Blessed by the Dope
Blessed by the Dope
Blessed by the Dope. Getting Blessed by Dope Biden before the Game….. Member reactions:
Well finished.... the player looks blessed by the Dope
Perfect merge great molding to make this looks original. cool idea

Funny Lance Armstrong's Blood Doping Kit

Lance Armstrong's Blood Doping Kit
. Member reactions:
'DING...' I hear bells from this chop.Hilarious.
Cool smile..looks he is enjoying it.Very nice work hidden
A personal Doping test kit good model perfectly suits for that endorsement and the freaky title "You never get caught" is awesome An extra edge to get the oxygen boost

Funny Dope Poster

Dope Poster
HI-RES VIEWsource images. Member reactions:
Thank you Rainman ... You're an excellent driver, I mean, chopper Thank you jeremixedbago'trix .Thank you Kellie, appreciate it.
Superb work, especially after you see the sources.
veryyyyy nice ..... great stuff qt.... congrats.
Silver congrats, Billy. Great work on the folds.
Thanks so much to everyone ...Ironically, 4:20 on 4/20, mentally I forgot, but reflexively, I remembered
Congrats, on the Silver....qtrmoon,welcome back. Well done, my friend.
Silver congrats Billy ....
is a wonderful work qtr... maaaaaany congrats and maaaaaaaaaaany compliments for your silver my friend
Many thanks for your kind words fine fellows .

Funny Barack Obama Smoking Dope

Barack Obama Smoking Dope
yes, i smokebob(marley)+obama=BobAma. Member reactions:
absolllllllutely wonderul this your job... compliments
thank u so much ricky, you're very kind....ciao
Somehow he seems more natural in this role than as president. Goody.
We all love to see El Prezidente smiling and happy at heart. Fine representation of our esteemed Leader.
Great the composition and his really happy look. I agree with NewsMaster.
hhhh he looks wonderful good job

Funny The Pink Panther Smoking Dope

The Pink Panther Smoking Dope
. Member reactions:
hhhahahhhaahaa it's veeeery funny

Funny Chuckie Smoking Dope

Chuckie Smoking Dope
. Member reactions:
Another HoHouse production. YIKES. Superlative representation of the little sweet. -

Funny Rickytrek Smoking Dope at Work

Rickytrek Smoking Dope at Work
rickytrek at work... do not disturb, please........rickytrek here to work in his home scented jungle ... when work does not want no one is bothering him, apart from his dog "sniff-snuff"... looking for suitable dog soft drugs "sniff-snuff" is very very precious to a friend rickytrek when his jungle clears, rickytrek send "snuff" looking for new lawns green and growing from above .... ricktrek green thumb is a true ... all is growing .... Member reactions:
OMGoodness LoLBeing me I just hafta like this & it's so well done & colorfulKudos
FREAKING GREAT, RICKY. Everyone should view it in full version.
whoa, great work here, do you have extra room, for new Sniff-mate, mate . ,cheers.
thank you kellie....
thank you berdulano... like you my effects...
pcrdds.... oh yes.... i am freaking.... not my works thank you...
thank you salis .... yes friends... this is my style, i like very enrich my work with a lot of effects of light and adding many details. because i understand why my work so those seem ... more enriches them with details and more i like them. poor "sniff"i will try to find some space for his new friend "stinky " bye salis
I don't know who Rickytrek is but very nice work.
fido thank you for compliments.... i am rickytrek.... my name is richard and i'm italian ... rickytrek is my nick name .... because i was an avid fan of star trek
pcrdds you're right, in full wiev is really something else
awesome work man...ill have a pipe for ya mate..
thank you goat... the poor "sniff snuff" is always alone. you can find a girlfriend..
Amazing work, lots of details and lots of weeeeed even the dog is smoking lool Funny and well done.
disasterman thank you for the compliments
blooddiamond .... i truly believe that my work can i win.. i am happy that at least one friend that has confidence in my work ... many times i do not believe much in my ability ... thanks blooddiamond, do you cheer up .... i'm happy ....
hey guys, there's also the cat "sphinx" looking for female company ... and wants hairy ... not bald like him ... other times it's a cat ... is nervous and wants to eat the doll that berlusconi is very very annoying.find all guys a girlfriend before they eat it in small pieces
pxl, thank you for confidence in my work
hi guys.... a big thank to all of you guys you so much appreciated that my job, i am happy to be pleased with many ... thank you at: newsmaster, kellie, pcrdds, berdulano, salis, fido, goat, sunshin3, blooddiamond, disasterman, pxl .... and at all vote for my job p.s: sorry for my english boys
well i give you 10 bro....this is by far the awesomest chop....your english fine mate..we understand...goat
thank you very goat ... you're too good to me hehehehe
Just brilliant and freaking edit. Full view is must.Great Job and congrats in advance.
krissh thank you for the compliments, is in full wiev is so much better, thanks also to you the confidence that from my job. thank you sorry for my english.... please.
boulpjx thank you....oui' boulix ... i have really a lot of imagine, i'm glad it so ... the imagine is that which makes beautiful and our bearing this miserable life.
boulpix oui' ... je suis tellement imagine, je suis content que ce soit donc ... l'imagine est celle qui est belle et notre ayant cette vie misérable.
Excellent work, great use of resources, well balanced colors together.
thank you mandrake, i like to treat my works very much, light, color and details make a good work ... and i really want to cure all the details.
i told you rickytrek1congrats again
congrats on a great selfportrait and the gold trophy, Ricky. know you are better than me in English. I am also not a native speaker of English
Congrats on the gold Ricky cool work over here ..
a special thanks to my "friend" roby the pixjockey i'm missing a lot ...
and then i want to thank many all the friends americans and all others that have appreciate my work, i knew it would please many, but i think to win.. thanks to all you guys have shown me that he appreciated my efforts .... and sorry for my english
thank you:kelliepcrddsberdulanosalisfidogoatsunshin3blooddiamonddisasterman111krisshpxlboulpixmandrakejeremixcarl3designer kratosthe my "friend" pixjockey and all friends vote for my job
lovely rich colours,great composition. Love it. Is Sniff Snuff smoking a Blunt.

Funny Barack Obama Smoking Dope

Barack Obama Smoking Dope
. Member reactions:
...good job
Great Rolling Job ... Love the chop i find the crossed arm looks a bit strange tho.. maybe its just me tho..
I think you are right jman.I fixed it....Plus, thanks to you, I found a couple other errors across the bottom and fixed em..THANKS.
Freaking brilliant.Love how you did the hairdo and the American joint, .
It's an idea I've ever seen on this site.
really great work toledo ... Congrats on the gold it's your first gold too ... hope to see more great works from you ..
Congrats on your first gold, tolego. And what a brilliant chop it is.
Thanks everyone.I thought it was never going to happen....YEEEE HAAAAA...
The doobie is perfect,but the real Keyan is coming out dreadlocks and all ..Man Fantastic job ..Best one yet the USA is going up in smoke ....
That is a piece of art. Toledo your alright

Funny Drunk Doped Man Looking a Sexy Fat Woman

Drunk Doped Man Looking a Sexy Fat Woman
. Member reactions:
Creative work and great imagination but... sorry, the light is wrong.
If you have ever been a photographer or film maker you always have out of the frame lighting to enhance your picture and direct the eye to key players....think of it a a staged photo for some warped photo shoot...using good old fashioned creative license. PS:get some sleep.
Agree with your comment, HD. I know these techniques - however my point is still the same. Especially the lightning on the man (face) is my critique - light seems to intensive; the shadow of the man is still the same though the sun is somewhere in the middle behind the clouds... and this is what I understand as request on "Please critique my entry."... just wanna help PS: Fire the lighting technician.
Tom: the real reason I even replied was to tell someone named TiredTom to get some sleep...I don't really disagree with anything you said...thanks for your input..
I like the mood the lighting gives this personally, who knows the photographer could be shining a torch in his face.LoL
Congrats Carl Those facial expressions are priceless, nice work.
very cool carl))) congrats nice work..
I always rationalize my lighting by saying, the photographer is using a flash or a car is coming with the lights on Nice work Carl, comgrats on the Woody.
I thought it's for rainman congrats on the woody carl ... always surprise me by your amazing works
Carl strikes again. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Viagra doped

Viagra doped
NFL suspends 6 players for doping violations. Member reactions:
Hilarious. Brings a whole new meaning to the football term 'go long'.

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