier entries we did add some xtra vibrancy. Other than that it is a pretty slick chop and worthy of a print

Funny Another Bad Dream

Another Bad Dream
Having had a nightmare Dali is removing the wall picture in the hospital created himself. America is full of talented people but the choice for the presidential candidate is so poor.
Member reactions:
Great work, looks real. Congrats on the Bronze, Wanderer.
Top notch, Andrew, you were in there fighting for this one.... Big Kudos on the excellent work and cup.
Bronze congrats Wanderer,great creativity here.Love it

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