DRAGONFLY. Member reactions:
Silver Grats, Splat. Great idea with fantastic blending, that looks authentic.
Thanks, Luna. Metallic... good idea. You should a mentioned that sooner. Lol... maybe next chop.
Thanks, Reggie. First idea that popped into my head. So I went with it. Now where's my industrial grade fly-swatter.
Hahahahah great play , cracks me up. Congrats.
Thank you very much Hits, Gummy, annd Fugit. I had fun with this one. I think the background made him pop.

Funny Fire Breathing Lizard and Dragonfly Hybrid

Fire Breathing Lizard and Dragonfly Hybrid

Funny Steampunk Dragonfly

Steampunk Dragonfly
Member reactions:
Amazing classic art. Move to Fav's folder.
Yes, this is a funky chop and a darn good one too.
The fly makes it a pretty good steampunk picture. Great.
Love it, excellent composition and tonal quality color scheme is wonderful and fantastic shadow&light FX did you use lace brushes for the curtains. - real nice only one nitpick, the look and feel of the window frame is somewhat rustic compared to the refinement of the rest of your image, especially next to the printed wallpaper, decorative wood paneling, and lace curtains. Very small detail though, overall - fantastic work.
Thanks QT, it's amazingly tough to find all source images to the same level of rusticness, (if that's a word). so sometimes I have to settle for what I can find in an appropriate length of time...The curtain wasn't a brush, just a Jpg image and I used a plugin called Medhi eraser genuine to remove the background.
Congrats, Funkwood. One Super Impressive Build. You set the bar pretty darn high, Sir. Keep'em coming, just love it.
This chop had Funkwood written all over it, very nice chop, congrats on the win.
Like Splat says "Keep'em coming, just love it." and thanks for the Mehdi eraser plug-in tip Golden Congrats.
Thanks everyone. And no problem QT, I use that plugin a lot. It's really good at removing black backgrounds from flames etc...not to mention it's free also
Congrats on the Gold Funkwood. A beautiful job, love the Rembrandt lighting.
Funk is that a Mac compatible plugin. Where do you get it.
Congrats Dan, on another inspiring, first place winner. Every piece has a elegance and comfortable feel to it, and then boom here comes that funky dragonfly with the lights, smoke, those eyes, and that beetle in its cross-hair. Simply Amazing.
Thanks again y'all. I don't think it's Mac compatible Robb, but the plugins available at Mehdiplugins.com
. I'm so impressed now I've seen your sources. After seeing a few of your chops that seemed to have similar backgrounds, I thought "Did he take a trip to Bode." in fact, I googled pix from Bode to see if I could locate one of your pieces. NOW I see it was dedicated searching and real work to put this together. Awesome you have a style that I recognize and appreciate. I'd love it if you would do a tutorial on how you finish a chop. To be frank, I use some actions that do it all for me, but would freaking freak for a backstage pass to your work process. Congrats not only on this win, but I think you just passed the bar for a place on the all time winners list. Is that true. BRAVO.
Thanks Icy. I like your website photos and the sheer number of images is amazing....and yeah I like to include my source images every once in a while just to make sure members know I'm creating everything from scratch. Unfortunately I don't have any tutorials planned for the near future, but if you ever have any specific questions about a process or effect don't hesitate to drop me a message and I'll try to help. Cheers.
Swell chop there mister. Thanks for the tip. Congrats.
Congrats on the gold, Funk. Very clever piece, love the vintage angle here
Dan you are an absolute gem. I love the shadowy effects you create. What a master. Genius 1% inspiration 99% perspiration. In your case I would say a lot more than 1% inspiration. You are 100 % Genius.
Thanks all, and I appreciate the accolade Christine but maybe you're being a bit too generous. Believe me when I say a lot of perspiration went into this one. many hours of thought, trial and error in compositional elements and a lot of tweaking of light and shadow....So probably 50/50 would be a better number ..

Funny Komodo Dragonfly

Komodo Dragonfly
Member reactions:
HaHaHa, thanks Hits, well I give it my best shot to steal one. ;} And thanks Retral, Newsy, Eric, and Luciano for the compliments.

Funny Dragonflies Flying in the Summer Magic

Dragonflies Flying in the Summer Magic

Funny Dragonfly Dragon

Dragonfly Dragon
Member reactions:
Congrats Mundo for the POD award Nice chop

Funny Boy Riding on a Dragonfly in Destroyed City

Boy Riding on a Dragonfly in Destroyed City

Funny Dragonfly Plane

Dragonfly Plane
best airlines ever
Member reactions:
The eyes in the jets take this from cool to creepy, .

Funny Patriotic Dragonfly

Patriotic Dragonfly
Member reactions:
I am agreeing with Jerry again - excellent.
i agree with jerry and doxie.._excellent.
American or not, that insect is getting smacked if it tries to bite me, . Cool concept. (could be implications in that statement if I think about it. Would make a great propaganda poster for afghanistan or somethin'. .) ps. don't take this too serious neighbors to the south, just using Letterman humor here.
this chop could now become a "News in Pics" chop... after Obama's fly-swat, this bug has found a cool way to protect itself.

Funny Dragonfly Pen

Dragonfly Pen
Member reactions:
i'm surprised this 1 didn't do better goatman, maybe next time...cheers
Out of the box thinking here. Well done, NGM.

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