A donut adventure
A donut adventure
A donut adventure. Member reactions:
Charges were dropped after a Giant Police Rat pulls over Squid Motorist in a search and seizure donut bust. Somehow all the evidence was lost on the way to the station for booking.
Policeman will discover who ate the donut.
Great compositing, J Congrats on the Gold.
Congrats on the gold and silver win jeremix.Great Job
Grats on the Win, Jere. Your Fat Rat Steals the Show.

Funny Donut Alien Attack

Donut Alien Attack
Member reactions:
For coherence if car has a motion effect, the same should be applied to Joe and whay's written on the car.
Good point, some motion effect would be nice

Funny World's Biggest Donut

World's Biggest Donut

Funny National Debt on Doughnut

National Debt on Doughnut
Member reactions:
Looks a bit like lifesaver indeed, but awesome idea nonetheless, and I love what you did to the dollar

Funny Donut Dance

Donut Dance

Funny International Donut Summit

International Donut Summit
Member reactions:
It's a donut party, not a communist party. Nice satire, Hidden.

Funny Magritte Painting of Doughnuts

Magritte Painting of Doughnuts
The Curse of the Chocolate Doughnuts

Funny Kim Jong Un At His Giant Donut Factory

Kim Jong Un At His Giant Donut Factory
Member reactions:
If there is a taster opportunity....it's mine.
How many times times Kim Jong Un asked: DONUT disturb him. Excellent work, Hidden.
congrats mr P. i like the smearwork on his face and the punchline. well done.
Hahahaha I was going to do one about donuts too Great minds do think alike. Nice one Doc. Congrats on the Bronzie
Thanks, everyone. Had a lot of fun with this one, but it made me crave DONUTS.

Funny Super Surfer on a Donut

Super Surfer on a Donut

Funny Joe Biden Shooting the Rapids in a Donut Canoe

Joe Biden Shooting the Rapids in a Donut Canoe

Funny Donut Swap

Donut Swap
Did you ever wonder why cops love donuts and how this tradition originated? Years back, there were no 24 hour open stores, and no drive ins. All the shops and cafes closed before the midnight crew started their shift. Cars were not always available back then so many policemen walked the beat. Naturally tired after constant walking they needed a place to sit down and have a snack. Donut and coffee shops were the first places to open in the morning that would give exhausted cops a place to sit down, and give them much needed caffeine to stay awake and carbs from donuts to provide quick energy. Many officers would join, as there usually was only one donut shop in that area, and a tradition was born. These days there are many 24 hour shops available, but the ties between cops and donuts are as strong as ever. Why? Because donuts are relatively inexpensive so they can be discarded with little guilt in case of a hot call during a snack break. Donuts also give a quick energy boost together with coffee. And last but not least, donuts are tasty, so much that many officers literally become addicted to them. Take any objects and swap them with donuts, fully or partially. Many thanks to azwoodbox for the themepost.

Funny Donuts

This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of donuts (image credit: Yoppy) any way you wish. Some examples are - use these donuts in the design of other objects, combine them with other food items, use these donuts in famous movies and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny National Donut Day

National Donut Day
June 5, 2009 is celebrated by the "sweet tooth" people and cops across the USA - it's National Donut Day today. The day is held in the first Friday in June, and most donut places offer free donut per customer - Dunkin' Donuts are giving out a free donut with a drink purchase, and Krispy Kreme locations are giving one free donut per visitor, with no purchase required. The tradition of giving out free donuts in the first Friday in June was started 71 years ago by Chicago's Salvation Army to remember those who served donuts to soldiers in World War I. To celebrate National Donut Day at Freaking News, photoshop donuts any way you wish. Some examples are - swapping donuts for some other objects, putting donuts in the movies and paintings, etc. Many thanks to Doxieone for the contest concept.

Funny Krispy Kreme Donuts

Krispy Kreme Donuts
Improve the Krispy Kreme donut line by creating new donuts, new marketing plans or what other changes you might think of to the "donut" or to Krispy Kreme and how it operates - new spokesperson, new products, new logos, new ways to market the donut, etc.

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