Scuba Diver Petting a Little Whale
Scuba Diver Petting a Little Whale
Scuba Diver Petting a Little Whale. Do to over fishing and pollution, our oceans have drastically changed. Less feeder fish and plankton are found causing species to adapt for survival. Hench, the Sperm Whale has reduced it's size greatly.

Funny Diver Looking at Coral Under the Sea Down Under

Diver Looking at Coral Under the Sea Down Under

Funny Diver Encountering Huge Sharks Underwater

Diver Encountering Huge Sharks Underwater
Member reactions:
Hmmm, was this any inspiration.;cat=1053

Funny Diver Taking a Selfie with a Shark

Diver Taking a Selfie with a Shark
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Excellent, congrats on the bronze, Andrew.

Funny Diver Collecting a Car From Under the Sea

Diver Collecting a Car From Under the Sea
Yes, he ate spinach..
Member reactions:
Excellent, love it. I might darken the inside of the car with a multiply layer.
Glad you liked it buddy, thanks for the advice.
Excellent simple fix but oops......... that little bit in back behind the plastic window then out of the park it goes. Whamo.
Great view of putting the Wagon inside water.... like the water bed and the reality type of chop gives a fairer look to viewers well done
It's great to be here and see that my work pleases you, my friends, Thank you.
Congrats on the bronze, Hids. Methinks this is one of your best chops yet. Really excellent work on colors lights and shadows here.
Thank you friend , and thanks to everyone who liked my work. Very happy to win the bronze.
Congrats, Hidreley. It was my favorite in contest.
Obrigado PSHoudini

Funny Shark Eating Three Divers

Shark Eating Three Divers
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Lovely underwater creation the anchor and the treasure box with a wrecked ship underneath the sea .. really looks like a hidden treasure hunt ...

Funny Three Stooges as Divers Under the Sea

Three Stooges as Divers Under the Sea
Member reactions:
I am waiting for yours pictures. They are always perfect (very professionally done).
Many thanks Hidden, hope I will have time and inspiration to enter the contest
And good luck to you.
Too Hilarious very funny to see the big fat lady with wine glass Its a after effect of Vodka... Lovely facial expression of the divers they were astonishing to the upcoming events
Creapy-freaky cant stop my laugh... hot hot babe on cool cool picture
Congrats on the wood trophy Wanderer, funny work.
Thank you, Sunshin3. I am waiting for your pictures in new contests.

Funny Scuba Divers Hiding Under the Ocean from Sharks

Scuba Divers Hiding Under the Ocean from Sharks
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Protective cage for the Divers lovely scene underwater with more sharks yet to come

Funny American Gothic Scuba Divers

American Gothic Scuba Divers
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LoL this wks for me
a tiger fish got into it well done with the Gothic entry Great to see both the couple having the glasses
Look at that fish its really amazing.. Congratulation
Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments.
The goldfish in the diving mask sells this image for me. Congrats on the gold, pegleg.

Funny Mona Lisa The Diver

Mona Lisa The Diver
Member reactions:
She looks amazing in this attire nice diving suite and great name is printed on it well done and nice idea
I like this better then the one Leonardo did
Congrats, on the Silver....Paul. Great piece, my friend..
I just love it...beautifully done congratulations
Thanks, eric...thanks, Possumpie...thanks, vic.
Smooth work. I like that she's still smiling with the mask and the snorkel Congrats on the silver, Paul. P.S. It's probably the first chop of Gioconda with the wrist-watch. Me likey

Funny Divers in Art

Divers in Art
An average American diver is getting older. The diving sport is recently becoming popular among older people, which increased the average diver age to 38 years, compared to 35 years in 2000. In order to prove that diving has always been popular, photoshop divers in art by turning any characters in old paintings, drawings, or statues into divers. Add diving suits and diving equipment to them, or at least add a snorkel and a mask. Example: "The birth of Adam diver" from the Sistine chapel.

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