DREW BARRYMORE. Member reactions:
Very good blending.
Drew framed this one, PixJockey Awesome.

Funny Drew Barrimore

Drew Barrimore

Funny Drew Barrymore And Baby Girl Frankie

Drew Barrymore And Baby Girl Frankie
Drew Barrymore gives birth to baby girl, "Frankie."
Member reactions:
Such a pretty woman. Such a fine chop... top 5..

Funny Realistic Street Art Chalk Drawings

Realistic Street Art Chalk Drawings
Street Art with a little help
Member reactions:
Very nice work. Her right knee is a dangerous position.

Funny Justin Drew Bieber Wanted Poster

Justin Drew Bieber Wanted Poster
Wanted: Justin Drew Bieber. Last seen in the company of Miley Ray Cyrus. If you have information regarding this person, contact the authorities immediately.
Member reactions:
It's okay Your one was funny as well.
Shoot at site In the interest of public affairs: UN
Good one, but methinks the price gives him too much of an honor

Funny Sean Penn Drawing Digital Art

Sean Penn Drawing Digital Art
Member reactions:
Very artistic. I like how you color-touched the eyes and the ring - really completes the picture. And for a record, I am a big fan of Sean Penn's acting.
Merry Chrisrmas, Jockey. I like your Santa avatar.

Funny Franco vs Franco Drawing

Franco vs Franco Drawing
It's him.
Member reactions:
Like the strokes.... great monochrome image Perfect...

Funny Girl Picking Wildflowers Digital Drawing

Girl Picking Wildflowers Digital Drawing
This was inspired by a picture of a young model taken from the internet. It is mixed media because I also used a picture of the sky but the rest of this piece was drawn and painted by me. I did use the mixed media tool on PS5Extended to do the flowers and altered their rotation using the Transform tool and Free transform tools. It was fun to do and I hope it will be enjoyable to look at, at least for some of you.
Member reactions:
This remembers my childhood days when i used to pluck lot of wild flowers to impress my Granny

Funny Woman in a Wild Outfit Digital Drawing

Woman in a Wild Outfit Digital Drawing
This is a piece of mixed media digital art. The foreground was inspired by a picture in an older high fashion magazine of a model in haute couture clothing. I thought it was a pretty wild outfit but it was interesting so I enjoyed doing it. The background was done using a photograph I took which was also altered in photoshop. I used a lot of different layers to get the effect I wanted .Also, I used tips from my favourite reference book, "100% Photoshop" by Steve Caplin. For anyone interested in digital artwork without using mixed media, this book is an excellent reference.
Member reactions:
Very Nice. In a couple of ways she reminds me of Cher

Funny Eye Drawing Digital Art

Eye Drawing Digital Art
Experimented by scanning a pencil drawing in uber high-res and then just goofing about with it in PS. Original pencil drawing source
Member reactions:
Well, it's an improvement over the pencil drawing. Nice work.
Nice shades used to make this pencil drawing into a great chop Good eye of detail
Very fine work and nice effect-light-color balance
Congrats on the Experiment winning the Bronze Cup footshot.
Quality work Congrats on the bronze, footshot.
Contratulations on the Bronze. Well done.

Funny Drawing

This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this drawing image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are changing the sketch, designing a poster with this drawing hand, putting the drawing hand into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Lucretious and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Escher Drawings

Escher Drawings
Today is the 110th birthday of Maurtis Cornelis Escher - one of the most famous and recognizable artists in history. Escher's unique vision of the world combined art, patterns, and mathematics to create some of the physically impossible yet realistically looking illustrations, like "Waterfall" and "Ascending and Descending". Quite like some of his famous predecessors, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Escher was a left handed artist. In addition to many famous drawings which, Escher also illustrated books, designed tapestries, and even was hired by the Dutch government to design new Dutch money in the 50s (the banknotes were not approved for being too "twisted"). The total count of Escher's works during his lifetime is over 2000. To celebrate M. C. Escher's birthday at Freaking News, photoshop any of his works any way you wish. Some examples are: show what his works would be like if he created them nowadays, merge his works and any other famous works of art, give famous movie posters Escher's style and theme, etc. Here's one good example.

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