House Domestic Robot
House Domestic Robot
House Domestic Robot. As robots move into homes and offices, ensuring that they do not injure people will be vital. (I recommend full view for more detail)
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Ah, what's the fun, if there's no injury..

Funny Domestic Abuse Counsellor

Domestic Abuse Counsellor
Since "Iron" Mike Tyson can't box anymore, he decided to get a job in another field that he knows plenty about. PLEASE VIEW FULL
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He blends in well - when it comes to picture quality. But talk about a duck out of water.

Funny Howard Dean in Domestic Disturbance

Howard Dean in Domestic Disturbance
Domestic Disturbance 2 Source
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Brilliant concept and execution. I hyperlinked the source picture for you - you can take a look at how it's done by clicking "edit entry".
Deans face and Hilary & Kerry "Man thats good work".. I may be stupid but can not find "edit entry" here or under source I would like to find out it was done.
very clean chop, great work. and fgilly,only the author can edit his entry and therefore see the "edit entry" button

Funny Domestic Shooting

Domestic Shooting

Funny Domestic Lion and Dog Hybrid

Domestic Lion and Dog Hybrid

Funny Domestic Violence Painting

Domestic Violence Painting

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