Snoop Dogg's Son Quits Football for Film
Snoop Dogg's Son Quits Football for Film
Snoop Dogg's Son Quits Football for Film. Snoop Dogg's Son Quits Football for Film Gotta return that trophy case.
Member reactions:
great decision.... but why cat is looking dull here

Funny Snoop Dogg Gets Arrested In Italy with Cash

Snoop Dogg Gets Arrested In Italy with Cash
Snoop Dogg had too much cash on him

Funny Snoop Dogg & Doggie Do

Snoop Dogg & Doggie Do
Member reactions:
Lucky that tail was there. Some edges are visible.

Funny Obama Smoking Weed with Snoop Dogg

Obama Smoking Weed with Snoop Dogg
Member reactions:
glad people liked my design.. but really come seriously.. very low numbers i've seen worse then this ..

Funny Snoop Dogg's Cat

Snoop Dogg's Cat
Member reactions:
Crazy Dog proud on his achievement in binding the cat
Adorable lost cat spotted with a Spooky RockDog Classic idea
Dat rockz, bay bee. Lost Cat poster is a cherry on top.
jeremix... Congrats... My bud Allah over at HA will love this one. I will point it out to him directly. Good to be on the boards with you again my friend. ; )
Thanks guys. B-more. I see you answered my command to produce something at last. wise decision. I was considering telling Splatski to pay you a visit, and believe me, you don't want to see Splatski.
Great chop, sir mixalot ... Golden Congrats ... keep these up and folks might start calling you jerewood funkmix ...
Congrats on the Gold J.Mix. Awesome background, especially shadows and lighting. Nice looking bike
What is different about about this version . -Edited by Moderator on 4/24/2015 12:32:45 AM
thanks champ and moon. did you try to post a link. i don't see it....
. yeah, much better. i thought, hey, it kinda looks like a cat, but yours really does. while i was looking for the difference i spotted a whole lotta little mistakes i really need to correct. shadow on the jacket from his head.reflection in the water misses something maybe add a tail to him, etc

Funny Snoop Dogg Smoking a Bong Walking a Poodle

Snoop Dogg Smoking a Bong Walking a Poodle
King of the dope heads doing what he does best.

Funny Snoop Dogg Gets Cop In Trouble

Snoop Dogg Gets Cop In Trouble
Texas Cop Psych Evaluated Snoop Dog causes Texas Cop to get psychological reprogramming
Member reactions:
Super Chopp'n, Hidden. The news story makes about as much sense as a child being expelled from school for carving a gun shape out in the pizza crust he's eating. The trooper posed for a photo with a celebrity FGS.
Congrats Tim. Awesome work and excellent caricature...One of the best to date that I've seen from you.
Thanks Dan, apparently the judges disagreed . Appreciate the votes folks
Just love your chops, fantastic work, congrats on the win.
Wild chopping with great art skills, mister. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Snoop Dogg Cartoon

Snoop Dogg Cartoon

Funny The Real Snoop Dogg

The Real Snoop Dogg
Member reactions:
So how many of you caught yourself holding your breath when you saw this one.
Perfect choice well matched his hair and the dog mouth good one
Thanks rajeshstar, we've missed you, where you been bro.
. He needs a fire estinguisher at the end of the cigarette.

Funny Snoop Dogg as a Dog

Snoop Dogg as a Dog
Member reactions:
This is great. Looks in very nice shape too.
Another top job in the top 5. Congrats are in order. Hoot hoot....

Funny Snoop Dogg Arrested

Snoop Dogg Arrested
[ Snoop Dogg was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden on suspicion of possessing and using illegal substances. The police found a stash of illegal substance merchandise in his car, while Snoop and a female passenger were under influence. ] See how politically correct and unnecessarily long the news reports have become these days? In the 80s this news would be reported as: "Snoop and a hooker got high." In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Snoop arrested or any of his crimes in the past and future. Show Dogg living his life as a bad boy in photos, "wanted" posters, arrest records, magazines, and paintings, etc.

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