Funny Dolly

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Vibrant and Awesome. I love Dolly too.
It is a bit pointy and blockish whereas Dolly is more round. But message delivered just the same. Thanks SS

Funny Dolly Parton with a Big Head

Dolly Parton with a Big Head

Funny Dolly Parton with Double Vision

Dolly Parton with Double Vision
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Nice image to work with with strong features. Like the narrowing of the eyes for the second set instead of a straight copy and not repeating the mole on her chin.
Thanks PSH, Luciano, Evirio, Newsy and Wanderer
Very colorful, looks good, congrats on the win.
If it doesn't make you dizzy you did it wrong and you sure did this one right, I got a head rush with this one.
Absolutely correct, Gummy. Yhat is the measure . Thanks PSh, Mr. Assad, Bob, Gummy, Champ, and Hobbit.

Funny Donald Trump as Dolly Parton

Donald Trump as Dolly Parton
Sources Missed the entry deadline for the Women contest.

Funny Dolly Parton Missing Half of Her Cleavage

Dolly Parton Missing Half of Her Cleavage
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Insurance is company gonna go bankrupt paying for this damage.

Funny The Big Mermaid Dolly Parton

The Big Mermaid Dolly Parton
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, what a mermaid Dolly makes. With all that singing she might as well turn to Cyrene.

Funny Dolly Parton's Dentures

Dolly Parton's Dentures
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Parton me, but that's hysterical (including the title) Great job.
She looks awesome.... and her teeth drop to the correct place hilarious chop

Funny Dolly Parton God Bless America

Dolly Parton God Bless America
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God Bless America, long live America Happy 4th like the designer car

Funny Dolly Parton big head

Dolly Parton big head
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What a face she looks more prettier than the original pic

Funny Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton
She has penned over 3,000 songs and sold over 100 million records. Country music legend Dolly Parton turns 65 today. In her birthday interview to Chicago Sun-Times newspaper Parton said that while she may look like a woman, she thinks like a man. The country singer, who spurred the hit song "9 to 5" and has been open about her numerous plastic surgeries, also says that she has throughout the years learned to deal with male attention. "I never took offense at certain things," said Parton. "I understood early on that I was a girl, and I liked it. And I had six brothers, so I knew how men acted. Women want to be selective, though they get pissed off if men don't find them attractive." Today we offer you some interesting facts about Dolly Parton: * Dolly has stated that to this day she remains afraid of the dark and sleeps with a night light. * Dolly once lost a Dolly Parton Look-A-Like contest. * The world's first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep, was named after Dolly. * Even though she is an amazing songwriter Dolly never learned how to read music. * Sesame Street made a character based on Dolly. She was blue with blonde hair and her name was Polly Darton. * Dolly has her own theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It's called Dollywood. * Dolly is five foot tall and wears size 5 1/2 shoes. * Dolly's 42-inch bosom is insured for $600,000. * During a visit to New York City in 1968, Dolly and a friend of hers were mistaken for prostitutes by a would-be john who was quite aggressive in his intentions. The experience had kept her from returning to the Big Apple for many years. Happy Birthday, Dolly! Here's to many, many more! To mark the 65th birthday of Dolly Parton, photoshop her any way you wish.

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