Diva Whitney Houston Tribute
Diva Whitney Houston Tribute
Diva Whitney Houston Tribute. Member reactions:
So smooth and good picture to hang on the hall for memories.
Great job, Nice background used and very well paid a tribute to a Legend We miss her always

Funny Madonna the Diva

Madonna the Diva
News Source
Member reactions:
Thank you Geriatric, Pree, D-man. Rajeshstar
Really beautiful work . . . I especially love how you blended her hair into the wonderful background it appears to be magically dipped in "sunshine"
Many thanks Qtr, Pree, Geriatric, Funkwood... I am very honored.

Funny Diva

This is the Freak Show, right. Source Pic (a must, must see.)
Member reactions:
OK, where's the source file then. Good job - she may engage in some luxury fashion ads now.... till 2012

Funny Lady Gaga The Diva Express

Lady Gaga The Diva Express
Member reactions:
Interesting, but masking could really use some improvement

Funny Shark Divas

Shark Divas
Member reactions:
Buty lips.

Funny Groundhog Diva

Groundhog Diva
move over Gaga.. this is MY day.

Funny Big Nose Divas Cher and Barbara

Big Nose Divas Cher and Barbara

Funny Renee Zellweger WWE Diva

Renee Zellweger WWE  Diva
She's coming to lay the smack down.
Member reactions:
January 25th: 130 lbs. (must stop using steroids)); alcohol units 23 (excellent) cigarettes 210 (poor but will give up totally tomorrow)..."
, excellent caption. I saw the silly movie too

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