Oprah Smoking Dope
Oprah Smoking Dope
Oprah Smoking Dope.

Funny Barack Obama the Dope

Barack Obama the Dope
green obama

Funny German Athlete Fails Doping Test

German Athlete Fails Doping Test
German olympian fails doping test in Sochi
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Thanks luciano, blaodiya, Newsy, Hitspinner.

Funny Lance Armstrong's Blood Doping Kit

Lance Armstrong's Blood Doping Kit
Member reactions:
'DING...' I hear bells from this chop.Hilarious.
Cool smile..looks he is enjoying it. Very nice work hidden
A personal Doping test kit good model perfectly suits for that endorsement and the freaky title "You never get caught" is awesome An extra edge to get the oxygen boost

Funny Barack Obama Smoking Dope

Barack Obama Smoking Dope
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Funny and freaky new prescription like the way Obama is holding the Bong and smoking with a freaky glasses over him...
Thats it, finally he came with his real avatar

Funny Dope Poster

Dope Poster
HI-RES VIEW source images
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Thank you Rainman ... You're an excellent driver, I mean, chopper Thank you jeremixedbago'trix . Thank you Kellie, appreciate it.
Superb work, especially after you see the sources.
veryyyyy nice ..... great stuff qt.... congrats.
Silver congrats, Billy. Great work on the folds.
Thanks so much to everyone ... Ironically, 4:20 on 4/20, mentally I forgot, but reflexively, I remembered
Congrats, on the Silver....qtrmoon,welcome back. Well done, my friend.
Silver congrats Billy ....
Many thanks for your kind words fine fellows .

Funny Barack Obama Smoking Dope

Barack Obama Smoking Dope
yes, i smoke bob(marley)+obama=BobAma
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thank u so much ricky, you're very kind.... ciao
Somehow he seems more natural in this role than as president. Goody.
We all love to see El Prezidente smiling and happy at heart. Fine representation of our esteemed Leader.
Great stuff...love the composition and his really happy look. I agree with NewsMaster.

Funny The Pink Panther Smoking Dope

The Pink Panther Smoking Dope

Funny Chuckie Smoking Dope

Chuckie Smoking Dope
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Another HoHouse production. YIKES. Superlative representation of the little guy...how sweet. -

Funny Rickytrek Smoking Dope at Work

Rickytrek Smoking Dope at Work
rickytrek at work... do not disturb, please........ rickytrek here to work in his home scented jungle ... when work does not want no one is bothering him, apart from his dog "sniff-snuff"... looking for suitable dog soft drugs "sniff-snuff" is very very precious to a friend rickytrek when his jungle clears, rickytrek send "snuff" looking for new lawns green and growing from above .... ricktrek green thumb is a true ... all is growing ...
Member reactions:
OMGoodness LoL Being me I just hafta like this & it's so well done & colorful Kudos
FREAKING GREAT, RICKY. Everyone should view it in full version.
whoa, great work here, do you have extra room, for new Sniff-mate, mate . , cheers.
I don't know who Rickytrek is but very nice work.
awesome work man...ill have a pipe for ya mate..
Amazing work, lots of details and lots of weeeeed even the dog is smoking lool Funny and well done.
well i give you 10 bro....this is by far the awesomest chop....your english fine mate..we understand...goat
Just brilliant and freaking edit. Full view is must. Great Job and congrats in advance.
congrats on a great selfportrait and the gold trophy, Ricky.
RICKYTREK1 Congrats. you know you are better than me in English. I am also not a native speaker of English
Congrats on the gold Ricky cool work over here ..
lovely rich colours,great composition. Love it. Is Sniff Snuff smoking a Blunt.

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