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Funny Diva Pictures

Diva Whitney Houston TributeFunny Diva Whitney Houston Tribute
Member reactions:

So smooth and good picture to hang on the hall for memories.
Great job, Nice background used and very well paid a tribute to a Legend We miss her always

Madonna the DivaFunny Madonna the Diva
Member reactions:

News Source
Thank you Geriatric, Pree, D-man. Rajeshstar
Really beautiful work . . . I especially love how you blended her hair into the wonderful background it appears to be magically dipped in "sunshine"
Many thanks Qtr, Pree, Geriatric, Funkwood... I am very honored.

DivaFunny Diva
Member reactions:
This is the Freak Show, right. Source Pic (a must, must see.)
OK, where's the source file then. Good job - she may engage in some luxury fashion ads now.... till 2012

The Diva ExpressFunny The Diva Express
Member reactions:

Interesting, but masking could really use some improvement

Dali and the Diva's Funny Dali and the Diva's
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 Shark DivaFunny Shark Diva
Member reactions:

... you made the shark invisible lovely finish Diva is blessing them

Lips of Marilyn Monroe_a Diva=a WholeFunny Lips of Marilyn Monroe_a Diva=a Whole
Member reactions:

* Lips of Marilyn Monroe_a Diva=a Whole TRIBUTE TO MARILYN MONROE DIVA. Charm is a great piece of the small beauties
...before misjudged, try to understand correctly...
I think you have the best pic. What's wrong with the voters .
* hm...maybe not the best, but certainly not the worst...I think some are made to always win and others doomed to lose...who has table and knife...divide bread democracy..."C'est la vie... C'est la guerre..."...toujours une farce...^v^...THK for your attention and noticed logic...
*...Thanks for already ordinary grades of 1,2 and 3...and Staff which close the eyes...
I think this was a creative entry, but just not what voters expected in this contest. Plus there are some technical issues - the whole picture is made blurry (except for the Marilyn Monroe lips), and the top part of the face seems flat.
* DEAR FRIEND NewMaster...Tank guessed correctly 50%... so...: 1. still an artwork, not one passport photo... 2. idea and metaphor, result even of this technical trick... a big fuzzy area and a small clear area...her lips, which containing her face 3. her lips focuses hers special character, feminine and sensual...and certainly there is the idea and message 4. I did not just a little face at big head... I rise up and I portrayed a character with a unique symbol ...this was about my work and the weakest work in this contest... I can only repeat..."...before misjudged, try to understand correctly..." ALL THE BEST TO ALL my JUDGES...^v^

Shark DivasFunny Shark Divas
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Groundhog DivaFunny Groundhog Diva
Member reactions:

move over Gaga.. this is MY day.

Big Nose Divas Cher and BarbaraFunny Big Nose Divas Cher and Barbara
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