Donald Trump's Secret Meetings
Donald Trump's Secret Meetings
Donald Trump's Secret Meetings. Member reactions:
Love that President, good one, Congrats...
Lol, Great heights selfie congrats. Slip n Fall nice touch.

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Member reactions:
Nice, he does love the flag and our country.
A Flag Day Gem. Congrats on the Cup, House.

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Member reactions:
The face does not look cartoonish, rather too pixilated/out of contrast to meet the scene (unless you add a water line near the top of the helmet, so his head appears to be under water.

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Funny It's cold, mother. Is it because president is Donald Trump?

It's cold, mother. Is it because president is Donald Trump?


Original Painting Trump's Face The Boy's Face
Member reactions:
Love the art and itís a beautiful job but ,truthfully, I would not have recognized this as Trump if not for the caption.
Thank you very much, Gentlemen. I do see your point. My attempt was to work with-in the the heavy paintlery style of this artwork. IMO too much realism and Trump's face would clash with that style and stick out like a sore thumb. So I endeavored to hit it somewhere in the middle. This painting is a challenge, I know. And that is exactly why I selected it. Thanks Reggie. Otto Rapp Rocks. He's like Dali on Quaaludes...No.
Congrads on the Gold cup, job well done, close to perfect. 9
Congrats Splat. I always enjoy the "dark" quality of your work.
Thanks for all your fantastic comments and votes Gummy, LunaC, DD, Reggie, HH, and Bob. I had fun with this one (:
Gold congrats on your awesome artwork Splat.
Amazing rendering despite the difficult Trumpness congrats
Thank you most kindly Hobbit, Reggie, Vincent and Armatien. I got lucky with the rendering. Both faces turned out much better than I had expected. (:

Funny Donald Chimp

Donald Chimp
Member reactions:
Don't think your body , is the body of a Chimp.
Being a monkey isn't bad, they are Highly Intelligent.
Excellent very nice chop. Wish it had a background.

Funny Donald Rabbit

Donald Rabbit

Funny Donald Trumpet

Donald Trumpet

Funny Donald Trump in Horror Movies

Donald Trump in Horror Movies
It's almost Halloween and many people will be dressed up as... Donald Trump this Holiday. He turned the GOP presidential race into a carnival, and is making headlines like never before, so it's only natural that he inspired "the Donald" Halloween costumes. Let's put Donald Trump into any famous horror movies. Many thanks to Marksdesign for the themepost.

Funny Donald Trump with Bald Eagle

Donald Trump with Bald Eagle
In today's stock contest we have a photo of two bald eagles Donald Trump posing with his bald eagle called Uncle Sam. The photo shoot was done for Time magazine in Trump's Manhattan office overlooking Central Park. Photoshop this photo of Donald Trump and his bald eagle any way you wish.

Funny Donald Trump 2016

Donald Trump 2016
How's this for Tuesday news - Donald Trump is running for president. Announcing his candidacy in the atrium of Trump Tower, Donald said that only someone really rich like himself could restore the American economy to its past glory and give everyone the prosperous country they always wanted. In 2000 and 2012 he spoke about seeking the White House but quickly abandoned the idea in both elections. Is he for real this time? Photoshop anything related to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign or his future possible presidency.

Funny Donald Trump vs Rosie O'Donnell

Donald Trump vs Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O'Donnell - Donald Trump saga goes on. Rosie said that Donald is unjust and only gave Miss USA a second chance because she's a slim hot chick, and any other girl caught barhopping and making out with girls would not get such chance from Donald. Trump replied that if it was a fat ugly chick caught barhopping and behaving like a lesbian in public, she would have a higher chance of getting her own TV show than becoming Miss USA. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to the Donald Trump - Rosie O'Donnell war. E.g. show how they will try to hurt each other next, or who will ultimately win this fight.

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Create images promoting the new Donald Trump University (Crests, Logos, courses, etc), or create textbooks or other items that could be used at the new Trump University OR create images to support your own School based on a celebrity or politician.

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