Two upside down worlds
Two upside down worlds
Two upside down worlds.

Funny Upside Down Day

Upside Down Day

Funny Up Down

Up Down
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Another great chop. This contest is loaved with top plate work..


I wonder if the parts of the world's politicians had been reversed 50 years ago .... it would be better. or worse ... perhaps humanity would already be extinct ... the games and jokes of destiny run through too many winding roads, perhaps in the "Twilight Zone" these things really happened ... who knows ... sorry for my bad english guys
Member reactions:
Beautiful work, viewed all sizes, has to be a top winner.
You have done a Fantastic Job on this and you are so welcome.
Fantastic colors and textures.Remarkable work hidden
ExtraOrdinary... A+++ Job my Friend. Love the Atmosphere and the Concept. This Rocks.
Congrats on the silver Ricky,I've missed your awesome work .Welcome back my friend.
Welcome back Ricky, you were great before, even better now. Excellent edge blending.
Top job Riccardo. Fabulous. Congrats on the Silver.
Silver congrats, Ricky. and welcome back, mate, we missed you.
RICKYTREK1, welcome back, congrats on your win, love your pic, it's beautiful work.
Congrats on the Silver, Ricky. Marvelously Executed. Welcome Back...

Funny Man Down

Man Down
On June 2nd of this year the American Navy's elite demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, lost a pilot and his F/A-18 Hornet shortly after take off during an airshow in Smyrna, Tennessee. I don't watch much news and so I never heard about this tragic loss, even on the radio. Last weekend the Blue Angels performed at our city's annual week long celebration, Seafair, in Seattle Washington. I live under the south turn on most of their maneuvers and get great close ups as they fly in tight formation right over head. The people of Seattle live for the Blue Angels each year as when they are in town they buzz the entire city for a week practicing before the big shows on the weekend. They only flew 5 jets instead of 6, missing man formation, and performed all of the 2 jet maneuvers with a single jet. Watching them last weekend was probably the proudest I have ever been watching those guys fly. I did this In honor of Marine Captain Jeff Kuss, and Hornet number 6. SOURCE
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The jets nose is going into a cloud beautifully.
As long as you know it is a good tribute... RIP Captain Jeff Kuss

Funny Down with the queen

Down with the queen

Funny Officers Down in Dallas now Batton Rouge

Officers Down in Dallas now Batton Rouge
Officer Down
Member reactions:
Very nice chop, I really like it, very sad about our Men in Blue, congrats on your win.
Congrats on the Bronze, Hits. Great job, with an emotional topic.
Thanks Bob and Pree. I don't even feel right about accepting kudos for this one for clearly obvious reasons. But thanks for the approval Also TY Champ, HH, gummy and Andrew
Hits congrats. I'm so glad this wasn't lost in the contest. Its clean simple and so so sweet ,,perfect work..
Grats spinner, nice tribute, horrible reality.

Funny New tenant of downing street

New tenant of downing street

Funny down and out

down and out

Funny Been down too long

Been down too long
Member reactions:
Excellent job, skeleton looks real and skeeter a great symbolic touch. Congrats on the Gold, Vic.

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