Dragon Dog
Dragon Dog
Dragon Dog. Member reactions:
Looks great.
Congrats, SILVERCANINE. Baby monster is already ugly.
Congrats on the silver,canine.Great monster build.I love it,he looks raw,wet and slimey.I actually think he is cute
congrats SC. great creation. the spider.

Funny Dog basketball player

Dog basketball player
Member reactions:
Ha. Michael Jordan ♦♦♦ Billion Dollar owner of the Charlotte Hornets. Super Image Hidden.
Fantastic. ^^ Congrats on the Silveeeeeeer.

Funny Dog's Curling World Cup 2016

Dog's Curling World Cup 2016

Funny Figure Skating Dog

Figure Skating Dog
Member reactions:
, Hidden. up next...the Triple Salchow Jump. I hope he sticks it...or not.
Amazing work. My fav. Congrats on the Gold ^^
Congrats on the gold, Cam. Great to see you again.

Funny Dog baseball

Dog baseball
Member reactions:
nicely done
Nice compo i like it much, the helm a little bit too dark
Thank Gummy,lucianomorelli,Wanderer,MsgtBob,hobbi
Great work, mrassad. Congrats on the Wooooooooooooooody.
ongrats on the wood, mrassad. Perfecty blended - looks real.

Funny A Witch And Her Little Dog

A Witch And Her Little Dog
Member reactions:
Witches can have cute puppies Nanny.Thanks Joan
I shal never sleep with both eyes closed again . Love it.

Funny Donald Trump's Dog Attacks Barack Obama

Donald Trump's Dog Attacks Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Bo looks confused, . Excellent political chop, Hidden
Thank you Hits, luv your stepping in it, times up satire as well

Funny Prince Charles and Dogs Playing Saxaphones

Prince Charles and Dogs Playing Saxaphones
Prince Charles likes to chill out with a little sax playing, accompanied by his dogs.
Member reactions:
Charles doesn't have corgis, his Mum does.
Who let the dogs out. Great Work AzureSky.
I wonder why it was 2nd fo so long, then plunged down to ...
Dunno. It sure is old school perfect. It even has a old school composition you would find in classical paintings. Hopefully my admiration helps the sting.

Funny Dogs Attacking Barack Obama in the Street

Dogs Attacking Barack Obama in the Street
Ferguson effect

Funny Dog Humping Barack Obama's Leg in the Subway

Dog Humping Barack Obama's Leg in the Subway
Member reactions:
...I fear the dog is in for a small disappointed.

Funny Dog Sports

Dog Sports
We know dogs love running, jumping, and even swimming. So they could become perfect athletes... if humans only allowed them. Photoshop dogs participating in any official sports. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny National Dog Day

National Dog Day
August 26 is National Dog Day dedicated to appreciating and admiring dogs in our lives and promoting dog adoption. To celebrate National Dog Day and Freaking News, photoshop dogs any way you wish. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny Celebrities with Dog Mouths

Celebrities with Dog Mouths
Recently we run the Celebrities with Shark Mouths contest. Today, as we are getting closer to Halloween, we are going to try something similar and possibly scarier. Photoshop dog mouths onto celebrity faces. You can also blend dog noses in addition to mouths (though it's not required). Profile photos may work best for blending in this contest, as in the themepost by Mandrak. Don't forget to include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Celebrity Dogs

Celebrity Dogs
The Russian blogsphere is stormed by the photo of a dog that looks like Putin. What's striking is that the photo is not photoshopped in any way - it's an authentic photo of a Putin lookalike doggie. And the dog kinda looks at you with the same Putin style... In this regard, there's a popular theory that people actually tend to pick up dogs that at some level bear resemblance to them. The research conducted at University of California, San Diego found that independent judges correctly matched about 75% of 25 dogs and their owners, based just on the "similarities" found in the photos of dogs and photos of their owners. Photoshop dogs of any celebrities or politicians to show that they indeed resemble their owners. You can simply photoshop a dog that belongs to some celebrity, or show BOTH a dog and its celebrity owner in one image. Please include the celebrity names in your titles. Many thanks to ChipMcFarlane for the contest suggestion.

Funny Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of former CIA director Leon Panetta walking his dog any way you wish (image credit: US Government work). Some examples are - showing other places where Leon Panetta could walk his dog, putting the dog into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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