Sea Dragon Under Water
Sea Dragon Under Water
Sea Dragon Under Water. Member reactions:
Very good... the Alligator in this avatar will definately create terror waves to the sea life good one

Funny Dragon Egg Hatches in Egg Carton

Dragon Egg Hatches in Egg Carton
Hell's Kitchen
Member reactions:
Hilarious. and I see the eggs are produced by FN too
Excellent work of Dino out of the eggs case
Thank goodness I don't eat brown eggs. Great Job.

Funny Girl with a Dragon Snake

Girl with a Dragon Snake
Member reactions:
Many thanks Silvercanine, Geriatric, Pcr, Goat
A perfect example of Beauty and the Beast... both were dangerous in their aspects.... a wonderful creation awesome lighting effects and the Face of the Beast and the girl were more pretty than anything else
Romantic evening scene and beautiful girl with classy red hair is awesome pretty work of candles as well
Beauty and Danger both kills us Excellent composition Well done hidden Nice 3D Effects
Glad you like it Rajeshstar, Suni, Ericnorthend, Balodiya thank you so much
Ahhh the student becomes the master. You rock and so does this.
Wonderfully done, What's New, congrads on the cup.
Many thanks for congrats Pcr, Hitspinner, HoHouse thanks for compliments

Funny Dragon Flying Over Misty Mountains

Dragon Flying Over Misty Mountains
Far Over The Misty Mountains
Member reactions:
Cool. Maybe enter a larger image next time.
Very colorful... looks like a scene taken from Warner Brothers Movies

Funny Smoke Dragons Rising From a Pipe

Smoke Dragons Rising From a Pipe
hopefully i can nail this a little better before it's due but just in case.
Member reactions:
Smoking is dangerous to health. see the dragon.

Funny Crazy Warrior Fighting a Dragon Digital Art

Crazy  Warrior Fighting a Dragon Digital Art
Member reactions:
Link does not work;use News contest formula. Where does the concept come from. Nice work.
The flavor of this crazy fights makes the mind block.... great composition and nice work with the space above wonderful chop....
Crazy, nice body but so innocent face really nice
Very nice work, hidden ... I think it would look even better, if the direction of the light source on the body matched that of the background ...
geriatric I do not know really another way to display the image --------------- qtrmoonshop Only considered white light source (a nearby star) and the yellow light source (sun) ---------------- thx for all

Funny Warrior Guarding a Cliff with Dragons

Warrior Guarding a Cliff with Dragons
Member reactions:
Excellent thought ... really fantastic job done like the way they were placed looks like a mystical and thriller movie poster great color mix and well done
A great job. Please where you downloaded the girl.
Salisss... I've been watching "Game of Thrones".. this must be another kingdom.. ,, congratulations really nice.
Congrats Salis "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee." -Skyrim
thanx all Taita: here is the link to the girl Pree : i watched the first season a couple of months ago, can't wait to see the second one
Thank you very much for the link, Salis. And congratulations again for the beautiful work.
your welcome Taita, thanx DD, and Ricky man

Funny Dragon Flying in the Morning Mist Above a Castle

Dragon Flying in the Morning Mist Above a Castle
Used only supplied source
Member reactions:
Excellent work used only the supplied source is really a good job done like the dragon and the morning mistful clouds
Great work here, so skilled and nicely blended
Marvelous love the distance of the background too splendid work.
Congratz - your work is excellent - I just wish you would vote more fairly for other pictures in the competition. If your work is good you will win, there is no need to try to lower other's scores
Congrats vicspa....dragons must be the trend

Funny Dragon Rocket Launch

Dragon Rocket Launch
"In Korean it would have been called Ryong-3, just thought you'd like to know."
Member reactions:
Blast the whole tangible entity into space; love the concept. Good Luck.
Nice photo by photo reuters Wonderful work with nice News paper looks great, like it
This innovative concept could be possible with Chinese only like the way the dragons used in replacement of engines this launch will succeed
Interesting Design looks the designer belongs from china

Funny Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer
Member reactions:
.... this is something different nice background and good to see the dragon emitting the fire from its mouth very well done

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