Shamefull Dems Want To Distroy Everthing
Shamefull Dems Want To Distroy Everthing
Shamefull Dems Want To Distroy Everthing. Member reactions:
I wouldn't worry about that, Republicans are doing a good job of destroying our constitution, and acting like they're above the not complying with subpoenas now that is destroying everything.
I don't smoke, drink or do drugs.. thanks you can smoke whatever you want. Or drink all the Kool-Aid you want also.
Ed, your really making a fool out of yourself. Please get some professional help.
Dang Ed, If you don't drink, smoke or do drugs and your party is out of power for a span of at least 8 years you might as well just shoot yourself.
I'm making a fool of myself. I don't spread BS propaganda like you do by posting pictures helping a Fake and Fraud President, or his Russian paid Republicans. And don't worry about me, I'm just enjoying your president go down day by day.IDIOT now has admitted Collusion.. .
And he is living inside your head rent free.
No he isn't, unless someone brings him up, and there are plenty of Kool Aid drinkers out there..
Well if he is, it's not in a good way..
Guys Guys, 10 comments between you and not a word of critique on the entry. This insulting each other and TDS must stop, the constant bickering has gotten old and it's not fair to the members. As you know, this is a politically driven photoshop web site that challenges you to put your words, make your point, even tell a story, within an image (chop). Comments are very much welcomed, everyone likes to get the compliment for a work well done or a trophy congrats also constructive critiquing of an entry is desirable and can be very helpful. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Funny America, Save Or Distroy

America, Save Or Distroy
Member reactions:
Looks great. I especially like the black and white Trump with pops of color.
Thanks a lot OllieR and Gummy, last time I saw this one, it was the lowest one at the voting scale.

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