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Funny Done Pictures

Iron Man Doing the IroningFunny Iron Man Doing the Ironing
Member reactions:

American Gothic Doing TimeFunny American Gothic Doing Time
Member reactions:

Made me laugh but how come they have the same prisoner number.
Found it as a prisoner "Costume." Does the number have any specific relevance.
Not to me, belly laugh. Love your work and leave me alone. just kidding
Nice Costume and nice background setting like it

Man Doing a Torso TwistFunny Man Doing a Torso Twist
Member reactions:

Very cool. Like the sperm storm raining down.
Nice Creative job done looks stunning and great
Oh boy, wonderful idea merging the two figures. Reminds me of Mary Poppins too.
do you know who that is.. ,,its our goat
hahaha, im slow......your so cool Kezz...i love it...its so glad you got a it......
that's why I always keep a spare umbrella next to me, no one knows when someone may take a shot at you , congrats Pree.
hehehehe.... strange rain really... a deserve cup congratulations

Michelle Obama Doing One-Arm PushupsFunny Michelle Obama Doing One-Arm Pushups
Member reactions:

Michelle Obama does a one-arm pushup
I think Michelle is a little too close to the fries....nice work
Great way to burn off all those french, apple slices.
This image prompted me to attempt handstands like Mr. Biden but, my accordion gets in the way. Maybe one-arm pushups would be easier.... Funny chop-good luck.
Many great details in this gem, but flipping Biden really cracked me up.
Thanks, G-man. Thanks, krrish. Thanks, GabiB. Thanks, Newsy.
Thanks, Man Of Rain. I'm glad someone finally made a comment about the Nerf barbells.

Barack Obama Under Cover Doing Covert OperationsFunny Barack Obama Under Cover Doing Covert Operations
Member reactions:

CIA officers working with Libya rebels
Never happen-he's hiding under his desk. Nice chop-good luck.
I like that look you gave him. A Clint Eastwood look.

Jean Renoir Doing HomeworkFunny Jean Renoir Doing Homework
Member reactions:

(Renoir's son)
Sweeeeeeeeeet. But I'd apply the "painting" filter to the background so it doesnt look like a photo and matches the foreground
no video games til you finish your homework.

Lou Dobbs Doing Info ComercialsFunny Lou Dobbs Doing Info Comercials
Member reactions:

Yay. We need a replacement for Billy Mayes.
He should use those detergents to wash his mouth.
Clean chop Lou cleaned it well. He would make a good spokesman for Oxi.

Girls Doing Somersaults at SunsetFunny Girls Doing Somersaults at Sunset
Member reactions:

I REALLY like this one. You did some pretty nice masking.
It was my favourite between that two that I send LeeLee, but the other job take more atemption in votes...well, well...

Woman in Vermeer Painting Doing DrugsFunny Woman in Vermeer Painting Doing Drugs
Member reactions:

Always on guard, she listens to police scanner while doing drugs.
This is hilarious. The scanner is a hoot part.
Thanks fellows...glad you liked the scanner.

Puffer fish Pug Dog Doing YogaFunny Puffer fish Pug Dog Doing Yoga
Member reactions:

Excellent work. Should have placed much higher

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