One Dalmation Disney Movie
One Dalmation Disney Movie
One Dalmation Disney Movie. Member reactions:
...Kewl Idea. Grats on the Toofer, Denlig.

Funny Bill Cosby Statue Removed by Minnie Mouse From Disney World

Bill Cosby Statue Removed by Minnie Mouse From Disney World
Bill Cosby Statue Removed From Walt Disney World

Funny Euro Disney Is In Financial Trouble

Euro Disney Is In Financial Trouble
Euro Disney faces its 2nd bail out in three years
Member reactions:
Great satire here. I love how you did the Mickey's stubble
Had fun with this one, Newsy.

Funny Donut Orbitor Disney Ride

Donut Orbitor Disney Ride
Member reactions:
thanks but I should have learned by now on this site excellent blenders need not apply all you need is Miley’s tongue or Mr. Beibers head for a win..

Funny Oprah Winfrey's Disney Birthday

Oprah Winfrey's Disney Birthday

Funny Disney's Planes

Disney's Planes
Member reactions:
I Luv this one Andwhat. Congratulations on the cup.

Funny Disney World 2013 by Magritte

Disney World 2013 by Magritte
Member reactions:
I know the couple behind they are Putin and Hilary

Funny Barack Obama and Joe Biden on a Disney Cruise

Barack Obama and Joe Biden on a Disney Cruise
Go wild on a cruise of a lifetime and don't forget your camera.

Funny Alien Disney Fan

Alien Disney Fan
Alien Disney's fan disguised to fit....
Member reactions:
Freaky cool
add 200 LBS and she would look just like my 1st wife.
Lol, Really., at least she hasn't ears, that could be an interesting thing .
I know her too, the alien is in the castle .
Cool. Creepy cool
The eyes looks like Eagle Eyes and awesome chop
U scared my wife Hidden ....but not me bcoz I know their makeup is always as u have shown here
Those are your cat's eyes... It's freaking possessed then. You need to get as far away from that thing as possible hahahahahaahahah Listen, since the contest is over I want to know if you were happy with the hair treatment. I think the chop is amazing but my attention stuck on the hair on the figure's left side. Other than that, .
HS, my cat is the sweetest thing, those eyes in his cute cat face are not as freaky. And as a longtime "chopper", I know there's nothing that can't be improved, I'm always on the "quest" of "miracle treatments" (and when I say miracle I mean relatively quick ones) I try to do my best with the little time left I have... I'll be more than happy if you share your "science". Thanks for your comment.
Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh, I miss my Elvis. I think he met with a coyote that wouldn't take any of his crap RIP we loved him. So I know how sweet they can be. I love cats and dogs. Well, true quality work takes a little more time. So the faster you can get to the end of a chop the better. My approach to hair is very simple. I select 3 colors from the existing hair. A dark, a medium and a light. I select the smallest solid round brush, select a density/pressure of 40-60% and try to match the proper length in complete strokes making sure I don't have too much of any one color unless it is applicable. Then I select the smudge tool on 13 and scrub lightly until i get a soft blend of pixels. Once that is smudged to a general blend I repeat the process with a highlight color.
Thank you HS. I'll try next time. Good chopping.

Funny Disney Characters in Star Wars with George Lucas

Disney Characters in Star Wars with George Lucas
Disney Buying Lucasfilm for Over $4B George Lucas & Disney: Vocally Anti-Corporate Filmmaker Sells To Movie Giant George Lucas Says Disney's 'Star Wars' Could Last 100 Years Lucas says talks are already underway with writers for the upcoming 2015 seventh film, with two more planned after that.
Member reactions:
Interesting chop, great lighting and cool ambiance to the entry with classic touch and planet space-ships and all Disney war world
I just heard about this-right choice of Headlines. Good work.
Very well merged great chopping job done here
Excellent..... now the disney world will go to Space... in their new acquired Star Wars space craft good combination shown in the pic with Micky Mouse and others in star war suites very well done
Congrats PS, looks like tons of work went into this. Great chop.
Fantastic work on so many levels. I love how you did Death Star shaped like Mickey Mouse. Congrats on the gold, Marco.

Funny Disney + Marvel = ?

Disney + Marvel = ?
The Mouse bought Spiderman, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and the X-Men... On August 31st Walt Disney announced it was buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion, just days after the comic-book publisher had celebrated 70 glorious years of independence, during which it had created many of the most famous cartoon characters not invented by Disney itself. Disney will get access both to Marvel's creative minds and potentially far more valuable in an age when familiar stories rule the box office - an archive containing around 5,000 established characters, only a fraction of which have yet made the move from paper to the silver screen. Now that Disney owns Marvel, let us show what kind of movies Disney will produce with Marvel characters - combine any Disney movie and Marvel movie. Pixar is a subsidiary of Disney, so any Pixar-Marvel movie merge is also good.

Funny Disney

Today is the birthday of The Walt Disney Company. On October 16, 1923 two brothers Walt and Roy Disney founded the company as a small animation studio, laying the first brick in building the mighty Disney empire, which is now one of the biggest Hollywood studios, owns eleven theme parks and several TV networks including the ABC channel. The Walt Disney Company is part of the Dow Jones Industrial Index. In their small animation studio, setup in a garage, Walt Disney created his first cartoon characters - Mickey Mouse and Goofy, which were destined to become part of the animation history, and are loved by the kids all over the world. To celebrate the birthday of The Walt Disney Company, photoshop anything related to it - Disney cartoon characters, Disney theme parks, etc. Some examples are - showing Disney characters in photos, magazines, paintings, creating a new Disney product, or relocating or redesigning Disney parks. These are just some ideas.

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