Stoned President Signing a Document
Stoned President Signing a Document
Stoned President Signing a Document. Member reactions:
OMG looks at Obama, reaction of pot in his eye
Its too hilarious to see Obama like this in his Highs and signing the deal
Congrats on the wood Franko … nicely done … I like those reflections and what they R reflectin'
Congrats on the woody Franko

Funny A document

A document
Why the American's really won the war.
Member reactions:
hmmth I'm guessing your British. We won that war out of pure toughness.
No I am not British. America did win fair and square. I just thought the idea would be funny.

Funny Area 51 Top Secret Documents

Area 51 Top Secret Documents
Proof that aliens run and control Area 51

Funny Path to 9/11 Document

Path to 9/11 Document
Director: ‘We Have Our CIA Consultants and Clinton Has His’
Member reactions:
ABC and Disney have their consultants too .

Funny Old Documents

Old Documents
A century-old document found inside a box of unarchived records in a southern New Mexico county is shedding a little more light on the shooting death of the Old West lawman who gained fame for killing Billy the Kid. Dated July 9, 1908, the nearly illegible handwritten coroner's jury report refers to the investigation of the death of Pat Garrett, who served as sheriff in Lincoln and Dona Ana counties before being appointed as a customs collector along the U.S.-Mexico border. Garrett died Feb. 29, 1908. Imagine discovering a document that would solve or explain any of history's biggest mysteries? Show us what documents you would discover, and help the world solve any famous mystery! NOTE: Show us the DOCUMENT only, no people included in your submission. For more background on this story Visit This Link

Funny Embarrassing Celebrity Documents

Embarrassing Celebrity Documents
Create realistic looking memos or documents that might be embarrassing to a celebrity or politician - historical or current.

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