Domino's Motorcycle Pizza Delivery
Domino's Motorcycle Pizza Delivery
Domino's Motorcycle Pizza Delivery. When it's GOT to be there in 30 minutes or less. (Of course, they can't guarantee what kind of shape it'll be in when it gets there.)
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant thats the secret of there 'in the nick of time' service

Funny Giant Dominos in the Sunrise

Giant Dominos in the Sunrise
Member reactions:
Excellent image nice reflection and the perfect shadow casting
Beautiful great work with the shadows and perspective.

Funny Domino's Hut

Domino's Hut

Funny Potential Dominoes in Arab World

Potential Dominoes in Arab World
Who's Next. A Tour of Potential Dominoes in Arab World
Member reactions:
Lots of good work here. Great idea, and nicely done. You do, though, have some angle problems with the text on the sides of the dominoes.
I fixed the angle problem on the text and the dominos.
Very clever composition. Did not see the first version, but the domino text looks good to me in this version.
seems real thing going to happen GarRobMil , cool work

Funny The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect
Member reactions:
This is so very perfectly timed and the look on Bernanke's face...PRICELESS. Who knows, this might be a sequel to the movie "Wall Street"("Greed is good"-M.Douglas)
I also like the domino with company logos
You may need to up the brightness in PS or your monitor but there's some dodgy masking/colouring that needs attention.

Funny The First Dominoes Pizza Location at Stonehenge

The First Dominoes Pizza Location at Stonehenge

Funny Cheesy Dominos

Cheesy Dominos
Who have the double cheese. Please view full before coment ot vote
Member reactions:
I like the cheese domino, the holes are very good, nice job
Nice depth of field on these cheesy dominoes.
mmmm... it reminds me one of the firsts jobs... maybe the cheese cube dice...

Funny Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza
Domino's New Shape in Pizza, You might have to look very close, to see the Domino on the Pizza itself.
Member reactions:
Excellent pizza. VERY nice work, I hope the voters notice the work you put into making the pizza a domino.
nice work, you really have to look close to see the greatness
I love the placement of the pepperoni's on this Dominoe's Pizza. Excellent work here. ....Now I'm HUNGRY. Thanks a lot.

Funny Domino Sparrow

Domino Sparrow
Nation mourns bird killed in domino shootingand Post Condolences Here
Member reactions:
ha, I was thinking of doing that one too.
Ohmigod. What an image. I haven't been this upset since my mama read me "Who Killed C-o-c-k Robin." when I was a kid. (man meat, really. when's this word c-e-n-s-o-r-i-n-g thing gonna grow up. what if somebody wanted to talk about male roosters anyway.)

Funny Stonehenge Domino

Stonehenge Domino
Member reactions:
Peaceful & calming.Almost zen-like...with a twist.

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