Michelle Obama Donates Obama Toys
Michelle Obama Donates Obama Toys
Michelle Obama Donates Obama Toys. Michelle Obama donates toys for "Toys For Tots"
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Great funny to see all the toys resembles of Obama, Michael, and Romney lovely toys
There is NO Romney toy, rajeshstar. Just Barack and Michelle.
Superb collection of the toys one at the right side obama toys is really very nice with nice expression
Best collection I have ever seen of these freaky toys Amazing stuff, very well managed with all the toys around
Funny, clean... congrats Pau. And the right side Obama is really good.
Congrats,on the Gold....Paul. Well done,my friend..
Lots of toys, lots of layers in this entry. Congrats on the gold, Paul.

Funny Donate Your Old Car

Donate Your Old Car
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Funny Gary Glitter Donates His Face for a Transplant

Gary Glitter Donates His Face for a Transplant
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OK this freaks me out a little because it looks like a guy I know who can bbq over an open fire in the woods like NOBODY can. But I don't think he had his face cut off.
Freaky chop. aintchicken.

Funny Gates Donates

Gates Donates
Bill Gates has given away $4.6bn (3.6bn) to charity in his largest donation since 2000. He remains the world's richest person, despite giving away 64 million shares in Microsoft. The shares are equivalent to 5% of his total fortune, currently estimated to be $89.9bn. Since 1994 Mr Gates, 61, and his wife Melinda have given away a total of $35bn in cash and stocks to a range of charitable causes. Imagine the wealthiest people in the world becoming the poorest! Create images of any of the Billionaires found on the 2017 Forbes' list of the world's billionaires as homeless and poor. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

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