DRAG QUEEN HOR3. donelda trump

Funny Self Portrait in Drag Retouched

Self Portrait in Drag Retouched
Retouched his drag self-portrait

Funny Commander in Drag

Commander in Drag

Funny FBI Drag Queen Mueller

 FBI Drag Queen Mueller

Funny Drag Queen W. Bush

Drag Queen W. Bush
Member reactions:
Congrats Wanderer, Love the face, boy he makes a scary women, good one buddy.
I like your selfie style chop, congrats on the wood, nice one

Funny Sir Hillary The Drag Queen

Sir Hillary The Drag Queen
Member reactions:
Ya know, At times Hillary almost looks female

Funny Impeachment Drag Queen

Impeachment Drag Queen

Funny Kremlin drag queen

Kremlin drag queen
Member reactions:
Please call Putin. He is periodically in Botox injecting procedure.

Funny Drag Queenator

Drag Queenator
Arnie 2 minutes for the show: "IŽll be DRAG"
Member reactions:
Thanxs Crafty1, Hobbit90 & Wanderer, Arnold has his own mechanical mannequin

Funny North Korea Drag Queen

North Korea Drag Queen
Member reactions:
She is what dreams are made of. Elm Street Dreams that is.

Funny Drag Scene

Drag Scene
Sasha Velour didn't just come into existence; she was designed -- inspired by queens before her, by films, by fashion, by the deep and honest belief that glamour can be self-healing. To me, drag is the ultimate art form of self-creation and recreation. To some extent, drag is always about our real living body: the things we love about it, the ways that it can change, the way we costume it, its inevitable queerness, and its beauty (which we insist on again and again). It's not a matter of being superficial, but rather because bodies, clothes, labels, faces. That's the language of humanity, and we want to be fluent. Turn any modern or historical celebrity or politician into a drag queen. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

Funny Celebrity Drag Queens

Celebrity Drag Queens
"Behind every 'great' man is a queen", says artist called Saint Hoax, "Politicians and drag queens are very much alike - they all have to perform, entertain, and occasionally lip-sync a public speech. But unlike drag queens, power-hungry politicians don't know how to take their costumes off". The artist created a series of animations showing how to turn famous world leaders into drag queens. Turn any celebrity or politician into drag queens. Any famous characters (from paintings, cartoons, movies) qualify as celebrities on FN, as always. Many thanks to deaddog for the themepost.

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