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Funny Dora Pictures

GranDaughter & Dora the ExplorerFunny GranDaughter & Dora the Explorer
Member reactions:

Great job blending and matching the style.
QTR said it - superb cartoonization and blending.
is toooooooo sweeeet this job, amazing composition cartoon
Both are very happy.I like it,So sweet and lovely the cartoon image...
Pretty Dang Kewl Vic. Bet your Granddaughter love this.
Look who's backie... vicspa. Great to see you again, buddy.

Member reactions:

Dora, the post TED era...
This is cute.... like the Cartoon and the Man combination

Dora the Explorer American Resident CardFunny Dora the Explorer American Resident Card
Member reactions:

Looks like a tough contest-another Excellent chop.
I agree with geriatric. Another superb one. Good luck
O.K. all the good words were used, always late.
Love it till the last pixel. Green card giveaway (form line here) in the trailer is cool. You did a wonderful job with the perspective here - showing the barbed wire on the foreground a tad out of focus.
Congrats,fantastic,funny and awesome.Thumbs up
Congrats Xaos Like the focal plane and perspective work especially.
Silver (green) card for Dora and Chaos. Congrats.

Dora the Explorer the Bank RobberFunny Dora the Explorer the Bank Robber
Member reactions:

"Up against the wall, Dora." I agree 'andwhat'; Excellent.
hahahahah freaking amazing , the main idea is totally CRAZY , well done on this one and good luck too
, what a great chop. Absolutely love it.
Freak-tastic chop. Dead or Alive Dora poster on the wall is a real treat here. The only thing I'd change is I'd try to use the pic of Latina girl for Dora.
Congrats 'F'. Tough competition-so much to like in this contest.
Congrads Funkster all the above comments plus a couple of 4 letter words I can't spell.
Congratulations funkwood.Another funkwood masterpiece.You would make Dora proud
congrats on the gold funkwood, you had an awesome chop..

Dora the Explorer`s Certification of Live BirthFunny Dora the Explorer`s Certification of Live Birth
Member reactions:

. Mama La Immigrante and Papa Hussein Explorer.
She's just as legit as our President is.

Dora the Explorer at the BorderFunny Dora the Explorer at the Border
Member reactions:

McCain as pilot.
AWE-MAZING . Perfect Compo + luv the apartheid walls .
Makes me want to vacation in Arizona. Great
Ten four, geriatric-I agree. This chop is superb.
The poster is sharp clean and clever. Reminds me some of the 70s pop art too.
i can feel her running.. congrats rain
Bronze copter for Arizona. Congrats mate.

Death Dealer Dora the ExplorerFunny Death Dealer Dora the Explorer
Member reactions:

nice,love the dora suicide belt,and the alien wearing a sombrero
This should be an interesting contest-nice chop.
Several good arizona references, including the mexican alien, . Mist be an illegal alien after all

New Dora the ExplorerFunny New Dora the Explorer
Member reactions:

Uncle George And Dora the Explorer`s Road TripFunny Uncle George And Dora the Explorer`s Road Trip
Member reactions:

Nora's having fun with George, while having ice cream at Dots Diner in Bisbee, Az. She is not being profiled and can enjoy her road trip. So this is what little Dora is doing as a illegal alien. Have fun Dora and pay no attention to people who can't read bills correctly.Please view full
very nice,love the pink in this image,very cute too

Dora the Explorer Hunting SeasonFunny Dora the Explorer Hunting Season
Member reactions:

Looks like a real Movie Poster Great Work
Outstanding,so funny.I love dora in the background,and the awesome Elmer Fudd caricature
Wabbit season is over-time to move-on to illegals. Great job.
Hahaha, these big scared eyes in the background. Might have considered John McCain's face as the hunter - would be a direct reference to Arizona then And thanks for the "Freaking News" productions
Congrats RW Explains why there so few rabbits here, .

Is Dora the Explorer an Illegal Immigrant?Funny Is Dora the Explorer an Illegal Immigrant? - Our mugshot image of Dora the Explorer (by Debbie Groben, aka Andwhat) has been on almost every news channel, and was featured in the newspapers and magazines in light of the Arizona's Immigration Law debate. This mugshot image was used in the public rallies and was met with a lot of controversy, revealing some Americans' attitudes about race, immigrants and where some of immigration reform debate may be headed. Photoshop what Dora the Explorer's life would be like if Dora were an illegal immigrant in Arizona.

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