Dog Doing Tricks for Treats
Dog Doing Tricks for Treats
Dog Doing Tricks for Treats.

Funny Will Smith Doing Yoga

Will Smith Doing Yoga
Member reactions:
Impossible stunt.... it's got possible with the help of Alien power
My neck gets twisted when I try to look at this, .

Funny Obama Doing the Peace Sign

Obama Doing the Peace Sign
At Least Nixon Didn't Get Anyone Killed. Spinning Benghazi
Member reactions:
"I am not a crook." Perhaps 0, but you are treading familiar ground. Thank you preemiememe, balodiya and ericnorthend. ericnorthend has it correct. The pilot is not unhappy with 0's turn of events. Neither am I. Impeach his arse would be fine by me.
Thank you NewsMaster. I like doing the political, incase you hadn't already noticed. ; )

Funny Barack Obama Doing Skydiving Training

Barack Obama Doing Skydiving Training
Please view full image
Member reactions:
Just drop him out without a chute. Nice work.
He just learns how to fall..... and making scary faces ... Its a free fall training good work on the smoky sky
Good lookin chop gugulanul. Congrads on the cup
Awesomely fitting theme and satire. One of my favorites in the contest. Congrats on the wood, gugu.
Thank you,NewsMaster ... . Glade you like it ... ...

Funny Leonado Da Vinci Doing a Digital Painting

Leonado Da Vinci Doing a Digital Painting
The young Leonardo posts here almost every day with his screen name but he rarely wins. The competition is tough. His last entry here was "The Last Supper" with Obama's face in the middle. It came in 29th out of 30.
Member reactions:
good one... Mona looks great and the painting done on a modern gadget
Hahaha, totally modern Leonardo. Top job.
So you are much better than Leonardo then (ha). nice job.
Ha your self boB, I'm no better than 87% of the other choppers here.

Funny Obama on a Motorcycle Doing a Burnout in Front of White House

Obama on a Motorcycle Doing a Burnout in Front of White House
Obama making some burns in front of white house, i'll finish "detouring"tommorrow
Member reactions:
Sh***t i miss the time limit to put my final version, i was at the bar and i didn't update my navigator aaahhhhhh. sorry for the bad details Edit : The little image is the non-finished, but the big is the final version .
Not settin' a good example there mr. prez. You're 'spozed to wear a helmet
I found a cool helmet to put but obama's hair are so cool
this is cool, I guess Obama's head became super solid since handling tons of mattes around him.. I like ur stunt hidden and looking forward to see ur final version. U can share the link i guess
It is the final version, it takes few minutes to update but it was ok finally .
Avg Rating: 6.833 Weighted Avg: 7.18 + 0,347 And i got more "wiews"
When you upload the edited version (which you can do till the voting ends) - make sure you refresh the image in your browser to show the latest, and not the old cached version. I like this one a lot.
Thx NewsMaster, i'll simply try not let to tommorrow what i can do today

Funny George Clooney Doing a Wheelie on a Motorcycle

George Clooney Doing a Wheelie on a Motorcycle
Member reactions:
Like the idea, but there's a few shadows missing

Funny Girl Doing Gymnastics

Girl Doing Gymnastics
Member reactions:
Neat and clean with simple but interesting idea, very well executed

Funny Girl Doing High jump

Girl Doing High jump

Funny Barack Obama Doing a Cosack Dance

Barack Obama Doing a Cosack Dance
Member reactions:
Ha Nice wk.
Great and funny way to see Obama in this Caricatured and funnier face like the way the dog is matching steps with obama
Both of them having wonderful expression Like the Composition
Very interesting job, good to see his different poses
Thanks, rajeshstar...thanks, balodiya...thanks, JimShorts...thanks, ericnorthend.
Woody Congrats pcrdds funny stuff, great Obama face.
Congratulations. Figuring out who did this chop was a no-brainer; always funny & clean.
This was a funny one you did Pauly , Congrats on the wood ....
congrats, great picture, suits OBAMA, MMMMM
My legs start Kazachok dancing when I see this. Seriously awesome stuff. Congrats on the wood, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy...are you sure it's not from the Borscht. Thanks, Robinbobin.

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