Woman Floating Upside Down Doing Yoga
Woman Floating Upside Down Doing Yoga
Woman Floating Upside Down Doing Yoga. . Member reactions:
Flying Yoga... Nice job done keeping the receiver on air. And good work with shadows
Thank you Geriatric, Rajesh, Ericnorthend...Icecream I tried too a normal shadow but it hadn't fit, in my oppinion this kind of shadow is much better and more realistic.
Icecream I just found an example, take a look please http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7035/6507536023_33b5aae133.jpg sorry I didn't find one with a table. I made some edits with the shadows hope is much better now.
Thank you so much Crusader, Pcr, AzureSky, Black, Tired Tom.
Talk about a weight loss for a woman, .Congrats on the bronze, Sun.

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Doing Iranian Naval Exercises

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Doing Iranian Naval Exercises
Iran holds Naval exercises. Member reactions:
Thanks, Chili. Thanks, preemiememe. Thanks, Disasterman.
Right ON Dinghy-Boy.This should be a Newsweek cover.
Boy he certainly takes his time to shave his legs and polish the toes. Great job.
Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, oldman. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Newsy. Yes, he shaves them so there will be less wind resistance as he pedals.
. He sure looks happy with his shaved girly legs.
I must say again , i love this one alot ....
What can i say Paul , besides , you did it again , way to go & Congrats on the Gold buddy ...
Thanks, Steve...in the past I've given him very hairy legs but this time I thought I'd be a little different. Thanks, Chili Man. Thanks, PSM.
paul is a work absolutely fantastic... is amazing... a gold cup veeeeeeeery deserve.many many congrats my friend for the gold cup...
most excellent work pcrdds... congratulations on your gold......
p.s. I hope Sunshin3 doesn't offer her rendition of the little man w/shaved legs.
Thanks, G-Man...if she does, he'll have long, beautifully flowing hair for sure. . Thanks, qtrmoonshop.
This boat is golden. Congrats on the win, Paul.

Funny Kids Doing a Magic Show with a Snake

Kids Doing a Magic Show with a Snake
. Member reactions:

Funny Iron Man Doing the Ironing

Iron Man Doing the Ironing

Funny American Gothic Doing Time

American Gothic Doing Time
. Member reactions:
Made me laugh but how come they have the same prisoner number.
Found it as a prisoner "Costume." Does the number have any specific relevance.
Not to me, belly laugh. Love your work and leave me alone. just kidding
Nice Costume and nice background setting like it

Funny Man Doing a Torso Twist

Man Doing a Torso Twist
. Member reactions:
Very cool. Like the sperm storm raining down.
hahha carl (sparky)
Nice Creative job done looks stunning and great
Oh boy, wonderful idea merging the two figures. Reminds me of Mary Poppins too.
do you know who that is.. ,,its our goat
hahaha, im slow......your so cool Kezz...i love it...its so me...so glad you got a medal....love it......
that's why I always keep a spare umbrella next to me, no one knows when someone may take a shot at you , congrats Pree.
hehehehe.... strange rain really... a deserve cup congratulations

Funny Michelle Obama Doing One-Arm Pushups

Michelle Obama Doing One-Arm Pushups
Michelle Obama does a one-arm pushup. Member reactions:
I think Michelle is a little too close to the fries....nice work
Great way to burn off all those french fries....er, apple slices.
This image prompted me to attempt handstands like Mr. Biden but, my accordion gets in the way. Maybe one-arm pushups would be easier.... Funny chop-good luck.
Many great details in this gem, but flipping Biden really cracked me up.
Thanks, G-man. Thanks, krrish. Thanks, GabiB. Thanks, Newsy.
Thanks, Man Of Rain. I'm glad someone finally made a comment about the Nerf barbells.

Funny Barack Obama Under Cover Doing Covert Operations

Barack Obama Under Cover Doing Covert Operations
CIA officers working with Libya rebels. Member reactions:
Never happen-he's hiding under his desk. Nice chop-good luck.
I like that look you gave him. A Clint Eastwood look.

Funny Jean Renoir Doing Homework

Jean Renoir Doing Homework
(Renoir's son). Member reactions:
Sweeeeeeeeeet.But I'd apply the "painting" filter to the background so it doesnt look like a photo and matches the foreground
Thanks for the edit.Looks super now.
no video games til you finish your homework.

Funny Lou Dobbs Doing Info Comercials

Lou Dobbs Doing Info Comercials
. Member reactions:
Yay. We need a replacement for Billy Mayes.
He should use those detergents to wash his mouth.
Clean chop Lou cleaned it well. He would make a good spokesman for Oxi.

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